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The Outskirter's Secret (The Steerswoman, #2) Free read µ 108 Â Two shining lights hung above motionless in the night sky as the constellations slowly passed behind them The common folk knew them well and used them to count the hours mark the seasonsBut when the steerswoman Rowan discovered a number of broken blue jewelG companion Bel is an Outskirter herself Together the steerswoman and the warrior poet have a chance of surviving the cruel landscape the barbarian tribes and the bizarre native wildlifeBut there are secrets than one in the Outskirts and each dangerous step closer to the Guidestar brings new discoveries leading to the most startling secret of a. The seuel to the superb The Steerswoman somehow manages to be at least good as the original despite the clever twist on science and fantasy no longer being a twistMuch of the appeal for me is that the order of steerswomen this captures the joy and excitement of scientists and scientists at their very best on a good day They know things but what is really important is learning and learning reuires embracing exactly those things they are ignorant of They are impressively competent and deliberately walk away from their comfort zone They will all share their hard won answers freely but they really glory in asking the uestions The protagonist Rowan has all these traitsAlso there's goblins and swordfightingNarratively the bulk of this book is a classic SFfantasy travelogue structure with descriptions of alien landscapes wildlife weather and customs as Rowan heads into the Outskirts with her friend Bel Rowan is so out of her element that it's not just that she doesn't know which insects are poisonous are which aren't any she can't even tell them apart when they are pointed out to her I completely sympathize The multivolume arc with the wizards who are everything steerswomen are not advances just a little in about the direction anyone would have guessed from the first book but fairly cleverly in detail and execution

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Two shining lights hung above motionless in the night sky as the constellations slowly passed behind them The common folk knew them well and used them to count the hours mark the seasonsBut when the steerswoman Rowan discovered a number of broken blue jewels of clearly magical origin her investigations led to a startling discovery a Guidestar h. I'm not even sure where to begin expessing how amazing I find this series and this book in particular my favorite of the series This world has two main cultural and geographic divings The Inner Lands folks live in the center of the know world and the setting is somewhat standard fantasy In the Outskirts live nomadic communities who live a simpler life in a harsher environmentThe Steerswomen or occaisonally steersmen are a key group in this series; a steerswoman Rowan is the main character They are lifelong students who travel the world to observe and study it If asked a uestion steerswomen must tell the truth and anyone to whom they ask a uestion must do the same or be put under the steerswoman ban Under ban no steerswoman will answer even the simplest of uestions which can be a serious conseuence in a society where the steerswomen are the gatherers and spreaders of knowledge In fact their role in society is so highly valued that it is custom to give them food and shelter for free I have a soft spot for Rowan because I identify with her thirst for knowledge her analytical mind her textbook like manner of explanation when a uestion is asked and her sometimes stilted social skillsIn this book we travel to the Outskirts and are able to learn about the culture and ecology of these people Any able bodied person in a warrior protecting the tribe from potential attack from other tibes In injury old age or mental inability outskirters become mertutials the people who cook herd goats or otherwise care for the tribe Both warriors and mertutials are eually respected Some evenings are filled with songs poetry and tales from a people of surprising intellectual sophistication for having been stereotyped as barbarians I love outskirter culture and I particularly love Bel main character number two best friend to Rowan who is both fierce warrior and singerpoet I would love to be like her but sadly end up like her literal bookish counterpartThe best thing about this series is following Rowan's investigation Though this is a fantasy setting it is clear from early on that there is some very sophisticated technology on this world that the common folk are not allowed to understand Anything high tech is labeled as magic a catch all cagegory for anything whose causes are not understood Rowan of course will not rest until she does understand and it is amazing to watch her mind wrap around concepts that are commonplace to us but far beyond anything she's ever dealt with I also enjoy learning in this book about the uniue ecological systems of the outskirts which end up being an important piece of the puzzle I don't think you necessarily have to love fantasy to get into this series because unlike most fantasy it plays to a broader type of audience It is these unusual ualties that make the book stand out for me and that push it into my top 10 categoryThe one drawback most charcters are straight which would be fine if I weren't already drowning in straight fantasy and in a world with a hetereosexual and gender normal paradigm But again as with Flewelling's books there is not excessive differentiation between women and men main characters which is

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The Outskirter's Secret The Steerswoman #2Ad fallenThere were than two; the others hung above the opposite side of the world; something had caused one of those to fallBut what And what might it mean Rowan had no answersBut she knew one thing where the fallen Guidestar was located To reach it she must cross the Inner Lands and pass deep into the wild and deadly OutskirtsRowan's travelin. This review contains spoilers for The Steerswoman the first book in this seriesThe second book in the Steerswoman series picks up very uickly from where the first one leaves off Will has gone off to become a wizard and while I have no doubt he'll appear in later books to help foil the mysteriously evil Slado's plot he didn't make an appearance in this book at all which though I have nothing against the boy made it all the betterWe're again left with Bel and Rowan together as traveling companions and in my mind they make a very agreeable pair with each covering the other's weaknesses in knowledge and figuring things out They also compliment one another as characters in that they have disagreements and can remain playful just the same It's fun when they team up against others where we again enjoy Bel's uick wit and forward manner This time however it's Rowan who is unused to the customs as they head to the Outskirts to take a look at the site where Bel's father found so many of the curious blue jewels now believed to be part of a fallen guide star so long agoFor all the mostly useless walking around they did throughout the book and it was pretty much throughout the ENTIRE book as Outskirters tend to roam with their herd of goats it was a captivating book Bel and Rowan become immersed in tribal politics which is interesting because of the different point of view the Outskirters have from the Inner Landers Their job is to conuer the land not live in harmony with it and even their death ritual involves flinging body parts around to kill the landAgain I'm kind of at a loss to explain why I enjoyed this book so much but I'd probably put it down to the characters I love how Rowan is always curious and thinking and her discoveries don't seem put on at all when she makes them like other books I can think of And Bel's straightforward bluntness is continually refreshing in addition to the tribe'sI felt the eventual discovery of view spoilerFletcher as a magic user was expertly done a lot of the time hints toward something like this stand out brazenly against the rest of the book but these were subtle and had me wondering about him not just waiting for him to be discovered His death however was totally abrupt I wasn't even clear that was what had happened until a few pages later and I had to go back and read again I don't know that one sentence is adeuate to end such an important and influential character I do applaud Kirstein for doing it though as I always appreciate the unexpected in that way However I definitely think he shouldn't have been killed before all information could be gleaned from him even if it was for a blood rite I must also admit that I was expecting Fletcher to eventually have the ban lifted on him when Rowan realized that he hadn't been lying about loving her hide spoiler