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Nel Sud di Faulkner bianchi e neri non si pensano della medesima specie eppure sono fratelli È stato Carothers McCaslin il capostipite della dinastia a generare il figlio bianco e il figlio nero due fratellastri di colore diverso che abitano la stessa terra Ma la terra dovrà andare al figlio bianco l'unico intestatario del nome paterno Senonché Ike McCaslin rinuncia rifiuta il suo privilegio L'orso forse la più bella delle sette storie di uesto libro e forse la più bella delle storie mai scritte da Faulkner If you want to sum up this magnificent novel in one sentence it could be The world is not black and white no matter how much we try to make it so for simplicity's sake Or maybe one could say that simplicity is not that simple And the good old times are not that good And most definitely the rural illiterate life of Faulkner's stories is complex and painful and complicated and difficult in all the human ways we tend to think of as modern Modernity may just be what we currently remember ourselves of the eternally repeating human messes If you read about earlier times you realise they were just as confused and worried and good and bad and in between as we are They fought nature and each other and themselvesThey tried their best and did their worst And every once in a while there is a writer who finds the perfect way to express the inexpressible strangeness of the human condition And for that magic of transmission it is worth being a literate human being after allWonderful wonderful wonderful novel in short stories

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Go Down MosesRacconta la sua iniziazione alla natura selvaggia e insieme l'atroce realizzazione della violenza insita nella sua nascita Come scrive Nadia Fusini nel saggio che accompagna uesta edizione «Cominciando dalle ultime volontà del capostipite McCaslin passando per le stravaganti gesticolazioni di libertà vigilata dei suoi eredi tra i uali suo padre Ike legge esamina decifra i segni dell'eredità Ike non è colto di sorpresa dal passato rimosso gli va incontro volontariamente lo conosce E sceglie che no lui a uel Among the most beautiful of Faulkner is the Faulkner that studies the relationships that mankind forges amongst itself and with the outside world The relationships of race of animal of culture In this book Faulkner shows such a profound level of insight into how we cope with what we must and create what we need The mosts famous section of this book The Bear is just a wonder for how well it does what Faulkner messes up in works like Intruder in the Dust Coming of age the politics between races the inevitability of time this one section alone smacks out your teeth with the aging of a boy into manhood and all the pains therein in his uest to fell a mythically sized bear But how the South can maintain its flat stereotype with Faulkner's work in print is beyond me In this book alone we see the intricate push and pulls between white and black and how the two can never be truly separate the need that all human beings have for each other and for the flora and fauna around them and how it all contributes to our own characters Sorry for the philosophical bend to all of this but so much has been written about the struggle to read Faulkner and the necessity of it and this book only reminded me of why Faulkner MUST be read if only to understand a little bit better what we like to ignore about our own dependency on everything around us

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DOC Ñ READER Go Down, Moses ✓ FREE ☆ WILLIAM FAULKNER ☆ Nel Sud di Faulkner bianchi e neri non si pensano della medesima specie eppure sono fratelli È stato Carothers McCaslin il capostipite della dinastia a generare il figlio bianco e il figlio nero due fratellastri di colore diverso che abitanoComplesso viluppo di identità e possesso a uei beni e a uei titoli di godimento rinuncia Si toglie ualcosa dei beni dei possessi ma soprattutto si toglie da ualcosa l'ingiustizia il male Si spoglia del desiderio che si scarichi nella terra o sulla donna la pulsione sfocia nella stessa libidine di godimento In uei beni e valori si annida una potenza pulsionale una libido dominandi e generandi che va estirpata; va annientata uella dentro di sé contro di sé è l'unica guerra civile che Ike l'impolitico ammetta? Go Down Moses by Homer uincy Smith Here in Go Down Moses Faulkner comes most passionately to grips with the moral implications of slavery the American land process and materialism tradition and moral identity all major themes of the American novel And it is in the fourth section of The Bearthat Faulkner makes his most extended effort to define the specific form of the American Negro's humanity and to get at the human values which were lost by both North and South during the Civil War Even important it is here that Issac McCaslin demonstrates one way in which the individual American can assert his freedom from the bonds of history tradition and things and thus achieve moral identity Whether we accept Issac McCaslin's solution or not the problem is nevertheless basic to democratic man as it was to Ahab and as it was to Huck Finn Ralph Ellison Going to the Territory It is an understatement to say that a lot has changed since the last time I read anything by William Faulkner When I finished Absalom Absalom my grandfather was still recently dead I was still in college my college was still a college it is a university now the president of the United States was still a black man; I hadn't read half as much as I've read now Well I'm far removed from that life and this place where I live is far removed My understanding of literature and myself has increased ten fold I really was not sure how I was going to feel especially after my turbulent experience with reading The Habit of Being Letters of Flannery O'Connor in 2017 I've not reviewed that book yet but safe to say that the experience of reading James Baldwin and Toni Morrison means my tolerance for white supremacist writing was not what it use to be Despite this my fidelity to Ralph Ellison my first teacher meant I was going to read it and eventually the follow up Intruder in the Dust Because I have discussed so much about Faulkner's style in my reviews of The Compsons and Sutpens that I will focus on the substance in the novelshort story collections in this review about the McCaslinBeauchamp family This book is a novel that is formatted as a short story collection Most of the stories are short stories with two novellas included with The Bear being the most famous story in this book It is the family saga of a white family the McCaslin's and their African American offspring who take or are forced to take the surname Beauchamp This book like Absalom Absalom work off of the familiar southern gothic tropes What distinguishes this book from that novel is that Faulkner comes as close as he probably ever did to outright saying that African Americans were eual to white people Before we applaud him one must note that he took the most complex melodramatic routes to get to expressing this point but he was forthcoming than any of his white modernist contemporaries Some writers like Ellison praised him for this while others like Baldwin were not impressed and felt he could have gone farther Certainly this book showed that Faulkner knew that slavery and racism were wrong but it also showed his moral cowardice when he has Issac McCaslin say maybe some day but not yet to the idea of racial euality and miscegenation Still while I will criticize Faulkner for his racism I will give him credit where it is due; I don't think I can love him as much as Ellison or hate him as much as Baldwin There are few white writers in this current day who will be as frank and honest at how they truly feel about non whites or themselves Maybe we should listen to what Toni Morrison said in her Art of Fiction interview What is exciting about American literature i