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City of Ruins Diving Universe #2Ogether a large company that finds Dignity Vessels and loose stealth technologyFollowing a hunch Boss and her team come to investigate the city of Vaycehn where 14 archeologists have died exploring the endless caves below the city Mysterious death holes explode into the city itself f. I went into City of Ruins rather eagerly after finishing the first book of the Diving Universe series I wanted a bit mystery a bit of Boss's level headedness a bit of space and the unknown What I got left me was a sense of anticipation that burned throughout most of the book and an end that I lovedBoss and the rest of her crew new faces and old are actually planet bound for this book They're excavating some ruins that one on Boss's team thinks contains stealth technology Unfortunately the locals are both misogynistic and highly secretive to the point where they don't want the team exploring at all or at least not off the beaten trail Not only that but there are 'death holes' that appear mysteriously and swallow up entire buildings and people on the planet and nobody knows why The book like the previous one is in Boss's voice first person POV As a twist we also get the POV third person of Coop captain of the ship Ivoire who makes an interesting alternate viewpoint For someone who dislikes POV switching sometimes I think it's just laziness on the author's part other times I'm just flat out not interested in some of the other POVs I actually enjoyed it in this book The world through Coop's eyes is rather fascinating if only because we learn a lot about the stealth technology and where Dignity Vessels come from and doThe anticipation for that point in the book thoughThe thing is Waiting for that specific point in the book that you know is going to happen that is what will probably be the best part of the book because it's leading up to that point it's almost agonizing I'm all right with slower paced novels because that's what this is until close to the end but once you give me an end goal one that is made very very clear to you even if not so clear to the characters well I want to get there I want to get there soon and enjoy the experience That little lead up to said experience just serves to ramp up the tension even the tension that exists mainly inside my head haExcept City of Ruins is painfully slow to get to that point I want to reach into the book shake the characters and tell them to hurry up already You're so close Why don't you just do what I want you too Except this isn't that sort of book Boss isn't that sort of character and the expedition she's on isn't one where you rush Wreck diving is all about taking your time being cautious and mapping out the area Of course she'll go the same way even if she's excavating on a planet rather than a wreck in space I actually really appreciate this even if I want to tear out my hair And that's my dilemma I rather disliked the wait but liked the reasons behind the wait Darn characters making sense I'd have hated it and yelled out about being out of character if they rushed but I still yell out about how slow they are when they do what they would regularly be doing No pleasing me hehThen there's the culmination of the wait It was basically everything I wanted Suddenly all that waiting flew out of my mind and I just devoured the rest of the book With all of the anticipation I was feeling I was almost leery about the climax of the book but it was fun and interesting and held my attention throughout It was a little rushed but I was mostly all right with that People and events moved I had a blast reading it So feeling a bit mixed up about the book Loved learning about the stealth technology and the Dignity Vessels Could do without such a long wait for certain events to come together Adored the ending 3 4 stars rounding up to 4

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Boss a loner loved to dive derelict spacecraft adrift in the blackness of space But one day she found a ship that would change everything an ancient Dignity Vessel and aboard the ship the mysterious and dangerous Stealth Tech Now years after discovering that first ship Boss has put t. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegallyWhenever I read a book like Kristine Kathryn Rusch's City of Ruins the latest release from our pals at Pyr I can't help but to think of that endless roster of thirty and fortysomething nerds who have cranked out livings over the last couple of decades as writers on weekend genre television shows stuff like Buffy and Farscape and all those Stargate spinoffs; because while these writers are known by name by their most passionate fans and worshipped as much by them as an NPR nerd might worship Jonathan Franzen it's hard for me in particular to think of such stories as much than fodder for teens and stoners on a boring Saturday afternoon making them certainly a legitimate part of the literary industry but projects that will always and forever have only a limited appeal and will only ever be fully embraced by those willing to pay for their sci fi trope delivery with a high tolerance for sometimes mediocre writing The second title in a situation based space opera franchise this posits a sexy rogue space salvager known simply as Boss and her ragtag crew who in their uest to track down various pieces of highly developed tech scattered across the universe remnants of an ancient alien race of whom almost nothing is now known this time stumble across a far ranging conspiracy on a planet whose population lives in giant half open caverns and where the inner earth walls seem to almost magically destroy and then reshape themselves on a moment's whim Competently done but with characters that largely come from Action Thriller Central Casting and dialogue that will leave a lot of people sighing in frustration it's the very definition of a novel that only a fanboy could love; and while I wish such authors the best of luck no matter which genre they work in such middling titles unfortunately fall beyond my usual purview here at CCLaP which is why they generally get only middling scores despite being well loved in certain circles It should be kept in mind before picking up a copy yourselfOut of 10 74 or 84 for fans of weekend sci fi television series

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City of Ruins Diving Universe #2 Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB » Boss a loner loved to dive derelict spacecraft adrift in the blackness of space But one day she found a ship that would change everything an ancient Dignity Vessel and aboard the ship the mysterious and dangerous Stealth Tech Now years after disOr no apparent reason and Boss believes stealth tech is involved As Boss searches for the answer to the mystery of the death holes she will uncover the answer to her Dignity Vessel uest as well and one thing something so important that it will change her life and the universe forever. Again Rusch proves that she can grab your attention and hold it spellbound for the length of a novel This book feels unified than Diving Into the Wreck as it all takes place in the same location and features the same people I liked that and I ended up liking the bifurcated narrative as wellCity of Ruins adds a new perspective and alternates or less evenly between Boss and Captain Cooper of the Dignity Vessel Ivoire This is pleasantly disconcerting at first because it's unclear how Coop relates to Boss and her team and if let alone when they'll ever intersect Rusch doesn't manipulate this unduly so we establish relative positioning soon enough for the story to flow naturallyUnlike the previous book where the setting drove most of the action this book has the interaction between two functionally alien groups take the forefront as they work out a way to communicate with and hopefully trust each other As deeply and justifiably paranoid as each group is this is gripping than you might thinkIf I have a beef with the book at all it's that it ends on a well not a cliffhanger precisely Everything necessary is wrapped up But I want to know what happens next anyway Right now And I don't think that's just the ADD talking