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Snow Crash reader ✓ Paperback Read ↠ Neal Stephenson È After the Internet what came next?Enter the Metaverse cyberspace home to avatars and software daemons where anything and just about everything goes Newly available on the Street the Metaverse's main drag is Snow Crash a cyberdrug Trouble is Snow Crash is Virus and something Because once taken it infects the person behind the avatar Snow Crash bleeds into realityWhich is really bad news for Hiro freelance hacker and the Metaverse's best swordfighter he wrote the code and Y T skateboard kourier street imp and mouthy teenag It had great world building great concepts and great satire but story wise the last 20% completely falls apart I was a little disappointed by the ending Also I had a hard time with the active voice used throughout this book Reading it felt like a friend pitching a movie to meThe language as programming concept was terrific though even though I think that Max Barry obviously influenced by this book wrote a much compelling story using the same high concepts when he wrote Lexicon

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After the Internet what came next?Enter the Metaverse cyberspace home to avatars and software daemons where anything and just about everything goes Newly available on the Street the Metaverse's main drag is Snow Crash a cyberdrug Trouble is Snow Crash is also a computer Cyberpunk’s next generation pretty much began here Written by someone who unlike William Gibson actually knows computers this anime in novel form is one of those rare SF books that is read by many non SF readers On a personal note this is probably the only book I’ll ever read whose main character is half black and half Japanese just like me When I first read it I was working at a pizza place just like the protagonist and I actually got fired around the same time I got to the point of him losing his job as well Also my first name is Hiroshi and he goes by Hiro Cool huh? OK aside from those neat little coincidences we are not at all alike It just made reading it all the fun for me Plus I hated that jobAdmittedly there are certain aspects of this book that are a tad dated now it was written in 1991 and he can’t uite get past certain stereotypes of Japanese people that many Westerners harbor Still there is some fun bit of social commentary and parody on just about every other page and Stephenson satirizes globalization years before most people even knew what globalization is There is also some really fascinating stuff involving the concept of memetic viruses which he ties to Sumerian mythology and the Tower of Babel I know that a lot of people find this part of the book to be boring but I was fully engrossed The kind of thing I live for when I read SF

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Snow CrashE girl because reality was shitty enough before someone started messing with it Exploring linguistics religion computer science politics philosophy cryptography and the future of pizza delivery Snow Crash is a riveting brake neck adventure into the fast approaching futur Juvenile nerd power fantasy in a nutshellI'm a big fanboy of the cyberpunk genre I should have liked this book Instead I can honestly say that hate this book and I also feel bad saying that about someone's work because it's almost like saying you hate someone's baby Maybe it was all the hype I was exposed to before reading itbut I just could not shake a deep feeling of annoyance throughout 90% of this book I found myself rolling my eyes a lot And when I wasn't doing that I was asking myself things like Do people really think this is the Cyberpunk cream of the crop? How many pages to go?The first obvious problem was the prose Apparently some people's funny bones get tickled by similes comparing military bases to boils on someone's ass metaphors about valleys and geological cunnilingus and clever wordplay like calling refugees Refus Refuse har har har get it? To an elitist douchebag like me it just sounds juvenile and unimaginative Combine all that with clunky corny writing and it's just downright lame I could have also done without the Unix In A Nutshell like explanations of EVERYTHING that drag down the flow of the book even The other big problem was that I did not care about any of the characters Hiro was annoying as hell because it's obvious that he's just a nerd's fantasy of what he wishes he could do YT also got on my nerves She could have disappeared in the middle of the book and I would not have missed her There was nothing likeable or interesting about either of them Ironically among all the cartoony shallow characters the only ones that had some sense of deeper humanity were Ng and Raven Another letdown was that the book's ideas were not that great which did not help the plot I just did not buy the whole neurolinguistic hacking angle as it was used People becoming brainless zombies from watching some binary code on a screen or listening to some Sumerian namshub? That is so far removed from the fields of NeuroLinguistic Programming and memetics that this might as well have been a Dungeons Dragons novel I get it Brains are just like computers so they can get viruses binary code 0's and 1's blah blah blah Seriously I can suspend disbelief but you can only take a metaphor so far before it starts to look stupid Finally for a book that's supposed to be a belly busting satire the humor in this book is rather lame and nerdy I read people talking about how this book made them howl with laughter but almost everything fell pretty flat for me The only section that got a half assed 'heh' from me was the government policy on the use of toilet paper but by the second page the joke had already become stale All in all I doubt that I will buy another book from this author Judging from what little I've read in Cryptonomicon and Diamond Age there is little that has changed for me to warrant another look