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The Broken Kingdoms Download ¿ 109 Ù In the city of Shadow beneath the World Tree alleyways shimmer with magic and godlings live hidden among mortalkind Oree Shoth a blind artist takes in a strange homeless man on an impulse This act of kindness engulfs Oree in a nightmarish conspiracy Someone somehow is murdering godlings leaving their desecrateH a blind artist takes in a strange homeless man on an impulse This act of kindness engulfs Oree in a nightmarish conspiracy. So when I heard that the seuel to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was about a blind woman who could see magic and who was a painter I made A Face A blind woman who sees magic and paints I mean seriously this is the disability euivalent of the magical negro you guys and my face was not impressedAfter reading the book I’m mostly puzzled Because it was a pretty good book full of win on several measures and I just didn’t care all that much It’s about a fallen god but not about how our heroine saves him with her vagina In fact it’s mostly about her imagine that against a background not muddied by assorted racial and sexual fail And hell it even did a pretty good job with a blind point of view I spent a hundred pages grumbling to myself about how the narrative didn’t feel peculiar to me about how nothing stuck out where was the POV work – oh Nothing was sticking out at me because the inner landscape sounded a lot like mine with visual referents used only as far as they’ve been culturally absorbed from everyone else not because they actually mean anything to her Though the occasions when she could see via looking at magic were weirdly pedestrian to me described almost completely in bog standard visual terms It felt like cheating frankly like functional sight could be flicked on and off at narrative convenience But it mostly wasn't about the Amazing Insight TM that that narrator has by being disabled or whatever so there's thatBut mostly eh Didn’t care much And when there's a book about a blind woman my age who broke from her family to move across a continent to live on her own near the center of power who lived my life basically and I don't care Someone brilliant said these books feel like anime and that is so fucking true Long haired emo gods and people with thematically significant names and well a blind woman who paintsAnd sees magic And paints I cannot point that out enough Because really

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Someone somehow is murdering godlings leaving their desecrated bodies all over the city And Oree's guest is at the heart of i. The Broken Kingdoms Liked this better than the first bookOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureBased on The Fifth Season and The Obelisk Gate the first two books in her BROKEN EARTH trilogy NK Jemisin immediately became my favorite SFF author of this decade Her DREAMBLOOD series was also very good an original fantasy based on Egyptian and Nubian themes However as I was working backwards I got to her earliest series last the INHERITANCE trilogy And in comparison I thought The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was not as amazing as her BROKEN EARTH books In particular the YA mortal girl falls for sexy but troubled immortal guy aspect really didn’t interest meSo I was pleasantly surprised by The Broken Kingdoms her follow up to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms It dialed back on the romance elements somewhat and I really liked the heroine Oree Shoth a young blind woman who sells art to religious pilgrims who come to Shadow the city below the World Tree that grew following the climactic events of the previous book The reign of Bright Itempas came to an end the Gray Lady was born or reborn perhaps and Nahadoth the Night Lord was freed along with a host of ‘godlings’ who made their new homes in Shadow It is a fascinating milieu and one I much preferred to the palace intrigues of the first book In addition we see the lives of commoners and street merchantsWhat is really great about this book is that we see the events and characters of the first book from a completely different perspective that of Oree She is special for two reasons she is blind but she also has an ability to to see the magical auras projected by goslings and scriveners So in her world of darkness these beings glow with bright auras And when one day she stumbles over the dead body of a murdered godling and then takes in a strange man who glows very brightly she names him “Shiny” since he doesn’t offer his name or any other information her life will never be the sameOree is a great heroine one who refuses to let her blindness become a disability or excuse to give up on life She has a circle of friends who help her and she makes a precarious living by selling her art In fact despite her blindness she has an uncanny knack for creating incredible paintings that have real power However she knows that revealing this ability may attract the unwanted attention of the Order Keepers of Itempas Since the godlings have been released unto the world once again the political and religious climate has been thrown into flux Several religious orders still revere Itempas and the Arameri still hold political power in Sky but beneath the surface many factions seek to leverage the situation to their advantage As it turns out one group in particular wants to completely upset the hierarchy of the gods and is murdering godlings as a means to this end They decide that Oree’s abilities may be of use to them and come in pursuitOree Shiny and their allies find themselves entangled in a series of intrigues that will reveal unexpected strengths and powers However their enemies are ruthless and powerful Finally the gods themselves will get involved and we will see new sides to them as things come to a head in the finale There is even a coda that adds a bittersweet note to the lives of the two main characters In hindsight I thought the characters plot pacing and world building of The Broken Kingdoms was superior to the first book Sure there were still mortal god romance elements that I could live without but it didn’t overwhelm the story here Jemisin also revealed a lot backstory about the War of the Gods and the religious and political ramifications of events of the first book More than anything the descriptions of Oree’s world in many ways a hyper reality informed by her uniue visualizations was something fresh and intriguing Casaundra Freeman remained the narrator for this book and she does an exemplary job with the characters and story she tells the story with relish and enthusiasm So I would be willing to give the third book Kingdom of the Gods a try but for some inexplicable reason Brilliance Audio has not produced an audio version

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The Broken KingdomsIn the city of Shadow beneath the World Tree alleyways shimmer with magic and godlings live hidden among mortalkind Oree Shot. I've thought a lot about why NK Jemisin's writing doesn't appeal as much to me as it should Undoubtedly The Broken Kingdoms was an infinitely better book than The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms You could almost see Jemisin grow as a writer and as a person as the world becomes vivid and real to her than the scattered pieces of lore she inserted into the first book The writing style and characterizations too felt smoother and personal All in all The Broken Kingdoms was a better reading experience But there is one common thread between these books that really disturbs me on a personal level Jemisin seems to like making her heroines so very helpless It's not a function of disenfranchisement or marginalization that makes them so; it seems to be built into them this instinct to fall apart when the shit hits the fan Like Yeine in the first book Oree spends a lot of time being the victim of circumstance Her actions rarely empower her and her epiphanies are all forced out of her by the actions of other people There were way too many times in this book where she was not just fatalistic about her impending death but actually ready and willing to embrace it And not in a positive way either; mostly she knew it was coming and didn't do anything but accept it The other area where Jemisin leaves me cold are her romantic relationships In fact I think both The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms would have been better solid books if the author hadn't tried to write a romance into them Tried being the operative word view spoiler For me the romance between Madding and Oree was far moving and convincing than the romance between Itempas and Oree I think this is because of two things a Since Oree and Madding were already established as a couple before the book started there was no need for Jemisin to try to develop the romance which seems to be a weak point of hers and b I felt like the author wasn't trying to force a feeling of love between these two characters since she knew Madding was going to die anyway and that made it so much real than the unconvincing romance between Oree and Itempas I would have liked this book so much better if it had developed the friendship between Shiny and Oree without resorting to a romance trope hide spoiler