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free read ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB î Charles Fleming Ke an excellent case that the entertainment industry as a whole is nutty and slutty Even the levelheaded stars who turn up in High Concept turn out to be appalling Fleming documents the behavior that earned Demi Moore the Hollywood nickname Gimme MoreDespite his 60000 a month drug habit Simpson actually did come up with smart ideas according to many witnesses and he was sharp enough to know how dumb so many of his colleagues were Sylvester Stallone for instance almost starred in Beverly Hills Cop and had he not left the project in favor of his notorious stink bomb Rhinestone viewers would have been stuck with Stallone's rewrite of Cop from which the star had removed every trace of humor the very concept that made an ordinary action film in Murphy's talented hands. An amazing assemblage of anecdotes development process and hilariously horrific details about the life of a coked to the gills ego monster gone wild in HollywoodFleming does an incredible job of giving context to the most outrageous bacchanalian behavior exhibited by Simpson and crew My favorite scene was when a pair of testosterone implants Simpson had surgically implanted in his buttocks malfunctioned and led to him ripping a door off a trailer in a hulk style act of aggression His producing partner Jerry Bruckheimer replied Whatever you're on get off it Simpson was never able to get off the drugs and eventually died while on his toilet reading a bio of Oliver Stone With him died much of the excess of the Hollywood '80s but his high concept approach to movie making has permeated the business and regrettably lives on in all the awful shit Hollywood pumps out summer after summer

characters High Concept: Don Simpson and the Hollywood Culture of Excess

characters High Concept: Don Simpson and the Hollywood Culture of Excess 107 Ã Veteran show biz news hound Charles Fleming argues that the short insanely foolish life of producer Don Simpson Flashdance Top Gun Bad Boys stands as a larger indictment of Hollywood and it's hard to argue with him For one thing Simpson A smash hit In his detailed account of Simpson's bizarre life Fleming demonstrates why modern movies are the way they areHe also proves what a strangely tiny town Hollywood is Simpson was mixed up with Heidi Fleiss whose indicted dad was Madonna's pediatrician; his doctors had treated Kurt Cobain and Margaux Hemingway and one had helped design Miss Piggy; Don Simpson's drug dealer claims he sold drugs to OJ Simpson the day Nicole Brown Simpson died The most shocking thing about the book is the Pulp Fiction like combination of decadent horror and slapstick comedy that constituted everyday life for Don Simpson's cronies The high life as described in Fleming's addictively readable book exemplifies Carrie Fisher's Hollywood mantra Good anecdote bad reality Tim Appel. Like so many before and after him Don Simpson the proverbial 'smartest guy in the room' was uniuely unable to understand how his addiction to alcohol and drugs would kill him just when he least expected it But understand how to make movies that minted money This Simpson knew at the level of his DNA This great book by Fleming takes us along on a two decade jet fueled bacchanal of hookers blow booze botox and blowout box office blockbusters alliterative bombast entirely fitting to this man of outsized appetites accomplishments and ambitions Simpson was than anyone else the living breathing coiffed mullet epitome of 1980s egomaniacal filmmaking the cynical foul mouthed producer bullying and bludgeoning his way to massive financial success For a decade and a half this unlikely late blooming man from Alaska spun money in Hollywood like Midas Through his uncanny sense of what the young Reagan era American masses wanted to see at the multiplex he shattered his peers expectations and Hollywood's box office records He was exactly the right bad ass at exactly the right time For better or worse Simpson's string of massive hits co produced with infinitely sober partner Jerry Bruckheimer solidified the orientation of the studios once and for all away from the 'auteur' pieces of the 1970s and toward MTV soundtrack soaked tales of plucky underdogs succeeding against all odds in outlandish and attractive worlds He also by force elevated the creative role of the producer beyond any seen before sometimes to the great annoyance of the directors and writers working with him Flashdance Beverly Hills Cop Top Gun Days Of Thunder Bad Boys The Rock all his films were drenched in over the top action pounding pop music wise ass dialogue and aggressive high artifice cinematography But while the critics panned this films as artistically bankrupt stimulus response mechanisms mainstream audiences went bananas for them and made Simpson Bruckheimer Paramount and numerous stars rich beyond the dreams of avarice Simpson's stamp on Hollywood and culture soon became unmistakable His 'artisitic' sensibility was aped throughout the 90s past his death and into the 2000s It can still be seen everywhere today even though Simpsonian movies have had their formula grafted off onto 'proven property' comic book based franchises and high budget star packed ensemble actioners rather than the original script mid budget MO used by Don and Jerry to great profit in their heydayBut beyond the fun and games of his canon and its making this book takes us deep into the world of a very troubled individual While reading it I couldn't help finding myself feeling uite sorry for Simpson A thoroughly disgusting Caligula almost all the time a bully in almost every instance there emerge fleeting moments of a tender vulnerable side And he was generous with his millions to family and even friends in need While those flirtations with awkward actual humanity didn't last long for Simpson it's clear from early in this biography that for whatever reason he had little control over his extraordinarily potent demons Though undoubtedly in possession of an above average I perhaps far above average Simpson was at his core a gigantically insecure infant of a man and unable to figure out how to escape The man who knew it all unfortunately couldn't be taught what he needed most to learn Enslaved by a constant and enormous fear of inadeuacy no matter how disproved by his incredible real world successes Don Simpson was never truly happy He lashed out at everyone and everything and sought on a daily basis to fill the moon crater of emptiness in his soul by pouring in as many chemicals prostitutes dollars sportscars surgeries one upmanship and accolades as he could get his fake tanned manicured fingers on In the end his was a life much like his high concept films High on impact and memorability and low on deep meaning

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High Concept Don Simpson and the Hollywood Culture of ExcessVeteran show biz news hound Charles Fleming argues that the short insanely foolish life of producer Don Simpson Flashdance Top Gun Bad Boys stands as a larger indictment of Hollywood and it's hard to argue with him For one thing Simpson helped create Tom Cruise Richard Gere Will Smith and Eddie Murphy and his loud high concept low I school of filmmaking helped launch Arnold Schwarzenegger Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis to new heights or depths Others may have been responsible for 14 Top Ten pop tunes and 10 Oscar nominations but nobody had thought to combine pop music and movies in a synergistic wayWhile Fleming concentrates on Simpson's own antics car wrecks career crackups whacked out drug and sex orgies whimsical overspending on brain dead blockbusters he does ma. Outrageous shocking but not surprising and ultimately sad account of mega producer Don Simpson as well as a dissection of excess driven Hollywood movie making in the 1980s This was such an enjoyable read and I’d recommend it to any cinephile seeking to further understand the insane process of how a giant blockbuster gets to the big screen Well researched and expertly written this ranks as one of the best tomes on Hollywood ever written A true expose