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Book ½ The Silence of Medair Æ ↠ Moneyexpresscard ☆ Time stole victoryMedair an Rynstar returned too late to drive back the Ibisian invasion Centuries too lateWhen friend and enemy have become the same thing what use are the weapons Medair planned to use to protect her Empire? There is no magic no artefacBut she carries weapons which could change the course of new battlesWith the skirmishes of war beginning and hunters in near pursuit it is her conscience Medair cannot escape Whose side should she be on? What is she really running from The Silence of Medair is the book that concludes the 2019 rFantasy Bingo challenge for me Oddly enough it's been on my TBR since 2015 mostly because of the concept so I was curious to finally try it Unfortunately it has not lived up to its promise while the idea is indeed great the execution isless soMedair had gone to a place outside of time to get a weapon that might have turned the tide of war only to accidentally emerge 500 years later The war has obviously been lost and everything is different the former invaders she despises have assimilated with the native populace and now belong as much as anyone And someone is looking for herI had high hopes that this would be just up my alley I like stories that deal with conseuences and change where the world and society are not static The idea of a woman having to come to terms that those she sees as outsiders aren't any instead of simply going to defeat them againfascinating Unusual A protagonist who isn't a fighter? Even better Seriously concept wise this had everythingUnfortunately even an amazing concept has to be backed up by the writing to workAnd here it simply wasn't The prose is not overly awkward or clunky it's fairly standard unremarkable windowpane stuff But dear fuck the infodumps I swear there wasn't even a page where the story didn't pause to go on a long monologue about the past Telling not showing So much telling Then there was the standard fantasy issue of far too many names and terminology dumped on the hapless reader and characters who were referred to by two or three different ones In a short book this is a problemIn addition the characters or the worldbuilding weren't anything to write home about either I had a hard time getting a sense of who they are and the side characters were 05 dimensional at best The world is extremely surface level as well Standard stagnant medievalish Despite the alleged 500 year time skip sure the society has restructured a little and the buildings look different but where is the technological progress? I have a hard time believing there is absolutely nothing no new tools no advances in magic use that Medair would have noticedThe overall effect was extremely flat and lifeless and I had a hard time going on despite the short length All the disappointing considering what could have beenI don't think I will continue the series and I'm not sure if I'd recommend itEnjoyment 255 by the end a solid 35Execution 255Recommended to if you're desperate for books about conseuences and change with non violent protagonistsNot recommended to those who hate infodumping anyone who prefers faster pacing fans of character focused stories those annoyed by stagnant worlds More reviews on my blog To Other Worlds

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Time stole victoryMedair an Rynstar returned too late to drive back the Ibisian invasion Centuries too lateWhen friend and enemy have become the same thing what use are the weapons Medair planned to use to protect her Empire? There is n I'm going to let this review stand for both books The Silence of Medair and Voice of the Lost Höst tends to write in units of “story” and breaking them up into multiple books isn't something that she does very well—ie they don't wrap to complete stories of their own they mostly just break during a pause in the action I figure that as long as I'm not stuck waiting for the next book I'm okay with thatThe story of Medair is a fascinating one—what do you do when you found the artifact that will save your country from invasion but then find that you've arrived 500 years too late? Medair has the artifact but the invasion is not only long over but the invaders are largely assimilated into the population Medair naturally enough chooses to sulk in her home mountains for a bit—until she's chased out by a ruthless band of folks apparently looking for her This is where the story startsI really liked Medair She had every reason to sulk and throw emotional tantrums She could easily have gone hard or bitter or wallow in regret She chooses not to do any of those things I also liked how well Höst thought through her characterization with Medair and her role as a heroine in a time of political unrest Trained as a herald with a good memory and observation skills Medair isn't suited to action and is very much a watch and figure things out kind of girl You'd think that would hamper a story as action packed as this one is with spies and assassins and clashing armies and all No such thing Höst shows us the power of choosing your own path of playing to your strengths and of taking deliberate action even when you are weak compared to those around youAnd Medair is an excellent character to explore the broader issues of racism cultural puritanism and traditions built around hate She knows better than anybody now alive the roots of the hate some still cling to—indeed her name has been coopted by the resistance movement scrambling to remain relevant as a banner for their cause This puts her in a uniue position to begin a process of healing if she chooses to take it The choice to forgive those who destroyed something you hold very dear is never an easy one and Höst paints it so masterfully that I could have supported Medair in whatever she eventually chose to do In other words Höst doesn't stack the deck by providing Medair with an easy choice between clear alternatives This makes Medair's choice that much powerful when she makes it the so because we see her despair as well as her hope as she makes the tough choices before herHöst weaves difficult choices throughout the story so that even when a big milestone is past you are still eager for the next bit There were a couple of moments when another author might have faded to a happily ever after where Höst chose instead to ramp things up another notch or show us the downward slope and the pitfalls still buried there I liked this opportunity to see the fallout even as the next challenge unfoldedNot that everything was smooth sailing in the course of the story Höst gave me situational whiplash a couple times when she completely re configures the setting this happened than once actually It seemed that as soon as any kind of euilibrium was reached something would happen to drop everything back to suare zero forcing Medair and thus the readers to find her footing in a new and mostly hostile environment This remapping of the heroes' environment and plans and choices was disconcerting dropping me out of the story as I was forced to dump expectations and shift gears to a new reality It was abrupt and mildly alienating Fortunately I liked Medair and the companions who became friends well enough to get me over any bumps on the roadFinally in signature Höst style I really liked the truly convoluted romance that unfolded in the end—I think the easiest way to predict a match up in a Höst novel is to look at the two least likely to have a smooth go of things and figure out how they’d end up together That she continually pulls this off without emotional manipulation is completely awesome This book was no exception view spoilerI really loved how deftly Höst wove Medair's past interactions with Ieskar so that you could catch the hint of their emotional involvement without any resolution than the characters themselves actually had at the time Beautifully well done And the solution with Illukar at the end was stunning Better than I had hoped for if somewhat uh unconventional hide spoiler

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The Silence of Medair Medair #1 O magic no artefact no enchanted trinket which can undo the pastBut no matter how Medair wishes to hide from the conseuences of her failure there are those who will not allow her the luxury of denying the present Her war is already lost The war is all but over defeat almost a sure thing In desperation Medair sets out on her uest to find an object of legendary power that could be the last chance to save her land Against all odds she finds it Pausing to think over the ramifications of what she could unleash proves to be a costly mistakeWe are talking about a five hundred year mistakeNow Medair has a magical bag that can hide anything a handful of rings with magical abilities and a horn with power unimaginable What she doesn’t have is a clear path any no sense of where she belongs in world that passed her byHow long was this book? Like two fifty? A short book especially in fantasy terms but so many things to think about hidden in its simple premise Because you see all that magic weapon and sleeping through the war and trying to find a new path? That is just the set up of the book; it is where the book begins not what it isThis is a book about living with your own legend; the good and the bad This is a tale about cultural differences and assimilation; the good and the bad Medair has it within her power to turn back time in a way but the knowledge to know that it can never really be turned back Because after five hundred years of populations mixing what would driving out the enemy really consist of?Ya some deep thoughts going on through Medair’s mind And then the story actually starts And while it loses nothing of its contemplative ways it gains a drive Compelled by magic to escort one she would have once called an enemy she hides in plain sight Her name is known and holding the name has some interesting complications yet no one could truly guess her nature And she surprises herself even early on working with them beyond the magical compulsion while still fighting her feelings of angerA character study yes but lest one think this book plods along inside of one person’s conflicted brain worry not we get some good old fantasy as well A run from ruffians some pretty major ‘wild magic’ and one major continental shake up are there to be found And while Medair may have slept through the end of the last one war is never far away She just may find herself forced to pick sides once again with a much complicated political pictureYou know what really worked for me in this book? I never knew than Medair and I never felt I knew which choice she should make for each step of her journey We are forced along the same twisted path as her; no easy answers and every decision having the potential to lead to negative conseuences For someone living in a fantasy world Medair sure is grounded in a certain feeling of reality And that is pretty coolOnly one real complaint and it is my own damn fault I really thought this was a standalone novel And while it ends without too much of a cliff hanger it is clear there is of the story to be found So I guess I better go find it sometime4 stars