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Best Lesbian Romance 2011 Free download Ø 5 ✓ It was the kind of first date you know will change your life forever the kind for which 'first date' is much too casual to ever properly apply She looked at me like she could fall for me fall in love with me or maybe like she already had She looked at me like she wanted to know everything IFeatures the best romance writers around including Anna Meadows Charlotte Dare Miel Rose Rachel Kramer Bussel Rebecca S Buck Radclyffe and a dozen others The juicy seductive tales of Best Lesbian Romance 2011 capture the eroticism and lyricism of love from the first blush of recognition to the forever embrace of shared hearts. The latest edition of these collections is edited by Radclyffe I must confess this is the first one I have read and thoroughly enjoyed it the stories really take you away from the cold winter here we are sent to Hawaii various hot locations in America with lots of hot women my favourite line of the book which made me laugh out loud was from the story 'Panacea' by Colette Moody ' An arse so magical David Copperfield might climb out of it at any moment' brilliant I loved this book as it made me remember the first flush of love of meting that one person and just knowing from the very first moment that it was so very right Its all here within these pages Radclyffe has gathered a wonderfully varied collection of stories about falling in love all of which are wonderfully written you feel as though you are a fly on the wall watching these wonderful encounters as though you were a friend hearing all the juicy details I highly recommend this book it would make a wonderful valentines gift great to read out loud to the one you loveContributions from Radclyffe writing as LL Raand Sacchi Green Kathleen Warnock Rachel Kramer Bussel Catherine Lundoff Clifford Henderson Theda Hudson Rebecca S Buck Anna Meadows Colette Moody Andrea Dale Merina Canyon Jamie Schaffner Charlotte Dare Cheyenne Blue Elaine Burnes and Miel Rose Cleis

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It was the kind of first date you know will change your life forever the kind for which 'first date' is much too casual to ever properly apply She looked at me like she could fall for me fall in love with me or maybe like she already had She looked at me like she wanted to know everything I had to say to peek inside my brain a. A few days ago I decided to challenge myself What was a genre I hadn't read much in After a lot of thought I challenged myself to read one mm book and one ff book The mm book was A Private Gentleman and this is my lesbian book suggested to me by being 199 on Book BubThe only other lesbian romance I've read which is romance not just you know not fiction that stars a lesbian character I mean romance was Lois Lenz Lesbian Secretary which I read years and years ago pre GRHow's the sex CarmenSex between two women doesn't excite me even in the least bit so you'll have to ask someone else on this oneThere's a real variety of stories in here1 Hearts and Flowers by Theda HudsonThis is one of the stronger entries in the collection Hudson writes with a strong voice and she writes well This story is vivid funny and flows naturally The story is about a woman named Jen She and Gina are planning to celebrate their one year anniversary when Gina lands in some really hot water “I wanna know what this anniversary means to you”I stared at her What it meant to me I drew a blank and I just shook my head That was the wrong thing to do Totally because I saw how much it hurt her which was a revelation because even though she was hippy hoppy cute I had never realized she might have something invested in this in meGina pulls away and acts cold while Jen has to get her head in the game and figure out how to fix this Can she Can she save their relationshipThis story was very BDSM flavored and I am not excited by BDSM Some of the things in this story sound frankly very horrifying Like when Jen is watching Gina eating sushi and she is getting really really turned on “All gone” she said pouting those super red luscious lips“Not uite there's one piece left” I stood up swept everything onto the floor and hoisted her up onto the table amongst the remains smeared wasabi all over her pussy and held her down while she suirmed and screamedThe author is indicating that Gina is really enjoying this treatment but I was like oO This sounds like a medical emergency or a new form of torture not like a fun bedroom activity oO No thank youAdd this to some other less scary stuff like paddling Gina and tying her up and you have the solid BDSM flavor Hudson is going for However I want to stress that it is obviously strictly consensual and Gina enjoys everything although I cannot even imagine anyone enjoying that wasabi treatment my imagination isn't that good and it's always very clear how much Jen cares about Gina So it's not disrespectful or uncomfortable for me to read aboutThis was a good story I really enjoyed it4 out of 5 stars2 Mother Knows Best by Rachel Kramer BusselStacy's mom accepts and embraces that Stacy is a lesbian but that leads to a problem she is always setting Stacy up on blind dates with any lesbian she meets Every single lesbian she meets She wasn't concerned about the details age occupation looks never mind butchfemme For my mom lesbian plus lesbian had to eual true love It would've been sweet if it wasn't so infuriatingNow choosing to go on yet another blind date will Stacy meet her true love Or will this be another disasterAt times the writing in this story was strong It was the kind of first date you know will change your life forever the kind for which “first date” is much too casual to ever properly applyBut often it was almost unbearably cheesy Tanya's eyes told me she wanted everything My heart my art my pussyrolls eyesOr how about this I wanted to light up her mind as well as her pussyoO Are you kidding meNot to mention she pinches her lover's belly as a sex move PINCHES IT oO This doesn't seem romantic andor sexy to me on any levelAnother thing that drove me nuts during this book was the MC's intense focus on labels and appearances She spends paragraphs and paragraphs on her preferences in women what she likes them to wear look like body type amount of makeup and on and on and so forth and so on Talking about butches and femmes and different types of femmes and the masculinefeminine scale and etc etc I felt like I was reading someone's checklist on a Matchcom site or something It was annoying and very prominent in the story and I just wanted her to shut upAnd Stacy moves in on Tanya sexually super fast I was just like “Whoa you just met her Take it easy” I'm always really nervous when two fictional people meet and rush into bed in the first two hours because I'm so scared someone is going to get emotionally hurt oOOverall this story read like a non fiction Redbook article called view spoiler”How I Met My Wife hide spoiler

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Best Lesbian Romance 2011Nd tease out the parts I kept deliberately tucked away Mother Knows Best by Rachel Kramer BusselRomance is an experience that encompasses a panoply of emotions euphoria despair exhilaration the thrill of sexual awakening the excitement of new beginnings and the uiet contentment of the familiar This collection of love stories. Bah humbug Romance is not my favourite flavour of fiction possibly because I find much of it unbelievable Okay I know this genre largely consists of wish fulfillment but I often have trouble gagging the voice of my inner cynic while reading breathless descriptions of instant attraction between soul mates and blithe predictions of happy ever after Really For the next fifty years or so with no arguments about money relatives children pets or other womenNow that I’ve given my disclaimer I will admit that this volume of the annual lesbian romance series from Cleis Press deserves notice for the varied pairings and scenarios in it In Rachel Kramer Bussel's Mother Knows Best a single lesbian is aghast when her mother hooks her up with a woman only to find that mom has good taste In The Game by Elaine Burnes the narrator is playing an intense game of pool with an older woman who knows the score Are these women rivals or lovers The punch line reveals allAll the stories in this collection are competently written but the ones that made the greatest impact on me are those which deal with difficult issues In Camellias by Anna Meadows a woman who house sits for a ritzy family is seen skinny dipping in the pool and she strikes up a friendship with the woman who prefers to watch her than to join her The watcher's self consciousness is based on a minor deformity and the mutual acceptance of the two women seems likely to change both their lives Get the Girl by Jamie Schaffner perfectly captures the intensity of a teenage affair that has to be kept secret from protective parents This story is comprehensible on its own but it is an excerpt from a novel of the same name which could reassure teenage readers that they are not alone or crazy Dirty Laundry by Cheyenne Blue is a realistic look at two Irish girls who meet in the 1960s in a kind of prison for fallen women As the author explains in a long afternoteFor over 150 years Ireland placed nearly 30000 women into the Catholic run institutions known as 'Magdalene Laundries' Originally meant as a way for prostitutes to purge their sins through hard work the Magdalene Laundries evolved into a convenient solution for families wanting to hide the shame of an unwed pregnancy Sometimes women sent to the institutions had done no than behave in a way considered overly flirtatious or wanton or were wrongly accused of promiscuity Ireland's last Magdalene Laundry was closed in 1996 The secret lovers in the story are released to live together after many years of hard work abuse and isolation so the story has a kind of happy ending Yet it seems unlikely that their scars will ever heal completely Things I Missed by Kathleen Warnock is another uietly heartbreaking story about missed opportunities In this case the narrator has been imprisoned by her own inhibitions until she comes out in her late thirties She looks up an old friend with whom she has fallen out of touch a woman she could have loved and who could have loved her back The narrator finally tells her old friend what she didn't dare to do when she had the chance but both of them know that even this version of telephone sex can never be repeated A Witchy Woman Called My Name by Merina Canyon is an endearingly goofy story told by a divorced mother in a small town whose best friend is a shy butch The routine lives of the closeted small town women are shaken up when a glamorous femme from elsewhere shows up and invites the butch to dance naked with her in a cemetery and howl at the moon The invitation is intriguing and the narrator desperately wants to know whether her friend will take the bait The resulting scene just has to be read When Hearts Run Free by Radclyffe writing as LL Raand is a werewolf fantasy that seems to carry the story about a witchy woman to a logical extreme Radclyffe's stories are notable for their kinesthetic imagery the plots are physically intense and the characters must be strong in every way to survive Here is the narrator's experience of what happens after she a human paramedic is bitten by a teenage girl suffering from Werefever Even when the flesh tore and my instruments slipped through my fingers on a river of red I didn't feel the pain The burn came later at the same time as the fever Then the dreams Fragments of images flickered through my rioting brain scattered patches of light and dark like broken bits of sunshine littered over the forest floor chasing me while I ran the hunter and the hunted In this imaginary world the violence of a change from one species to another is a kind of metaphor for taboo breaking sexual behaviour Strictly speaking the narrator's obsession with another female werewolf seems erotic than romantic although there is no solid line between the two genres The only other story here which could possibly be classified as fantasy fiction is The Gift by Sacchi Green in which Lou serving in the British military in Afghanistan is alone in a moonlit desert on Christmas Eve while her lover Meg is on holiday in Switzerland In the best romantic tradition Lou and Meg connect in a way that defies reality These stories strike an interesting range of emotional notes Fans of lesbian romance are guaranteed to find at least one that warms the heart tickles the funny bone or brings tears to the eyes Or all of the above