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कामसूत्र review ´ 104 ´ Sir Richard F Burton’s translation of The Kama Sutra remains one of the best English interpretations of this early Indian treatise on politics social customs love and intimacy Its crisp style set a new standard for Sanskrit translation The Kama Sutra stands uniuely as a work of psychology sociology HinIts crisp style set a new standard for Sanskrit translation The Kama Sutra stands uniuely as a work of psychology sociology Hindu dogma and sexology It has been a celebrated clas. Coming from a strong background in philosophy and the Classics I found this book to be an invigorating read In general nobody has any idea what Kama Sutra means what the books is or what the author intended it to be Simply put dispel yourself of any preconceived notions before you read even the first paragraph of this opus or my reviewI was consistently intrigued by the exotic perspective and expansive scope of the Kama Sutra In a sentence the book is an exposition of the author's personal experience of and his well read study of carnal enjoyment I found this perspective to be particularly interesting because you must set the narrative within the context of a highly stratified caste society with little to no socialeconomicspiritualpolitical mobility This book forced me to recognize that this society elevated at least theoretically carnal pleasure to a spiritual and cultural pseudo science whereby these stratifications may be bent re interpreted and to use a word in its literal sense humanized Do not underestimate the empirical and scientific level at which the author has applied his mind I am certain that Aristotle or Auinas would have been enraptured Surprisingly to me the scope of the Kama Sutra did not extend to other aspects of carnal pleasure to include among other things the culinary sciences Perhaps this is because the arts of cooking and the enjoyment of taste were not within the purview of the audience of the Kama Sutra Speaking of Aristotle and the Greeks the Kama Sutra contains an interesting comparative comment on the nature of prostitutes and their differing capacities in the Indian and Greek worlds In the method of pre Industrial revolution works the author enjoys scientific proofs of his arguments by natural analogy For example the author supports his conclusions on that natural behaviors of mankind by analogies to his empirical observations of nature and animal life This method of course will be immediately recognizable to any student of philosophyThe books follows a logical plan which comprises of small treatises regarding specific aspects of the topic including the opinions of previous scholars and the author's agreement or disagreement with them The work starts with an exhortation to the study of Kama its benefits and its general nature The book also includes treatises on the nature of man and woman the nature of desire the nature of union both carnal and spiritual the nature of a wife and the most unusual part in my opinion the nature of the prostitute Unfortunately a collection of only a handful of the thousand of verses of this work has received notice and attention by the modern world namely the verses which describe the 64 arts of Kama ranging from cooing and biting to sexual positions and the appropriate setting for such sexual union I do not understand why people believe that they will discover some sexual awakening from a book whose focus is spiritual and philosophical in nature; if you are looking for this there are obviously available sources of this informationI conclude my review with a longing that the many works and authors which are cited in this book are unavailable and lost as far as I can tell The book is a good foothold in Hindu culture and philosophy and has encouraged me to download the Rig Veda to my iPadiPhoneThe Kama Sutra deserves a read by any curious mind and has earned a solid 5 star rating

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Sir Richard F Burton’s translation of The Kama Sutra remains one of the best English interpretations of this early Indian treatise on politics social customs love and intimacy. Get a bigger flute Increase ur Size 6 Don’t walk with tail between your legs V|agra C|ali5 and Phenterm|ne CHeepWas the Kama Sutra the original idea for spam email Take pomegranate and cucumber seeds extract the juice of elabāluka eluva Gisekia pharmaceoides and bhatakataiyā Solanum indicum eggplant Cook in oil over a low heat Use it to massage the penis It will remain swollen for six monthsIt didn't sound so bad until I got to the last line Ram's or he goat's testicles boiled in sugared milk increase sexual prowessCan I have some Rocky Mountain Oyster Pudding grandma If a man anoints his penis with datura black pepper maricha and long pepper pippalī crushed and mixed with honey its use will allow him to bewitch and subjugate his partnersOr at least cause them to be doubled over in fiery painOnce you're done mucking about with spicy peppers priapisms and testes why not try this ancient recipe By rubbing one's hand with the excrements of a peacock which has been made to take haritāla yellow myrobalan and manashilā red arsenic everything one touches becomes invisibleInfallableOkay in an attempt to save you Dear Reader a ton of time may I present All You Will Ever Need To Know About the Kama Sutra1 There are no pictures in the original Kama Sutra much to the chagrin of reviewers on 2 For the naughtiest parts go straight to Chapter Six3 You aren't going to learn any new tricks unless you're a sweet innocent teenager4 The Kama Sutra is extremely repetitive This explains my low ish rating I'd probably put it at a 25 And those stars are just there for the aforementioned chuckles at the insanity Ancient people were batshitcrazy It's a miracle we're still around There is a good reason for the repetitiveness as a teaching text a student is supposed to read the original with enlightened commentary Unfortunately this translation includes 2 extra commentaries after every paragraph The translator even apologizes in the intro for its maladroitness Even with good reason doesn't make it fun to read5 A lot of the advice is violent scratching slapping bleeding etc 6 The Kama Sutra wasn't exactly written by Vātsyāyana he collected the erotic science sections of the Kama Shastra which were becoming harder and harder to find7 The history of the Kama Sutra is interesting as is the background of the three Shastras go learn about them Maybe I'm too dense but I didn't learn much about history by reading the original text8 The Kama Sutra tries to explain all sexual practices even those that are not recommended or are forbidden Vātsyāyana felt it very important to be complete Which I can get behindunless you are an ancient Indian scholar of course

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कामसूत्रSic of Indian literature for 1700 years and a window for the West into the culture and mysticism of the EastThis Modern Library Paperback Classic reprints the authoritative text. I've always wondered about this book after I heard about it in my history class in 8th grade When I was downloading things on ibook I saw this and I felt myself enough of an adult to finally read it without being embarrassedIt was a historical guide to relations with the opposite sex in all different castes in India So this included the beggar all the way to royalty To be honest much of it was tiresome and repetitive but then every once in awhile you would stumble on something interesting like how the women of a polygamist should always be fighting one another unless it causes to much discomfort to the husband Just all the women's rights just never existed and they were treated worse than cattle since cattle of course are holy in IndiaIt would also talk about how best to cheat on your spouse and how you could tell if someone was cheating on you Courtship was also very interesting with its formalities and what was permitted Pressing with nails and biting were something that always came up in the book as something to communicate to others either by doing it to them or by biting or pressing you nails on a gift for them like a flower There was also a couple chapters on sex but they can be easily skipped if that's not your cup of tea Especially the chapter on Eunuchs just wierdAn odd book that after reading a few choice parts to my spouse we were left laughing out loud a few times I am glad to say that I now have an opinion about this historical classic