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Download Book ↠ Just Kids 304 pages ê Moneyexpresscard ´ New York ultimi scampoli degli anni sessanta l'atmosfera è effervescente Patti e Robert stanno passeggiando sono in città per festeggiare l'estate indiana Incrociano una coppia di anziani che si ferma a osservarli stupiti Fagli una foto dice la donna PercHa raggiunto le vette del successo e della sua arte e con la passione disincantata di chi attraverso la fama ha imparato a conoscere luci e abissi La sacerdotessa del rock ripercorre i sentieri che dall'infanzia a Chicago la portano a New York ui incontra Robert Mapplethorpe fotografo estremo che con lei intreccia un cammino di arte di devozione e di iniziazione Insieme scoprono che rock politica e sesso sono gli Looking For You I WasI can see why some reviews detect white washing or sugar coating in Just Kids but I wanted desperately to believe the story Patti Smith was telling about her relationship with Robert MapplethorpeGlitter in Their EyesPatti admits to her naivete but I don't think she was trying to hide stuff from her kids or anythingNor do I think she closed off her emotions about her pastUltimately the book is a love story only the love extended over a long period and sometimes it was reuited sometimes notJust KiddingLots of things got in the way sexuality for starters drugs for main course other partners for dessertBut the book is about a love that they shared and a youth that they both retained the whole of their lives no matter what happened on the inside or the outside and no matter how poor or successful they wereThe name of the book asserts her belief that all that time they really were just kids those two kids that the tourists photographed soon after they first metAbout Another BoyAlthough Patti reveals a lot about Robert I think ultimately the book is her final expression of love for himI think it's important that she express her sugary side anyway rather than hide your love awayThe book might be relatively sugar coated for our image of Patti Smith but her sugar isn't as sickly sweet as most sleb love stories Memento Mori PostscriptOne of the reasons I empathise with this book so much is my passion for Robert Mapplethorpe's photography not to mention Patti's music lyrics and poetryIn March April 1986 I was on the Board of the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane at the time we helped to bring an exhibition of Robert's photos to AustraliaIt was a time of great political and moral conservatism in ueenslandThe Board included artists and academics who feared the loss of their jobs if they were involved in the exhibition of photography that might later be found to be obscene under our criminal lawsMany Board Meetings in the lead up to the exhibition debated whether we should not proceed with the exhibition or remove particular images including Man in Polyester SuitI made some tentative preparations to deal with a potential criminal action against the Board Members including getting expert evidence on Robert's artistic statusIn the end we decided to proceed with the exhibition in an uncensored form All images were displayed in the form submitted by the artist and the curatorThe exhibition was highly popular and no complaints were made to the PoliceNo criminal prosecution occurredThe important lesson is that we could have self censored and lost our own freedomInstead we asserted and preserved our freedom in the face of fearFor me Robert and Patti represent not just the existence of freedom in the abstract but the assertion of freedom in realityThey than earned the right to their love Your ancestors salute you

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New York ultimi scampoli degli anni sessanta l'atmosfera è effervescente Patti e Robert stanno passeggiando sono in città per festeggiare l'estate indiana Incrociano una coppia di anziani che si ferma a osservarli stupiti Fagli una foto dice la donna Perché? risponde il marito sono soltanto ragazzini Just kids Patti Smith sa guardarsi indietro e lo fa senza risparmiarsi con la placata esuberanza dell'artista che Hi Ho the artistic life I had very divergent feelings about Just Kids Patti Smith's National Book Award winning memoir about her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe There were times that I felt moved by the beauty of her writing and others in which I found her to be nothing than another spoiled entitled kid who got where she got to talented or not because of connections It is not that Smith arrived in NYC with a list of names and numbers But she did have the good fortune to encounter a knight in shining armor who had a prodigious artistic drive and the good looks to attract a series of male gateways to the New York arts scene Patti Smith image from El Pais photo credit Cordon PressThere is no doubt about the deep connection Smith formed with Robert Mapplethorpe famed photographer to be They were not only lovers but bffs And that continued long after they stopped sharing a bed Smith takes us on a journey through the gritty and some not so gritty portions of the New York arts scene offering glimpses of the many many people she and Mapplethorpe met It is a veritable who's who including bits and pieces on Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin Sam Shepherd Andy Warhol William Burroughs and a cast of hundreds I never got the impression that Smith was name dropping She was as amazed as any aspiring artist might be at finding herself among so many notables One downside to this is that so many shining lights speed by like houses at night as seen from a train I would have liked it had she gone into a little or a lot detail on of these luminaries She certainly does reinforce the image of the Chelsea Hotel as a cauldron of creativity in its day The story of her arrival in New York meeting Mapplethorpe and struggling to get by is worth the price of admission a real look at what it means to be a starving artist And that is not just a glib turn of phrase as Patti at times made use of the five finger discount in order to eat It is also fun to read about how she and Robert trolled discount stores for materials they would use to make jewelry or incorporate into other artistic projects Smith and Mapplethorpe back in the day – image from Vanity FairDespite the minimal physical mileage traversed here Just Kids is a bit of a road story Instead of crossing continents she and Mapplethorpe cross from obscurity to fame from outsiders to insiders from fellow travelers in a very non political sense to lovers to soulmatesI was surprised at a few things Ok look at almost any photo of Patti Smith and tell me with a straight face that she doesn't make you think of the Calvin Klein ideal of physical appearance Yet when she appeared in a play as a person with drug issues she was completely uncomfortable pretending to shoot up Even her director was shocked at her lack of hard drug experience A little weed here and there does not give one that lovely Ginger Baker look A diet sprinkled with stolen food contributed for sure but nature sculpted that body not dark substances I was also surprised having come to the book with no familiarity with Smith beyond her recording of “Because the Night” about the diversity of her artistry running from drawing to poetry to playwrighting to acting and so on I have read better memoirs and I do not think this should have won the National Book Award But there is no missing the real feeling she communicates the love she and Mapplethorpe had for each other Her writing is good sometimes better than good and you will not be disappointed But for many the lifestyles presented here might be discomfiting the willingness to engage in hustling thievery and very open relationships make the artistic world Smith and Mapplethorpe inhabited a decidedly acuired tasteEXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Instagram and FB pages

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Just KidsIngredienti essenziali della rivoluzione a venireIl vero collante tra Patti e Robert è l'amicizia Un'amicizia rara pura preziosa Un patto esplicito di reciproco sostegno fondato sulla condivisione di sogni di visioni di idee Di arte Just kids è la confessione di una delle più grandi protagoniste del rock americano di un'originale poetessa di una musa di una donna che ha saputo vivere ai margini delle convenzioni I found this book to be uite boring unfortunately especially given the fact that Smith is arguably an artistic genius It started off strong but after a bit the writing style began to wear on my nerves examples using the word for instead of because as in I went to the diner for I was hungry and I hadn't any money instead of I didn't have any money and I lay upon the mattress instead of the simpler I lay on which all felt somewhat pretentious Then she goes on and on and on about Rimbaud So much Rimbaud And Baudelaire So Much Baudelaire Her sentences were also uite choppy and repetitive—I could essentially sum it up as I met a boy named Robert We loved each other We hadn't any money One day I bought a raincoat from a thrift store I went to France and visited Rimbaud's grave and wore my raincoat for it was raining Robert was a genius and we lay upon a mattress One time I met Jimi Hendrix Then he died Then I wore my raincoat out in New York and I bumped into Ginsberg He bought me a sandwich for I was hungry and hadn't any money The end