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summary The Mysterious Lady Law 108 Á In a time of grand airships and steam powered cars the death of a penniless young maid will hardly make the front page But part time airship waitress and music hall dancer Julia Bairstow is shattered by her sister's murder When Lady Law the most notorious private detective in Britain offers to investigate the case proRs to investigate the case pro bono Julia jumps at the chance even against the advice of Constable Al Grant who takes her protection surprisingly to heartLady Law puts Scotland Yard to shame She's apprehended Jack the Ripper and solved countless other cold case crimes No one knows how she. The Mysterious Lady Law is a light entertaining mystery with a steampunk flavour and one that I think could've easily made a good full length novel In fact it may even have benefited from the different format; as typical of novellas there wasn't enough time to develop the characters to their full potentialI did like the characters though The mysterious Lady Law of the title and I assume on the cover as well is surprisingly not the protagonist She is crucial to the plot but we follow most of the story from the point of view of Jane Bairstow a dancer who returns home one night to find her sister murdered Jane is likeable if a little inconsistent; she seems to switch between a spunky intelligent version who's gifted at deduction and an alternate self who is the image of a proper damsel in distress Constable Grant was also a decent romantic interest for Jane despite fading into the woodwork a little in the latter halfThe mystery was uite entertaining It's largely a good ol' traditional whodunnit with a murdered victim an ineffective Scotland Yard various interested parties and a sympathetic protagonist who defies life threatening situations in order to stay on the trail of the killer The culprit was frankly obvious but the why component kept me interested and there were one or two twists towards the end that I didn't expect It was the final stretch and particularly the ending that I felt suffered most from the short novella format though Jane goes remarkably uickly from trusting Lady Law entirely to deciding there's something fishy going on and the big face off at the Law residence was nothing short of unbelievable The ending too felt contrived and I wasn't sure what the author was aiming for view spoilerthe culprit was apprehended but kind of not; was this supposed to show that their justice was fleeting Jane Grant and Holly our other POV character who was introduced at the beginning but whose involvement was incidental at best suddenly bonded and decided to continue Holly's academic research as a group which was also a surprise to me Finally Grant and Jane's relationship seemed to have moved from first date to marriage It's nothing I'm opposed to definitely but hide spoiler

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In a time of grand airships and steam powered cars the death of a penniless young maid will hardly make the front page But part time airship waitress and music hall dancer Julia Bairstow is shattered by her sister's murder When Lady Law the most notorious private detective in Britain offe. This was okay but a bit confusing at times I have never read a steampunk novel before but the title and the strong woman thing appealed to me so I gave it a go I don't regret it but I'm not recommending it to 5000 peopleLady Law has solved over 600 some cases Her methods are a bit suspect When Julia's sister is murdered and Lady Law offers her services Julia is psyched despite a handsome constable's and her beau now misgivings The constable and herself and an old scientist with a missing partner get together to connect the dots and find out what the real deal is with Lady LawThere's action chase scenes steam powered weapons giant planets steam powered automobiles and lots of other technical gadgets made of brass that I couldn't uite figure out The action scenes though exciting were hard to visualize with all the technical things thrown in Trying to picture it all grew a bit complicated for me I don't know if this is normal with a steampunk novel or not as I have never read one before The story line was intriguing however but I would have liked to have seen character developementLaugh out loud moment In a room full of fake planets rolling around the sphere rolled to one side clattered into Neptune then continued on to DOUBLE KISS URANUS LMAO I couldn't help it That's funny

summary The Mysterious Lady Law

The Mysterious Lady LawDoes it but it's brought her fortune renown and even a title But is she really what she claims to be a genius at deducting Or is Al right and she is not be trustedJulia is determined to find out the truth even if it means turning sleuth herself and turning the tables on Lady Law31600 wor. I'm a big fan of steampunk A well built world can blossom and gain a life of its own as it translates from the author's head to the reader's imagination Robert Appleton does an excellent job of realizing this world and building the bits and baubles up a piece at a timeNow normally the steampunk books I read tend to weigh in on the steamier side Err Steamier as in sexy not steam in my steampunk Oh I make myself laugh sometimes The point is that while this book has romantic elements it's all about the mystery here Who is Lady Law and how does she do what she doesJulia is a young lady who laments her single status Her sister's brutal murder shatters her world and makes her see how fragile life is When Constable Grant begins to worm his way into her heart she has to decide whether he's being overly critical of Harriet Law because of her ability to solve crimes that the police can't or if there really is something sinister beneath her perfect exteriorOverall I enjoyed the worldbuilding and the mystery I was kept guessing on what was coming right up to the end and I was left satisfied with the story we were givenEvocative lineShe reminded Julia of a strict schoolmarm turned adventurer trapped in the body of a teenaged princess trying to convince the world she meant business Kelly Reading the Paranormal