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Book ✓ Mr Capone Ç Õ Moneyexpresscard ñ     All I ever did was to sell beer and whiskey to our best people All I ever did was to supply a demand that was pretty popular    Why the very guys that make my trade good are the ones that yell the loudest about me Some of the leading judges use the stuff    When  When I sell liuor it's called bootlegging When my patrons serve it on silver trays on Lake Shore Drive it's called hospitality Al Capo MrCapone by Robert J SchoenbergKaylee Sims 12813Mr Capone by Robert Schoenberg takes you back in time to understand the life of Capone with his family colleagues and crime The book displays how Capone's life started and how it changed up until his death Schoenberg brings out all the details not only of his father and mother but his closest friends and enemies Schoenberg made it easy to get to know the characters and you are able to understand them It is the true story of the life of Al Caponeand the book gives wonderful detail and important factsSchoenberg starts out explaining the family and later describes when Capone became interesting in crime He gives a nice layout of what the time period was like and what it would of been like to live in downtown Chicago The authors purpose is to give you good details and facts in hopes you might understand the life of Capone He explains how the power juggled between men and Capone did everything he could to retrieve that power You see the deceit and sneaky living that comes with being a crime boss and how the public reacted in the mean timeThe style and theme of the book is displayed by the downfall of Capone You do not get everything you want and Schoenberg showed this in his book He wrote using the views of many different people that way you have a better understanding of the prohibition Some used it towards their advantage like Capone but others did notRobert Schoenberg wants to explain the rise and downfall of CaponeHe is known as a famous gangster and Schoenberg does a great job of telling why It gives you a good account of his life leaving you with a sense you know Al Capone yourself Schoenberg's words draw the reader in with his detailed biography that keeps you reading and reading

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    All I ever did was to sell beer and whiskey to our best people All I ever did was to supply a demand that was pretty popular   As a reader of crime fiction I have long been fascinated by the era of prohibition and the resulting crime that it undoubtedly enabled But I realized I was only getting my impressions from fictional novels and stories and so a couple of years ago I embarked on an effort to read some biographies of the fascinating figures associated with the era I started with the excellent biography of Bonnie and Clyde Go Down Together The True Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde which turned out to be among the very best books I read that year but haven’t really read any such biographies since then Time to rectify that with perhaps the biggest name in crime of all time certainly one of the giants of the 20th century Alphonse CaponeThis biography is a thorough depiction of the life of Al Capone I got most of what I was hoping for during my reading of it how he rose from the tutelage of Chicago gangster John Torrio through his years as efficient gangster leader through the tax trials boy Capone sure needed a better defense team and on into his years of incarceration as Alcatraz’s first celebrity boarder Along the way I learned a lot about how Chicago gangland crime worked and didn’t work as well as the truth behind the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre at least as much as is known The most interesting parts for me were actually the later parts of the book where we get a peek into Capone’s life behind bars first at Atlanta and then at the newly modified AlcatrazUnfortunately much of the book was simply too detailed Large parts of it read like an encyclopedia with literally hundreds of small events involving hundreds of criminals Far too many for me to keep track of and I found myself wanting to skim through much of this although I didn’t and pushed on through anyway Many of those events and people were only peripherally related to Capone and some not at all I couldn’t find much about the author but I now wonder if perhaps he is a journalist or even a lawyer based on his style The book is almost all facts and includes many uotes from onlookers It is certainly well researched and contains a full hundred pages of endnotes and references I guess I just wish the book were about Capone himself than about everything he may or may not have influenced In the end while I believe I have a good understanding of what happened I’m not sure I have a good feel for the man himself

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Mr Capone  Why the very guys that make my trade good are the ones that yell the loudest about me Some of the leading judges use the stuff    I have read several books on Al Capone all with slightly different variations on specific events The author of Mr Capone jumps so fast from one person to another at the beginning of the book it is hard to keep track of who is who But Mr Capone is a good read very detailed I owned it and I will read it again in the future Some say that the baseball bat banuet never happened or that Al wasn't involved Seems to me that would have been beneath him Anybody have any thoughts on that