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Lost and Found Read & Download · 104 ½ Nate Wilson has spent the last thirteen years denying the feelings he has for his best friend Emi Hennigan He bides his time with other women as Emi searches fruitlessly for the love at first sight fantasy that’s eluded her since collegeWhen Nate confesses his feelings for Emi she is torn between her ideNate Wilson has spent the last thirteen years denying the feelings he has for his best friend Emi Hennigan He bides his time with other women as Emi searches fruitlessly f. What do I think I think this is a 5 star book that was reduced to 3 stars because of one damn 4 letter word Natewith an exclamation point Nate My response was also a 4 letter wordwith emphasisand multiple exclamation points Fuuuuuuuck This book should have been entitled Blindsided because that's how it hit me in the end5 star proThis was an angst driven page turning can't put it down until it's over story about Nate Emibest friends for 13 years who are looking for love in all the wrong places until they finally realize their one true love is each other Like many indie authors Lori Otto has a true talent for telling a heartwarming albeit heart wrenching romantic story Unlike many indie authors however she tells the story via 1st person POV of the hero exclusively For once we are privy to know exactly what the male protagonist is thinkingwhat his feelings are for his partner in each of the many relationships he drifts in and out ofhow he euates sex love and when he eventually realizes that what he feels for Emi is not merely a sisterly affection but a true soulmates type of love For once we don't have to suffer through the heroine's whiny rants and tedious he loves me he loves me not petal pulling drama Why is she mad at Nate We don't know Why does she have bruises on her neck We don't know What happened between her Colin to cause their breakup We don't know And personally I didn't care My heart and devotion belonged to Nate and if he had an epiphany that Emi was his one true love great whatever made Nate happy made me happy Which brings me to why I brought the rating down3 star conThis is Romancelandia so if you are an author writing a romance there are certain laws in Romancelandia you should abide by with one law in particularthe hero and heroine must have an HEA or at the very least a HFN It can be a true love where the couple rides off into the sunset it can be semi bittersweet such as forgiving a cheater and starting over again; and though rarely seen it can be bittersweet with the H h going their separate waysreaders have the option to hold out with the hope they reconcile or find someone better suited for each of themThis means you CANNOT kill our beloved hero off at the very end of the book and attempt to replace him with someone else in a seuel By presenting the story from Nate's POV you have breathed life into him for the readers This series may be called Emi Lost and Found but this story belongs to Nate We have been put through the emotional wringer with him for 300 pages have experienced his highs and lows successes and failures and ultimately his complete happiness with Emi and with himself And you wipe all that out simply for the shock value Yeah we were definitely shocked all right But when the shock wore off we were disheartened We felt emptyand sad We are still sad And it won't wear offEver3 drooping stars1 redeeming ualityLori Otto must have an excellent editorproofreader as there are no grammatical errors punctuation misspelled words run on sentences etc anywhere in this book

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Or the love at first sight fantasy that’s eluded her since collegeWhen Nate confesses his feelings for Emi she is torn between her idealistic and seemingly unrealistic s. OMG WTF did I just readI am at a loss for words I literally slept 2 hours because of this book I got through pretty much 70% of it before I had to take a break from readingI could tell something was going to happen It was such a sweet sad wonderful romantic story with so many ups and downs I honestly wanted to shake Emi and Nate at some points and tell them to wake up I couldn't believe that they couldn't see it I don't care if Emi thinks this guy she kissed once is the one Nate is wonderful and perfect I seriously didn't know what I was getting myself into when I picked this baby up And boy did it totally surprise me I thought I knew what was going to happen so many times and then I would get knocked off my feet and find I was completely wrong I never saw the ending comingI still don't want to believe it I immediately scattered to try and predict what was going to happen I have to find a way to move on now to book 2 now I am at a lossI was so invested in the charactersI don't know what to do with myself I am going to force myself to read the next one despite how much it is going to hurt my heart Amazing read and I don't regret reading this one at all I just got the bundle of all 3 books and cannot wait to get through them all The story immediately captured me and I could not stop reading I will never forget this book and the mark it has left on me I don't know how I can move on to love the new character in book 2

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Lost and FoundEarch and the than friendly feelings she actually does have for Nate As the friends embark upon their journey toward happiness together destiny reveals other plans for Emi. This review is spoiler free and for the entire series Emi Lost Found is an experience a journey This beautifully written series is full of heartbreak healing and love You will cry an ocean of tears but feel so happy and fulfilled when it’s all over This is the type of book that will stay with you for a long time maybe forever It will consume you You will feel like you are a part of these characters lives living their experiences with them “I will cherish all the moments I have to share with other people I will never let another day pass me by I will live in the present not mourn for the past or dread the future I will trust my instincts and I will act on them not ignore them out of fear”It’s so refreshing to find a new author that writes a beautiful story that’s free from tropes and formulas Just an authentic story with real emotions real pain real healing real characters and real love This author is able to deliver an unforgettable love story WITHOUT insta love alpha males overused dirty talk gratuitous sex scenes contrived conflict OW drama etc etc All these cliches and tropes are so played out and just plain exhausting This series definitely delivers an HEA But the journey to get there wasn’t easy But it was really worth it Worth the pain and worth the tears