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The Blue Hour Summary ¼ 108 º The ace suspense writer Chicago Tribune returns with an explosive new thriller that pits an unlikely team of detectives who become an even unlikely pair of lovers against a ruthless serial killerThe ace suspense writer Chicago Tribune returns with an explosive. As I've said many times before taking advantage of a no cost download by an unknown to me author is always a bit of a crapshoot; yes it's hard to beat free but if it turns out to be a clinker it's a waste of my precious time On the other hand when it's a keeper there's joy in Mudville make that Mineral Ridge This isn't the first of Parker's many books; he's a rather prolific author who has won the Edgar Award for Best Novel than once Nor is it the first featuring Orange County California detective Merci Rayborn The awards and high ratings from other readers were encouraging but the latter gave me pause Since I've never read any of the others would this one be enjoyable on its ownSimply put yes In fact it's one of the best finds I've made when it comes to downloaded freebies as I write this it's going for only 299; but even at the list price of 799 it's a great deal Whether I'd read any others was a non issue; and the plot hooked me totally within the first chapter Here semi retired homicide officer Tim Hess is paired with the exceptionally career focused Rayborn to catch a serial killer who's been kidnapping young women and doing almost unspeakable things to their bodies But not only does Hess have to get along with the stubborn ambitious and not particularly likable partner he must deal with a serious issue of his own lung cancer that's already taken much of one lung and forced him to undergo painful chemotherapyTheir interaction plays almost as big a role here as the crimes and the chase making for a story that kept me interested all the way through I will say I had a few issues with the ending itself which I can't explain without ruining the book for others but it does set the scene for a bit of a different direction on future books in the series All told it was a very enjoyable experience and now I have an addition to my must read author list

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New thriller that pits an unlikely team of detectives who become. This was my first T Jefferson Parker book and having read glowing reviews of his work expected great things I was disappointed The writing was good and he told the story well but I never really got into the book A great book draws me into the main characters makes me feel as if I am a part of them Parker didn’t deliver that connection for me I felt as if I was standing alongside them I never felt as if I was actually in their heads thinking their thoughts and feeling their feelings like I was getting both through the filter of someone else’s interpretation Also in a great book I can hear each character’s voice in their dialog Here I felt as if I was hearing a dispassionate reader recite themI also guessed the killer early which took some of the tension out of the rest of the book for me The ending was a surprise in some ways a refreshing change from the usual ending to books of this type But that alone was not enough to make me think it was anything other than just okayBottom line is I doubt I will read another of his books

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The Blue HourAn even unlikely pair of lovers against a ruthless serial killer. By mistake I read this book out of order in the Merci Rayborn series It isn't absolutely necessary to read them in order but it does help because the later books refer to things that happened in the earlier ones So if you haven't read any of them yet read them in this order The Blue Hour first Red Light second and Black Water lastParker has a way of describing things that really grabs me His descriptions ring true and seem to bring out things that I knew in a way but hadn't really noticed before Do you know what I meanHere's how he describes the house Merci Rayborn lives in Home was a rambling house that used to belong to the owner of the large orange grove that surrounded it But most of the grove was dozed years ago for housing tracts all but a couple of acres around the house It was old and the faucets groaned and the fuses blew in heat waves and the garage was full of black widows It sat back at the end of a long dirt drive that filled with potholes in winter and bred dust in summerI particularly like this description because it sounds so much like the house where I grew up in Tustin California I don't know how old it was but when I was helping Dad repair a window sash we discovered suare nails At night I could hear rats scurrying around in the walls and walnuts from a large black walnut tree occasionally falling with a thud on the roof over my bed room We stored bottled fruit and jam in an old underground cellar out in the back yard It was always cool in there but a bit scary for a kid to enter its darkness alone We were surrounded by orange trees and the large back yard had English walnut trees from which Dad hung what we called rocket swings I would trap rats in the garage and hunt jack rabbits in the orange grove with my22 and pigeons and doves with my BB gun It was a kid's paradise The location was the southeast corner of Tustin Avenue and McFadden Street Back in those days they were two lane roads with a stop sign on McFadden to allow traffic on Tustin Avenue to speed by Now that part of Tustin Avenue is the Costa Mesa Freeway and McFadden goes over it on a bridge Our old house and the orange grove have been replaced by what look like low rent apartment complexes Paradise lostWell enough reminiscing Suffice it to say the book is great Get it Read it The Kindle edition is as of 226 pm Nov 13 2013 only 299 and if you are an Prime member you can borrow it free Such a deal