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characters The Horn of Moran Adventurers Wanted #2 107 î Sixteen year old wizard in training Alex Taylor and his band of fellow adventurers battle a goblin army navigate an enchanted forest and try to solve the sphinx's riddle in their uest to find the lost Horn of Moran and return it to Norsland before the nation erupts in warA goblin army navigate an enchanted forest and try to solve the sphinx's riddle in their u. Despite what i am about to say i really did like this book i am just being pickyit was still great but maybe the fact that i read the acknowledgments at the beginning of the book made the book seem forced It seemed a bit of that Forman was just flat out telling you what was happening in the story that you very well should have been able to figure out for yourself It also seemed a bit predictable like SPOILER when he introduces Val he makes him out to be a bit shifty so later on something he does isn't very surprising I would recommend having Slathbog's Gold fresh on your mind because there are a lot of things in the book that directly mention things from the first book that unless you either have excellent memory or you just read it you wouldn't remember It was still very good though it is directed a bit at a younger audience I'm sorry I'm making this book out to be not very great but believe me it was worth reading it I really did like it is exciting to watch as Alex's power as a Wizard in training grows and he is able to fully master it And of course there are twists on the road that make it a lot interesting and SPOILER another journey to the wall it was a very good read despite what i have said

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Sixteen year old wizard in training Alex Taylor and his band of fellow adventurers battle. Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterAlex our wizard in training has been back in the real world for a year and boy is it different than the respect he commands while adventuring When he is called back on an adventure he is excited to continue his travels as he and his band uest to find the lost Horn of Moran and return it to Norsland before the nation erupts in war They battle a goblin army navigate an enchanted forest and solve the sphinx's riddle but will they make it in timeThe short reviewI uite loved Slathbog's Gold the first book in the series so it was a no brainer to continue I was excited to see how Alex would grow as a wizard and how his magic would change I was NOT disappointed in this The tower in particular was super fun to me I love the conclusions he came to and how he worked out what he needed to do My brother uite LOVES and adores this series and I think it speaks to boys who want to feel different from the crowd So while some readers may call out a Gary Stu personality and an certain upbeateness to the plot i say that it teaches some lessons that are lacking in father absent homes This is one of those series you give it a go and if it isn't for you then move along and don't stress it's written for a particular reader in mindThis book certainly builds on the first as we are sent on the new adventure without the magic of learning how it all works that was in the first one That made the start a little slow because while attempts were made to make it fun it just didn't measure up to the first adventure This was complicated by the fact I didn't connect to the new band as much as I did the original one While we met many of the old band members I miss the camaraderie that made the journey fun The strength of this book is definitely the plot Forman knows how to put Alex through his paces as a boy and as a wizard in training Yes he has adults he can rely on but he is the star of the book and is the character who grows a little at the end of each adventureCover Title grade A The titles and covers have been really consistent in the series I think this is one of the most communicative cover of all though We meet Alex and see what the story is about Each adventure is evident in the name too I think a boy who read the first book or even one who is new to the series will certainly want to pick the book up and see what adventurer's wanted means and will be seduced by the premiseAs a WriterAs a writer sometimes I feel like some readers are too critical of the writing aspect of a book Reading reviews of book #1 on Goodreads I found it to be true It makes me sad that readers write such debilitating criticism if I were this author and read some of the 1 and 2 star reviews I would fall into a depression and probably stop writing for a time It's not that a reader shouldn't have their own opinions and nor should they force themselves to be positive I think everyone has the right to believe whatever they want no matter if its foolish or wise Okay OkayBut since when do readers want to CRUSH THE VERY LIFE from a writer so they don't even want to write a second series And we are talking about a debut here the criticism was about book #1 This is only the second book this author HAS EVER WRITTEN And the reason why only a limited number of adult readers typically read middle grade is because they aren't held to the standards of even YA Yes there are some extremely excellent middle grade and on the cusp of YA books That's wonderful but there are writers out there who can become better too given some constructive criticism Some writers write for the wrong reasons and when they aren't wildly successful they end up going back to their day job very naturally without fanfare Those writers who clearly want to entertain a young person those writers deserve a little respect for even finishing their book Hahaha no offense intended Rant overThe Adventurer's Wanted series is about a good boy who is allowed to grow up in a world that treats him with respect no matter his age He is given goals to meet and obstacles to overcome and grows from each one He's surrounded by grown ups who listen to his ideas and allow him the space to put them into action Is this idealistic Hell yeah But I love it anyway The Horan of Moran is a great second book in the series and I look forward to book #3⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Authenticity⋆ ⋆ ⭐⭐⭐ Writing Style⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Plot Pacing⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ World BuildingBOTTOM LINE A great second installation in a stellar adventurer series for the wanderers heartedYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my special perspective at the bottom of my reviews under the typewriter

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The Horn of Moran Adventurers Wanted #2Est to find the lost Horn of Moran and return it to Norsland before the nation erupts in w. Wow another action packed adventure Alex just keeps getting deeper into being a Wizard in fact the best wizard in a thousand years Of course this does come with a price but Alex is will to pay Magic evil danger long uests are all part of the adventure Alex finds he is on his way to becoming a billionaire I cannot in good conscience reveal even a small bit of this adventure as I want you to read it for yourself Enjoy