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read mobi ↠ Another Kind of Dead ↠ moneyexpresscard ↠ She can heal her own wounds She can nail a monster to a wall But there's one danger Evangeline Stone never saw coming Been there Done that Evy Stone is a former Dreg Bounty Hunter who died and came back to life with some extraordinary powers Now all but fiveShe can heal her own wounds She can nail a monster to a wall But there's one danger Evangeline Stone never saw coming Been there Done that Evy Stone is a former Dreg Bounty Hunter who died and came back to life with some extraordinary powers Now all but five people in the world think she is dead again this time for good immol Another Kind of Dead begins shortly where book 2 leaves off Unfortunately my taste for this series continues to dwindle just as my reviews Therefore I have sadly decided not to continue with the next bookBook one was thrilling book two was okay and book three was just plain dismal Why? Well the series has become formulaic At first it was uniue and now it is just plain boring even though the plot in book three was briming with action Let me explain Evy Stone dies in every book and is reborn She is viciously raped in the first book and comes close to it in the third Really? She is battered abused and mocked by criminals as every turn But what really did it for me was the convoluted new characters like Token who says Master? It was just a little to Lord of the Rings for me Additionally I just do not feel as though this series is building toward anything no mounting destiny no epic nemesis to battle just nada I grew tired of all of the injuries beatings and the good guys constantly being outwitted until I almost threw my book across the room I really had great difficulty getting into the plot or staying interested I almost did not finish the book Judge for yourself I just cannot take it any

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Ated in a factory fire set specifically for her Evy and Wyatt her partnerloverfriend can no longer trust their former allies or even the highest echelons of the Triads the army of fighters holding back from an unsuspecting public a tide of uarreling otherworldly creatures they can trust only each other Because when the Triads This review is for the audiobook version of Another Kind of Dead narrated by Xe SandsThe third book in Kelly Meding’s Dreg City series picks up where book two left off with the majority of people believing Evy dead after she was trapped in a factory fire An unexpected visitor who leads trouble to Evy and Wyatt’s door sends them on a hunt for the scientist responsible for creating genetically engineered monsters but this time Evy may have taken on than she can handle because the scientist’s ultimate prize is Evy herselfI can use two words to describe this audiobook – Visceral and Intense But why leave it at just two when there are so many available? It is difficult to talk about almost any of the events in the book without blowing the lid off the spoiler tank so this review will focus primarily on why I enjoyed this book so much and why I am so drawn to these charactersI found Another Kind of Dead to be the best of the series so far although perhaps not for the faint of heart There is a lot of action woven into the plot and it plays out with an ‘edge of your seat’ tension I spent my time reading this book with my head down focused on the gradual untangling of who lives? who dies? who to trust? will Evy and Wyatt ever get together? plot threads only to look up at the end satisfied with the resolution and realize there is another whole tapestry of tangled storyline waiting to be unraveled More engaging than the action seuences for me is the tension that events generate in Evy and Wyatt’s relationship While this book is distinctly Urban Fantasy there is relationship narrative built in than I am accustomed to seeing in the genre and I really enjoy that aspect Meding has done such a good job of creating layered characters who reveal themselves gradually and who grow based on events in each book that it is difficult for the reader not to feel as if they know them and have a stake in their continued survival and eventual happiness Because Evy and Wyatt are constructed with human flaws their struggles resonate That is probably why despite not being prone to actually talking aloud to my books when Evy encounters a Puca who likes to play mind games and another barrier arises between Evy and Wyatt I could only shake my head and mutter “Oh Wyatt you poor poor man”Much like in the first book the physical struggles Evy goes through are intense and the author while not truly straying into gruesome territory doesn’t stint on the descriptions Despite her healing and teleportation powers Evy suffers a lot Knowing it is her determination to follow her internal moral compass that places her in those situations makes those scenes all the poignantBooks occupy a strictly internal landscape for me so I was surprised by how this story evoked a physical response Without a doubt there are some gritty scenes but it wasn’t the physical descriptions it was once again the emotional strain that was affecting In part this was due to the narration As with the previous two audiobooks there were several scenes of intense internalemotional struggle that are delivered with such uiet intensity that I found myself tensing and gritting my teeth in a visceral response Evy’s first encounter with the scientist Thackery and the conseuences that follow were so well vocalized I cringe just thinking about it Unlike a challenge I had with the previous two audiobooks I found Ms Sands delivery utterly smooth and effortless to sink into The characters continue to be clearly differentiated and the narrator seems to have slipped even firmly into their vocal skin making for a really good if occasionally uncomfortable listen

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Another Kind of Dead Dreg City #3 Raided a macabre monster filled lab of science experiments and hauled away the remnants they failed to capture their creator a brilliant vampire obsessed scientist with a wealth of powerful anti Dreg weaponry to trade for what he desires most of all Evy Stone alive and well and the key to his ultimate experiment in mad scien You were deadSince when has that stopped me?I ventured well past page 100 before I became invested in this story but it turned out to be worth the wait The ending was high paced full of action and anticipation topped off with an emotional reunion and enough unresolved issues to have me eagerly anticipating Wrong Side of DeadI have an odd relationship with this series I fell in love with the first book Three Days to Dead The story line the characters the overall writing style just blew me away I love my stories dark and gritty with lots of gore an emotionally crippled protagonist and a small touch of romance that builds with each story Check check check and checkThen I read the seuel As Lie The Dead It was full of minor annoyances and enough head scratching moments that I would have second guessed pre ordering the third book if I hadn't already done soEvy's decision making skills were severly impaired at times and she was a formerly trained hunter who was often in life or death situations but never armed herself with a weapon Also the explanation for developing stronger feelings for Wyatt was a little odd It was blamed mostly on Chalice the body's previous owner having her own post death attraction toward Wyatt So I couldn't decide if I should root for their relationship or not because Evy herself didn't actually seem to love him Another thing was Evy's attitude I like tough chicks that like to talk a lot of shit if they can back it up Evy talks hardcore but she was in constant need of help when evading danger or even death Instead of being an admirable trait it makes her look like a fool when she mouths off to others and can't completely protect herself Sooo the first half of Another Kind of Dead was reminiscent of my feelings toward the seuel and then later on in the story it became intriguing and reminded me of why I first fell in love with the seriesThe time line doesn't progress much so the scenery doesn't change and the villians are all still connected in one way or another And Evy still gets her ass kicked a lot but she kicks some ass too She's still admirably self sacrificing puts her teleporting skills to good use and feels confident than ever about her feelings toward Wyatt TrumanSo mark your calendars Wrong Side of Dead will release January 31 2012httpaddicted2heroinesblogspotcom