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Naughty and NiceDoors And sparks fly when the lights go out Whether you are naughty or nice you can still get what you really want for Christmas in this collection of four seasonal shortsAntho. I reviewed and rated each story individually since they are sold that way but because this is published as an anthology as well I'm reviewing and rating it as a wholeHoliday Sparks by Shannon Stacey 355 Stars Chloe Burke has come home to house sit for her parents who have taken a holiday cruise It’s been a long time since Chloe has been here and much to her surprise the house is an accident waiting to happen She learns this the hard way when she tries use the microwave and loses electricity to half the house Had she found the note her mother left explaining that she shouldn’t use the microwave while the light over the sink was on she wouldn’t have had the problem This note listed several other things she shouldn’t do such as blow dry her hair in the bathroom with the light on Concerned for her parent’s safety she decides that for Christmas she’ll have her parent’s house rewired and puts in a call to the town’s electrician who unbeknownst to her is very happy to hear from ChloeScott uinn has had a crazy secret crush on Chloe Burke ever since high school but when she moved away to Boston he moved on with his own life too – not that she’d ever noticed him anyway Now she’s back and in need of his electrical skills and he can’t help but imagine his other “skills” he’d like to impress her with Holiday Sparks is my first read by this author and I enjoyed it This was a sweet romantic story with enough sizzle to heat things up and make this a sexy holiday read All She Wants for Christmas by Jaci Burton 4 StarsA deep hurt and betrayal sent Riley Jensen running from her home in Deer Lake from Amanda who she thought was her best friend and from Ethan who she thought was her boyfriend But catching them in bed together told her she’d been wrong about all that She wasn’t about to stick around and ask uestions – she didn’t need to – the answers were right there in front of her eyes Now 10 years later Riley is a huge Nashville star and she’s come back to her hometown strictly for business She doesn’t want to see Ethan or Amanda who married after she left and plans to do anything she can to avoid them But what she doesn’t know is that Amanda has passed away and fate—and her agent—takes matters into their own hands and bring Ethan and Riley face to face again Can they work things out and let go of all the hurt they’ve known these past 10 years Well it’s Christmas time in Deer Lake and anything is possibleI enjoyed this story a lot than I thought I would When I learned that Ethan had slept with his girlfriend’s best friend I was tempted to skip the story but since I’m readingreviewing this for Netgalley I thought it only fair that I stick it out I’m glad I did It turned out to be an awesome story of understanding and forgiveness and a steamy holiday readUnwrapped by Megan Hart 3 StarsLeah and Brandon Long are spending their first Christmas together as newlyweds skiing in Vail but a twisted ankle has Leah off the slopes with nothing but time on her hands So what are the newlyweds to do Well skiing is out of the uestion but they manage to fill their days with some easy going sightseeing and lots of sex I liked the message of the story about letting go of the past and learning to trust learning to give and take but I wish it had been a bigger focus of the story and not just there at the end Unwrapped is an epilogue type short connected to Taking Care of Business and No Reservations and while I wasn’t confused at all by having not read those two books I didn’t have much of an emotional investment in the couple The sex was plentiful and would have probably been very erotic had I cared about Leah and Brandon I was also disappointed that this story didn’t have that same holiday magic that the first two in this anthology didBelieve – by Lauren Dane – 5 StarsI loved this story Believe is another epilogue type short in this anthology this time connected to the novel Second Chances which I haven’t read yet I wasn’t at all lost while reading Believe and was actually surprised to learn this wasn’t a standalone because it was so well written and I felt completely invested in and connected to Rori Helm and Jude Callahan not only as a couple but as people trying to heal from a rocky past and the death of Rori’s husband Zach However that said I always feel that books are most enjoyed when read in order but that's up to the preferences of the reader Believe works well all on its ownYears after Zach’s death Rori and Jude are a couple trying to make their own history together a life without Zach’s memory influencing them They both love and miss him but now is their time together and they want to move forward instead of living in the shadow of the past Jude decides that a Christmas getaway together is just what they need and arranges a secluded cabin where they can devote themselves to one another and not have to worry about friends and relatives dropping by while he’s got his beautiful woman naked tied up and screaming forwellyou get the ideaThis is a very hot sexy story with some light BDSM and I will definitely be getting my hands on Second Chances

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Naughty and Nice Summary ✓ 104 Ö 'Tis the Season for RomanceA famous singer reunites with an old flame A couple explores their desire to be truly bound together Newlyweds heat things up when they're trapped indoors And sparks fly when the lights go out Whether you are naughty or nice you can still get what you really want for Christmas in this coLogy includes nice novellas•Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey•All She Wants For Christmas by Jaci BurtonAnd naughty novellas•Unwrapped by Megan Hart•Believe by Lauren Da. I wanted to give this book than 3 stars because I really loved the two Nice stories by Shannon Stacey and Jaci Burton But the Naughty stories not so much One of them I rushed through and only read about every other line and the other I didn't finish I don't think it's fair of me to give the Naughty authors a bad review necessarily I just think that the erotic stuff is not my cup o' teaI think it's also highly possible that reading the Naughty stories right after the Nice ones was a bad idea The contrast between the two was not a good thing for me as a reader and not a transition that I made easilyBut I absolutely adore everything Shannon Stacey puts her name on and I would recommend this book if for nothing than Holiday Sparks Also this is the first I've read of Jaci Burton's but I'm looking forward to finding of her stuff now too The Nice stories are very nice and definitely put me in a Holiday state of mind

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'Tis the Season for RomanceA famous singer reunites with an old flame A couple explores their desire to be truly bound together Newlyweds heat things up when they're trapped in. ‘Naughty and Nice’ is an anthology collection of four very different steamy holiday stories BTW the stories are also sold separately at Carina Press and Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey – 5 starsWeb designer Chloe Burke returns to her small hometown in Main to house sit while her parents take a long cruise Master electrician Scott uinn is thrilled to get a call from his high school fantasy girl to help fix electrical problems at her parent’s old house Chloe does not remember Scott but the attraction sizzles between these two uickly With Chloe going back to Boston in only a few weeks they both realize that it’s a temporary affair but the connection between these two is undeniably hot Holiday Sparks was a wonderful steamy hot holiday romance that had me grinning ear to ear through the entire story I absolutely love great dialog and teasing banter between the Hh and this one had some of the best I have read in a long while The pacing was so believable that I never once doubted that these two could really fall in love and lust with each other in only a few short weeks I only wish this were a full length novel as I would have enjoyed spending a lot time reading about these two I loved it All She Wants For Christmas by Jaci Burton – 2 starsRiley Jensen a famous country western singer returns to her small hometown against her wishes and reconnects with her ex Ethen Kent who once broke her heart and later married her backstabbing best friend Ethen feels terrible for all the wrongs he did Riley years ago Now a widow with a young child he finds himself reluctantly hanging with Riley again to please his daughter who is a big fan Riley’s stage manager does some matchmaking by tempting Ethen and Zoey with backstage passes and front row access to her concerts Riley would rather not be around Ethen but sees this as an opportunity to finally ask the uestions she should have asked ten years ago The story had its good moments especially the cute little girl Zoey but mostly it was a somber story that focused on the Hh’s past issues of hurt betrayal broken trust lying and dishonesty It was an implausible story with very little romance a few uick love scenes and an ending that was less than convincing I could not imagine that these two could forgive and forget all their problems in just a few days Unwrapped by Megan Hart – 35 starsI realized afterwards that this is an epilogue story for a couple in her book ‘No Reservations’ which I have not read so fans of that book may enjoy this one even Despite not reading the original book I had no problem following along This is the delayed honeymoon for Brandon and Leah Long set in a Vail Colorado ski resort While there are several hot love scenes the couple was already in love by the time the story starts so this is not a typical romance There was also no real story for these two either It is just their day to day honeymoon adventures of skiing eating out sleigh rides and sitting by a warm fire with intermission breaks for sex Megan Hart has a great writing voice so I did enjoy this even though it was not a romance per se and despite not knowing the characters back story Believe by Lauren Dane – DNF Not because it was bad just 'not my kind of kink’‘Believe’ in the epilogue story for Lauren Dane’s book ‘Second Chances’ As with ‘Unwrapped’ by Megan Hart the couple already had their romance story told in a previous publication so this story is just sex play moments for the happy couple Unfortunately for me this one stars a couple who are really into BSDM and not just lightly When he brings out a crop and anticipates how the red marks are going to look covering her ass I called it uits This isn’t my kind of kink This is an ARC copy review provided by Netgalleycom