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Download Ú Mele Kalikimaka, Baby (Hawaiian Holidays, #1) ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Three friends find than fun and sun in HawaiiWhen Sophia Cantwell gets stuck in Hawaii working on Christmas she isn't too happy She doesn't like trying to buy land from a Hawaiian family especially when The landowners grandsons she doesn't expect the jolt of arousal or the instant attraction And she doesn't expect that they would insist that she stay at the family condos Mal and Jack have shared women before have thought about getting that one special woman for the two of them Both of them are surprised that she turns. Sophia comes across as the kind of independent career driven woman that most people would associate with having a frosty heart Her closest relationships are with her two best girl friends since she has no family to speak of Much to her friends' disappointment Sophia has been extremely focused on her career as of late and her bossformer lover has been taking full advantage She's been sent on a business trip to Hawaii over Christmas break which Sophia believes is because she refused to continue to sleep with him after she found out he was married The girl may be single but she does have morals What should be a relaxing and romantic trip for Sophia is just another day of work only this time in paradise Sophia’s friends thinks she’s a coward for not standing up to her boss but if she can just hang in there a little longer she can finally be free of him for goodCousins Mal and Jack are back in Hawaii ready to defend their turf from the corporate busy body they're expecting to arrive Their grandmother is considering an offer to sell her land but the cousins are fully prepared to stake their claim and do whatever it takes to make the offer go away What they aren’t prepared for is the woman inside the stuffed business suit exterior that immediately calls to their basic instincts Jack is willing to just dive right in but Mal remains vigilant to deal with business matters first before pleasure Readers should be prepared to get taken away to an island tropical paradise where the temperature isn’t the only thing that heats up Make sure to leave your troubles at the door because this is one vacation holiday that you’re not likely to soon forget It's easy to be captured by the two handsomest Hawaiian's I've ever had the pleasure of reading about Mal and Jack have no ualms with the kind of lifestyle they want to lead and Sophia's character seems like the perfect match for them While she gets taught a lesson in losing her inhibitions Mal and Jack are taught a lesson in losing their heart The setting is perfect for taking any fantasy to the next level so why not give this ménage by Melissa Schroeder a tryReview also posted Happily Ever After Reviews

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Three friends find than fun and sun in HawaiiWhen Sophia Cantwell gets stuck in Hawaii working on Christmas she isn't too happy She doesn't like trying to buy land from a Hawaiian family especially when she is convinced her company isn't being ethical When she is confronted by cousins Maleko and Jack Akaka at the airport. This one was short and got down to business very uickly I did like that all three of them involved had to at one point or another lay everything on the line it made it so that they all knew without a doubt that they wanted to be together

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Mele Kalikimaka Baby Hawaiian Holidays #1Out to be an uptight coporate go getter But the three of them cannot ignore their attraction and a night out in Honolulu turns into a night in bed for all of them When Sophia's exlover and boss arrives unexpectedly will she be able to walk away from her dreams of climbing the corporate ladder or will she lose Mal and Jac. I liked Sophia's character She was multifaceted character and gutsy at the same time There were times that she was also like a child I loved that her costume was a cold hearted business woman Then you got to see the different facets of the woman I also loved the men in this story They were hot To say the least They were your typical men Mal than most But he lost his playfulness and he is a player Jack well he is the playful one and he is the go get her Go for it dude I liked this story Who wouldn't want two or men who would love and adore a woman Me specifically Makes me fan myself The connection was palpable I loved it The sex was hot Is it worth reading again Yes