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The Best Laid PlansMent? Okay so they're attracted to each other Really really attracted But crossing the line from coworker to co parent with Ethan could ruin Alex for all other men After all when you've had the best I think I am in the minority on this one but this was just okay I thought the book went on too long with internal dialogues and very little interaction between the two so I found it hard to believe they had fallen in love Secondly I felt Ethan's inability to commit to a lasting relationship was a bit over the topand I was surprised that she could entertain going back to him after the way he treated her Not one of my favorites

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T is ignoring her single statusand on Ethan StoneBecause her sexy no strings colleague has posed an outrageous solution to her dilemma he'll be her baby daddy This from the guy who avoids all commit I had a hard time with the first half of this book—while Alex and Ethan are planning on being co parents each remaining single I think it seemed like they were treating it rather trivially or casually maybe when neither are trivial or casual people Indeed both have been rather slapped in the face with some harsh truths and should know betterThere's a turning point a little after mid way though and things get lots better I particularly like how well Mayberry sketched the details of female fertility without making it seem like a tract She got all the cold hard facts in while making them real and real scary We really do women a disservice by leaving so much of this out of the general conscience because the clock ticks down whether you pay attention to it or not—and I'm sure than a few women find that they've made a decision after all when they hadn't really had the opportunity to make an informed oneThat realism might have been enough to keep this at four stars if I'd ever warmed to Ethan I never did though Alex is a sweetheart I just don't find emotional denial attractive and I find his level of risk aversion rather weak too It may have helped if we had found out sooner what his deal was Mayberry leaves it 'til almost the very end but I'm not sure if that would have changed it enough for me or not At any rate I found myself coasting on inertia enough that I can't really justify than three starsA note about Steamy Very light steam on this one One explicit scene and it's on the short side There's not a lot of ancillary kissing and stuff either

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The Best Laid Plans Epub » 251 pages Æ Moneyexpresscard Ü Boundaries The key to how corporate lawyer Alexandra Knight manages her busy life However lately all her precisely drawn lines are getting blurred Blame it on her out of control biological clock that is ignoring her single statusand on Ethan StoneBecause heBoundaries The key to how corporate lawyer Alexandra Knight manages her busy life However lately all her precisely drawn lines are getting blurred Blame it on her out of control biological clock tha Sarah Mayberry is a favorite author of mine and I had already planned to buy the book when Tell Harleuin surprised me with a free copy to read for a market research survey To say it was a pleasant surprise would be an understatement Melbourne attorney Alexandra Knight is not having a great morning She has a client appointment first thing a hole in her stockings and a run in with her ex boyfriend who's wrestling a baby and carriage into a car a mere 18 months after ending their seven year live in relationship over a refusal to have children Now 38 and still single Alex's anger at being childless soon turns to panicked desperation when her doctor gives her the lowdown on her dwindling chances of conception Facing the possibility of never having a family of her own something she's always wanted finally brings her to break down in tears in front of Ethan Stone a co worker she plays racuetball with but otherwise maintains a professional friendship withEthan may cultivate a ladies' man appearance and shun marriage after his extremely ugly divorce but he's moved by Alex's pained confession As he's comforting her he admits to himself that he's in a similar situation Now 42 divorced and bitterly opposed to commitment he also laments his lost chance at parenthood Though he dotes on his younger brother's boys and delights in being the best uncle ever he wishes he could've had what his brother has When he finds out about Alex's plan to conceive via sperm donor he sees an opportunity to possibly parent a child without entering into a relationship that would ultimately just fall apartThe book's strength is in its characters Declining fertility ticking biological clocks fear of commitment fertility ethics all of these are rather weighty issues that could easily have bogged the book down if the characters were not as strong as they were Instead the characters drive the plot with a firm hand They own the issues leaving the story to be about them their insecurities strengths and struggles rather than leaving them mere riders on the weighty topic busBoth characters are deep and nuanced Alex's desire for the picket fenced fantasy is than just a ticking clock It's born out of her difficult childhood and her careful personality as well Ethan's aversion to commitment and re marriage is due as much to his divorce as it is to his deeply loyal personality and his work as a divorce and family lawyer Both struggle deeply with their insecurities and Mayberry lets us see their struggles even going so far as to show Ethan physically ill and in tears as he wars with himself over Alex At no point are their problems treated facilely But neither does the angst and conflict overshadow the romance Though their HEA and any open acknowledgement of their mutual attraction comes late in the story Mayberry spends the time early in the story establishing their connection They tease each other good naturedly on the racuetball court laugh easily together over one of Ethan's elaborately cooked meals and comfort each other through the baby drama She shows us that they're good friends above all so it's easy to imagine their taking life's curveballs in strideLike the other books I've read by this author this is a book about two fully fleshed characters navigating their own inner conflicts The plot serves to highlight their personalities motivations and actions not the other way around I'd recommend this book unreservedly to those who like meatier character focused books with a slow burning romance It's not a uick fluffy escapist sort of read but I had a hard time putting it down all the same