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The Lottery one of the most terrifying stories written in this century created a sensation when it was first published in The New Yorker Power and haunti People are never uite what they seem are they? There are loads of oddities secrets turmoil prejudices obsessions hysteria and perhaps even evil lurking just below the surface I don’t think anyone understood this better than Shirley Jackson I’d even go so far as to say Shirley Jackson didn’t have much faith in humanity She exposes all of us and our shortcomings in one way or another in this haunting collection of twenty five short stories One character from the story titled “Elizabeth” sets out for a day at the office “Funny thing she thought a clerk in a drugstore he gets up in the morning and eats and walks around and writes a play just like it was real just like the rest of us like me”I have a suspicion Jackson is telling us that we are all a part of some grand deception as we go about our own days Not one of us could have fooled herIf you are seeking typical ‘horror’ stories you might want to give this a pass You may be disappointed Jackson doesn’t write ‘horror’ like other writers Instead she tells disturbing and weird tales; ones that will make your skin crawl just the same But don’t expect to be hiding under the covers and jumping at the slightest tap on the window or creak in the floorboard Do expect to look at your partner your neighbor your friend your dentist your florist your hair stylist and the guy sitting next to you on the subway and wonder what is actually going on in the darkest recesses of their minds When they speak are they really conveying what they truly mean? Are you yourself becoming slightly unhinged by thinking about it overly much? Perhaps you won’t even recognize yourself any longer “Then she realized that at the wash basin she was in the way of the women in a hurry so she dried her face uickly It was when she stepped a little aside to let someone else get to the basin and stood up and glanced into the mirror that she realized with a slight stinging shock that she had no idea which face was hers”There are an abundance of stories in this collection and naturally some are better than others There are several that I forgot by the next day and others that will stay with me for a long time creeping into my head at unexpected and unwelcome moments I’m a poor sleeper and always have been I toss and turn and am prone to freuent vivid and bizarre dreams Some thankfully not all are nightmarish in uality As I read these stories I couldn’t help but think that many of them had this surreal unnerving uality to them – almost as if I was recalling some long ago deeply buried dream But I believe that was Jackson’s gift Her uniue storytelling abilities and her keen penetration of the depths of our psyches force you to sense a recognition or remembrance of something that has already happened or could come to pass when you least expect it Nothing is ever as it appears Take a peek underneath and what you see will leave you wishing someone would just pinch you and wake you up from this hell “Things will be different afterward Everything that makes the world like it is now will be gone We’ll have new rules and new ways of living”

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The Lottery and Other StoriesEnty four eually unusual stories Together they demonstrate Jackson's remarkable range from the hilarious to the truly horrible and power as a storyteller Recently I've read a number of short stories with the intention of cutting down my huge reading pile and I've been largely disappointed Particularly by common favourites like Edgar Allan Poe and his many famous horror tales I was surprised to find them rather lacking The Lottery however is one of the best short stories I've read It's very rare that I would give five stars to a short story because I reserve the top rating for meaty well rounded often complex andor clever novels so a four star rating means a lot in this case Jackson's tale is undeniably creepy and tells a story that though seemingly unknown to us draws parallels with our world and the ridiculous way people are prone to behave at times Her story is pure fiction it is not about any world from the present or at any time in history but it's meaning is something that applies still todayIt all comes down to one simple three syllable word tradition Oh what silly nonsense has been committed in the name of tradition How often progress has been halted in favour of an outdated practice that remains simply because that's the way it's always been In Jackson's short story every person in the town where this novel finds its setting is forced to draw a ticket in The Lottery In the end only one person can be the winner but this game has a sinister twist Will you see it coming?As the story builds up to its climax we see the town citizens discussing the tradition of The Lottery We are told that other towns nearby have started to ban the practice that there has even been talk of banning it in this town But everyone brushes this off with distaste how can you ban something that has been going on for so long? How will people cope without this routine that they've come to rely on? I found this story fascinating Both simple and clever and ultimately very effectiveIf you'd like to read The Lottery for yourself you can find it here

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Book Ü The Lottery and Other Stories ↠ 302 pages ¿ Moneyexpresscard ¹ The Lottery one of the most terrifying stories written in this century created a sensation when it was first published in The New Yorker Power and haunting and nights of unrest were typical reader responses This collectioNg and nights of unrest were typical reader responses This collection the only one to appear during Shirley Jackson's lifetime unites The Lottery with tw The one thing that really stands out about this collection of Shirley Jackson stories is this the subtletyIt's not over the top horror in any shape or fashion Rather it's regular folk doing regular things and as we peel back layers and layers to their surroundings or their individual psyches everything twists subtly The normal uickly becomes a twilight zone nightmare even if it's only a tiny little thing that's changedA dog caught killing chickens shiver My goodness that one killed me DeadSome like the Witch was totally awesome and people of my generation would have just found it great fun but I can see why the mommy freaked the hell out Of course the little kid was rocking hard to it and why wouldn't he?I loved the Tooth It was damn surreal and I was thinking along the lines of all the similar kinds of tales and novels to come after it Body hopping tales indeed But than that I was really impressed and fascinated at the look into '40's racism subtle or not how badly women were treated and how badly they treated each other and the general miasma of inhumanity everywhereSome tales were all about the unspoken silence that surrounded mental illness and the insane pressure to keep a lid on it and remain normal Things like this may not be completely horror as the genre but the tension was definitely all horrorShirly Jackson's stories were absolutely macabre uite brilliant and completely understated It's all about looking through the darkened mirror seeing our normal lives living them and then seeing just how horrible we really are Great stuff