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O tempo não para Você certamente conhece essa máximaMas um outro ditado popular afirma ue toda regra tem uma exceçãoOs Eternos são a exceção à regra ualuer regra Pois eles dominam a tecnologia de viagens no tempo E por incontáveis eras dominaram in. I've always felt that Isaac Asimov writes brilliant science fiction with boring characters I love a good time travel story mostly to see what this author's take on the usual time travel paradoxes will be Anyone who writes about agents changing history has to explain how they deal with things like the Grandfather Paradox meeting earlier or later versions of yourself and so on There are a handful of well known ways to deal with these issues alternate timelines a deterministic universe special laws of temporal physics etc and Asimov is rather inventive in using several of them at onceAlthough The End of Eternity is brilliant in its construction of a civilization of time travelers and all the history and technology that goes into their society and the way they meddle with time his protagonists are basically a bunch of whiny geeks who've never kissed a girl and act like highly educated chimpanzees fighting for the highest branch in the treehouse Asimov's vision of a civilization that spans millions of years and thousands of realities doesn't include a single one where women become scientists and engineers and might join the Eternals' boys' club The entire plot hinges on not one but two high ranking Eternals who decide they are willing to throw all of reality into danger for the chance to get laid I know Asimov was a nerd and he wrote this in the 1950s but he still could have done better It's like the idea of women as anything but sex objects to be coveted or to seduce men off the path of Righteous Scientific Objectivity just never occurred to him So naturally when a girl shows up the only female character in the entire book she must spell T R O U B L E and in this case the end of EternityI enjoyed the story but Asimov has never been my favorite among the Grand Old Masters of science fiction; there is something just a little too cold and calculating in all of his stories For the ideas and the plot twists this is a fun book with a great premise but don't expect Asimov to wow you with his nuanced grasp of human relationships His characters are wire dummies to hang a story on

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The End of EternityDiretamente a Humanidade interferindo em sua evolução sempre ue julgavam necessário usando todos os meios ao seu alcance Mudando o curso da História Tudo para o bem da raça humanaEra o ue o Técnico Andrew Harlan pensava sobre seu trabalho como Eterno M. In many ways an absolute masterpiece of classic science fiction Asimov's best stand alone novel which is kind of by default due to his other great work Foundation being a series and most of his other science fiction works to be short stories And yes I know The End of Eternity in an indirect way does connect to FoundationThe time travel mechanics are mind boggling in all the best ways The concept of Eternity which manipulates time century by century erasing entire realities by constantly making slight edits is certainly fascinating Even over sixty years later the book mainly holds up extremely well and few contemporary works could compare to these brilliant conceptsHowever in a social and literary sense there is unfortunately a lot to criticize Although the book imagines far off centuries thousands upon thousands of years in the future it just can't get over the sexism of the 1950s era in which it was written The main character in a bit of a cliche uestions everything after he falls in love with a woman who will be erased if he doesn't fight the power in Eternity This specifically exposes the central problem of the narrative how shocking it is for this imagined council of time lords to have any women around Why is that There are some throwaway lines about how female Eternals are rare because women are so important to the timelines they're from that they can't be taken out and also the love interest character does turn out to be important and powerful in the end But come on the real reason Eternity is such a sausage fest is because Asimov just couldn't get over the idea that only men can be super scientists And that just don't age well I'll still give this a full 5 star review because it is a classic and is a product of its time even if as a time travel story the author could have tried harder to craft some open minded futurism

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READ ☆ The End of Eternity Õ O tempo não para Você certamente conhece essa máximaMas um outro ditado popular afirma ue toda regra tem uma exceçãoOs Eternos são a exceção à regra ualuer regra Pois eles dominam a tecnologia de viagens no tempo E por incontáveis eras dominaram indiretamente a Humanidade interferindo em sua evolução sempre ue jAs ao conhecer a bela e misteriosa Noÿs Lambent cuja existência está ameaçada por uma mudança no fluxo do tempo ele percebe o uanto essas interferências podem ser terríveis e decide alterar a História em nome do amor ue é infinito enuanto dura Ou n?. Less than 200 pages The same material nowadays would be expanded to at least 600 pages or probably a trilogy Well cool ideas The time shafts are powered by our Sun going supernova in the distant future Idealogical debate between Utilitarianism and ‘adventure’ And fighting for frontiers or ‘short term’ safety vs risk and long term growth Everything that happens is intricately played out according to the central plot driverI suppose because SF writers feel obliged to provide ‘characters’ and ‘texture’ and ‘a character journey’ this sort of stripped down relating of plot and ideas wouldn’t be written now Sure characters and all that stuff is good but there’s an attractive clarity of purpose to this book especially when the plot becomes increasingly complex as the story progresses