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Book ↠ The Chameleon Couch Í 128 pages Download ↠ Yusef komunyakaa ✓ A new and intimate collection from one of America's most important poetsThe latest collection from one of our preeminent poets The Chameleon Couch is also one of Yusef Komunyakaa's most personal to date As in his breaPastoral minded verse The poems seek the cracks beneath the landscape whether New York or Ghana or Poland finding in each elements of wisdom or unexpected beauty The collection is sensually beautifully relaxed in rhetoric; in poems like Cape Coast Castle Komunyakaa reminds us of his gift for combining the personal with the universal one moment addressing a lover the next moving the focus outward until both poet and reader are implicated in the book's startling world Yusef is at the height of his powers in this collection Unparalleled when it comes to making truth ring with mystery and vice versa Oh and you gotta love Flesh in which the poet casually flexes on Petrarch

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Yakaa reveals glimpses of memory myth and violence With contemplations that spring up along walks or memories conjured by the rhythms of New York Komunyakaa pays tribute than ever before to those who came before himThe book moves seamlessly across cultural and historical boundaries evoking Komunyakaa's capacity for cultural excavation through artifact and place The Chameleon Couch begins in and never fully leaves the present an urban modernity framed brilliantly in This volume is a rare find for me because I think to come up with the poems of such mastery it must have taken Yusef Komunyakaa a lifetime of serious work developing such an elevated degree of rhythm energy and maturity and then adding it to his already existing talent The book is divided into three sections Even though each section concentrates mainly on one area of specific awareness the richness of the images musicality and powerful intellectual thought and the variety of poetic expression flow through each poem regardless of the section it is in The references whether to mythology history or common knowledge are apt and satisfying and their usages are far from name throwing where one comes across varied allusions from Eurydice Orpheus Morphine or Tantalus to Alice in Wonderland and James Dean from Sappho to Basho from Copernicus and Galileo to the Good Book or from Nat King Cole to Ravel or ChopinIn the first section the first poem Canticle’s lines “Now kissing you I am the archheir of second chances Because I know twelve ways to be wrong” impressed me with its emotion Then the second poem Janus Preface awed me again with its artistic yet cultivated descriptions of nature Among the other poems The Story of a Coat Eclogue at Midnight and Ten or Eleven Disuises the observations of detail in people objects and ideas are exuisite In Ode to the Chameleon “you are always true daring the human eye to see deeper You are envy solace” the poet allows the interior world to overcome the exterior just the way he does in many of the poems throughout the book The second section of the book contains facts and inferences to World War II in several of the poems like Aubade at Hotel Copernicus Fata Morgana English Poppies Orpheus at the Second Gate of HadesThree Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion A Visit to Inner Sanctum The Shortest Night In Conceived in a Time of War I believe the poet refers to his own conception and birth since he was born in 1941 The “you” he refers to is himself ”You have a Paleolithic brainYour cry is several broken treatiesYour mind is a scrap of sailcloth a wishbone a theory of perfect flightYou were born to know hell” Begotten may also be about his background since it begins with “I’m the son of poor Mildred and illiterate JW” “Grief followed me saying Burn your keepsakes” with lines toward the end “We dream of going from one desire to the next But in the final analysis a good thought is the simplest food” But then there are other wars fought without armies or guns the wars of the demoralized and downtrodden due to race which are reflected in Blue Dementia and A Poem Written Inside a Big Round Machine The third section of the book is expertly crafted through the awareness of the poets’ surroundings as in Fortune Flesh Dangerousness The White Dog Syndrome Ode to the Guitar Daybreak A Voice on an Answering Machine Adonis in the Big Apple The Window Dresser’s Song and The Beautiful uickness of a Street Boy In How It Is the poet refers to his art as ““My muse is holding me prisoner She refuses to give back my shadowI think she knows with her kisses in my mouth I could walk on water”Then in the last poem of the book Ontology Guinness Komunkayaa rejoices in the election of President Obama and the rising of the black race Whichever poem one concentrates on personal or universal this poet’s work is hauntingly capable and authoritative without any hint of dryness and with profound emotion competently expressed In short I am very happy to have found this book

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The Chameleon CouchA new and intimate collection from one of America's most important poetsThe latest collection from one of our preeminent poets The Chameleon Couch is also one of Yusef Komunyakaa's most personal to date As in his breakthrough work Copacetic Komunyakaa writes again of music as muse from a blues club in the East Village to the shakuhachi of Basho Beginning with Canticle this varied new collection often returns to the idea of poem as hymn ethereal and haunting as Komun Finalist for the 2011 National Book Award These are smart poems about life and identity but I really gravitated toward those with music imagery This is my favoriteOde to the GuitarThe strings tremble traverseback up through that otherstrong muscle singing blood guilt Press a finger down the message changes into blame beauty into the scent of a gardenrising from peat moss brimstonethe frets shaped neck worked caressed into a phantom limbof hope Does it have anything to dowith how the player's shoulder bladescurve out as if bowing over an altaror how the doors of day nightspring open made to bridge differences? Chance is frettedtill love moans swell in a gourdhanging on an unknotted vineThe strings hum inside stoneundoing all the bright hooksof promise stitched into silk printed cloth Each notetrue as a bone turning to dustsuspended like an old beliefblooming from hush bluescries on the horizon Catgut wood breathe together tillthere's a beckoning left uivering in the dark