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The Malayan Trilogy Read & Download Æ 4 ¿ Set in postwar Malaya at the time when people and governments alike are bemused and dazzled by the turmoil of independence this three part novel is rich in hilarious comedy and razor sharp in observation The protagonist of the work is Victor Crabbe a teacher in a multiracial school in a sualid villagEe part novel is rich in hilarious comedy and razor sharp in observation The protagonist of the work is Victor Crabbe a teacher in. How odd is it that a foreigner describes my country wholly and better than any Malaysian writer I've read It may boil down to my not having read enough local authors but I think it is because racial prejudices and connotations still run so deep and is ingrained in the Federal Constitution that fear of censorship backlash and prison now stop us Malaysians from writing about our not so beloved country as is Like Lim Cheng Po many of us scorn our mother tongues and put on unfamiliar accents not knowing that this means refusal to understand the now than three main cultures in Malaysia Even I as a Eurasian will not be able to describe Malaysia so fully and objectively as Burgess because I too will be self censoring myself so as not to offend A beautiful work that has shown that nothing NOTHING has changed since we gained independence except maybe increased cynicism and hate for our nation Its sad and so true even the comedic scenes

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A multiracial school in a sualid village who moves upward in position as he and his wife maintain a steady decadent progress backwa. This collects in a single volume a 'triptych' of Time for a Tiger The Enemy in the Blanket and Beds in the East plus a glossary of 'Malayan' mainly Malay and Chinese words and phrases for readers unfamiliar with the languagesFor the MalaysianSingaporean reader this has all the delights of the familiar re viewed the Malaya recognised through history lessons its hot jungles the wonderful chaotic smattering of languages that may be so confusing and yet so well known its racial demarcations that theoretically categorise and isolate And yet its inhabitants defying and reinforcing stereotypes and planning committees inevitably and closely mingle the towkays's shops often than not acting as everyone's meeting place This is real and funnier than anything I have ever read about colonial Malaya or even generally that hapless sometime resisting melting pot of cultures that characterise this place Ironic that a 'Westerner' albeit one who has inhabited this soil for about half a decade could write what could count for a uintessential insightful novel of the timesThroughout the novel Burgess presents and unmasks racial and cultural stereotypes fulfilling and subverting them often on the same page The critical facet however is largely conveyed discreetly through very effective humour at the expense of the large cast of characters They undo themselves by behaving as walking contradictions Yet much of it is underneath; critical laughs sit abreast with a hard won perceptible affection over some sort of a heroic mess that Malaya was and was soon to become via decolonisation I would be very interested in Burgess' thoughts on how independence worked out if something like this exists Derision mixed with hope mixed with a shrewd incisive understanding which makes for a kind of disrespectful unconscious realism that simultaneously conveys a love for the colony's splendour and variety Much of it may be comedy and caricature but arguably there is some truth in the presentation The Malayan Trilogy is entertaining simply because it refuses to back down from the offensive and pulls out all the stops Where other instances picturing local culture may suffer from the excesses of self consciousness nostalgia for the 'good old days' a yearning for simplicity that overlooks the fact of complexity Burgess dwells lovingly and also self critically on linguistic peculiarities and uncanny habits sights and sounds seen nowhere else except in this place where the foreign white man can be sympathised a place filled with strange noises uneasy and jarring yet affable Music and language trademarks of his writing are naturally not far away Certain sections dragged along than others but ultimately the entire trilogy is an impressive achievement He pulls it all together in a work that is full rich lively observant and unapologetic

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The Malayan TrilogySet in postwar Malaya at the time when people and governments alike are bemused and dazzled by the turmoil of independence this thr. I've avoided posting a review of this for a few days because I'm having trouble distancing myself from the fact that it's about Malaya the old name for most of Malaysia a Malaya I know and love from my parents' stories and that to my knowledge hasn't been written about this wisely anywhere else It's not that this trilogy is perfect; like many of my favourite books it's messy rambling and slightly random at times the third book is probably the weakest of the three repetitive and veering too close to caricature But to my mind the whole thing than makes up for it The language is so very rich and sharp full of obscure but oddly perfect precise words At its best it's as good as Waugh at his best For the most part the satire is less slapstick than Waugh but there's still a good bit of cruel humour And what I most admire about this is that it's saying things about race and class in Malaya that even now 50 years later are rarely being said This is not the hazy nostalgia of Maugham or the Orientalist stereotyping of Huxley Where Burgess indulges in stereotypes you get the feeling he is doing so uite consciously with a wink at the audience He's not saying anything Malaysians don't say about each other and he knows it for what it's worth he spent a lot time there than either of the othersThough I only just read this I feel I must have been influenced by it On the one hand that makes no sense; on the other hand I mean look at the title Recommended especially for anyone who likes my book This is where it all came from; this explains the national mess