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Read eBook ä Whirlwind Paperback ´ Robin DeJarnett × Love at first sight is a myth to aspiring journalist Melissa Williams but when she meets Jason McAlister at a friend’s wedding a Cinderella like fantasy turns her no nonsense world upside down She sees in his penetrating blue eyes not just an evening but a lifetimeNaware that a woman’s body has been discovered in the wake of the party When evidence points to Melissa as the killer’s next target the lines between fantasy and reality blur She goes into hiding charmed by one mysterious man and hunted by anotherCinderella lost a shoe Melissa could lose both her handsome prince and her li I was lucky enough to win a copy of Robin DeJarnett's Whirlwind through Goodreads and started reading it as soon as I got it in the mail Robin was sweet enough to also send an adorable bookmark and signed my copy with a sweet note as well I enjoy the random romance book but was really intrigued by the murder mystery that was intertwined in the story And just from the synopsis I felt like I could relate to Melissa cynic on love but hopeless romantic I ended up falling in love with Melissa and Jason and their relationship Melissa is independent realistic and has a tough past Jason is sexy charming and oh yeah sexy As soon as they lay eyes on each other it's love at first sight and I didn't find myself rolling my eyes at the encounter instead the hopeless romantic in me was swooning I know I know it makes you want to gag but DeJarnett does a wonderful job in making the budding relationship between Melissa and Jason believable yet adorable I loved Melissa's character because she seemed very real to me She has goals and dreams and has self doubts and doesn't need a man to be whole She was different from the typical heroine and I appreciated that And Jason well I have a new literary crush added onto my list He was just about perfect and you could argue that no one is perfect but I think he was perfect for Melissa and I wouldn't say no to himThe minor characters were fleshed out and I liked all of Melissa's friends And the slimeball villain gave me the creeps and I kept waiting for him to pop up out of nowhere like the creep he isIt's a great fun read It's not YA but I would suggest it for readers who like romance and strong characters

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Love at first sight is a myth to aspiring journalist Melissa Williams but when she meets Jason McAlister at a friend’s wedding a Cinderella like fantasy turns her no nonsense world upside down She sees in his penetrating blue eyes not just an evening but a lifetime together that includes much than a glass slipper and a kissR Originally posted to EvieBookishCaution Hotness Warning Whirlwind is a steaming hot and amazingly sensual Romantic Mystery debut novel by talented new writer Robin DeJarnett This spicy deliciously sexy intriguing story will definitely make your cheeks burn Melissa Williams is a down to earth no nonsense young woman She's a self conscious aspiring writer who is totally unaware of how attractive and alluring she really is The story starts with Melissa's best friend Mitch getting married We meet our heroine just when's she's about to enter the wedding ceremony Melissa's happy for Mitch but at the same time she founds herself really afraid of loosing him she worries that she won't be able to see him again that they'll grow apart and become strangers Despite being overwhelmed by what seems to be an unavoidable separation from her best friend she tries her best to show her support and share his happiness Just when she thinks there's nothing that could possibly lift her mood she runs into Jason McAlister Mitch's younger brother Jason is an absolutely gorgeous insanely handsome charming and sexy young man every woman's wet dream He instantly sweeps Mel off her feet and there's really nothing she can do to resist him Then she remembers the few salacious emails she exchanged with Jason months ago and afraid of being humiliated she decides to make her escape Jason however has other plans for her and won't let her get away easily The time they spend together the drawn to each other they become and the temperature rises dangerously And then something terrible happensA girl is murdered during the wedding reception and her body is discovered the next morning The worst part of it is Jason and Melissa believe they know who the murderer is and they're sure that Mel is going to be the killer's next target Will Jason be able to protect Mel or is she going to become the killer's next victim? Will the two of them find a way to be together or will their romance end just as abruptly as it flamed to life? To find out the answers to these burning uestions you're going to have to read this book and trust me you will enjoy it a lot I very much enjoyed Robin's smooth and captivating writing style She obviously has a great talent Her descriptions and the way she lead the story were superb I often found myself blushing and smiling to myself The sexiness just drips off the pages of this book so if you're looking to read a good Romantic novel I'd highly recommend Whirlwind If you're looking for a Mystery though well you might want to think twice about picking this book up It did contain a murder case but I wouldn't exactly call it a mystery because we know who the murderer is from the very first moments this character enters the plot Also I wish Robin would focused on the murder case From than 260 pages only around 10 pages are dedicated to the murder case which is a pity because those 10 pages were really great and I'm sure Robin could write an awesome Mystery novel if she'd wanted to Melissa's character was a tiny bit too winy for my taste she was way to insecure and I found it mildly annoying that she was set on doing everything to deny and spoil her happinessI do however understand why she was like that and where it was coming from as it was well explained Jason's character on the other hand was absolutely phenomenal I think it's the hottest imaginary character I had the pleasure of reading about so far and I would really love to read about him and his life Overall I had really good time reading this book it was a perfect Spring read relaxing engaging exciting and sexy It's one awesome debut novel and I'm very happy I had the pleasure to read and review it I hope to read novels by Robin DeJarnett in the near future

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WhirlwindEalizing she shared a few salacious emails with Jason months ago a humiliated Melissa loses herself in the crowd thankful he doesn’t know who she is But he does know and with a gentle touch and a steamy kiss he soon picks up their flirtation right where it left offAs midnight strikes Melissa succumbs to Jason’s sexy pull u WoW Debut author Robin DeJarnett hit a home run with this baby Whirlwind was just that a whirlwind of romance suspense laughter and fabulous characters I couldn't get enough ofI purchased the Kindle version of this book when it released on the 21st but wasn't able to read it until two days ago Once I started I couldn't put it down Melissa and Jason are thoroughly enjoyable characters whose attraction for each other sizzles off the page I was drawn into their connection from the moment they met and found myself lost in their love storyMs Dejarnett did a fabulous job creating secondary characters that were interesting and fun and a particularly sleazy villain who gave me the creepsI enjoyed the book from start to finish and can't wait to see what this author has next