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Download Book ☆ Saving Zasha 240 pages ç Randi barrow Þ In post WWII Russia one boy dares to save an entire race of outlawed dogs the German shepherdWorld War II has just ended when thirteen year old Mikhail finds a dying man and his German shepherd Zasha in the woods It's dangerous some say traitorous to own a GeE same time a soldier named Dimitri is breeding a new Russian dog at a nearby farm So many dogs were lost in combat to starvation and in the slaughter of German dogs that the country is in dire need of every kind of do 5TH RESPONSE 121112I am currently reading saving Zasha by Randi Barrow This book takes place right after World War II Mikhail and her family are Russian Mikhail finds a bloody man who has a German shepherd Mikhail takes the man and the dog back to her house Her family tries to save the man but soon he dies But Mikhail and her family decide to keep the German shepherd Along the way Katia Mikhail’s classmate is very suspicious and thinks the man was covered in dog hairs So far I think this book has been great For example if you’re a Russian and you fight against the Germans in a war it is probably not a good idea to have a German shepherd But that’s how it makes the story interesting and come alive I think this is definitely a faced pace book because in the first few chapters Russians already have a German dog with them This relates to me because one time I was trying to figure out the password to my brother’s kindle but I accidentally pressed reset so all of his books apps and movies were deleted But I know that’s nothing compared to having a German dog when your Russian after World War II The problem they were having in my book was way worse than what happened with me and my brother I would recommend this to people who like historical fiction because it takes place back a long time ago This book has been great so far and I can’t wait to read I think that Katia is going to find Zasha in Mikhail’s house That will definitely make the book very interesting if she does

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In post WWII Russia one boy dares to save an entire race of outlawed dogs the German shepherdWorld War II has just ended when thirteen year old Mikhail finds a dying man and his German shepherd Zasha in the woods It's How would you feel if a World War 2 just ended in Russia and on one day a soldier that is critically injured comes to your back woods of your farm and has a German Shepherd at his sidesWell in Saving Zasha that is what happens to Mikhail and his family this leads to them keeping Zasha a secret because at the time everything that was German or made in Germany must be destroyed by the Russians includingdogsThe genre of the story is a mix between realistic fiction and historical fictionIt is realistic fiction because it contains events that could have happenedIt is also historical fiction because it contains events that did really happen like the end of World War 2It all starts when Mikhail finds a soldier and his dog right outside his farmHe then takes them home for his mom to cure the severely injured soldier but she fails as his wound already caught an infection Then the family must decide to keep the dog or turn it in to the police stationSPOILER ALERT The family decides to keep the dog a secret but when the town hears about the dead man and who he had dog hairs created certain suspicion What happens next Just read the rest of the review and you will find out The setting of the story is in a small village in Russia and it occurs right after World War 2 ended The setting and time are important to the story because after World War 2 the Russians have such a strong hate towards the GermansThey feel the need that anything made or even touched by the Germans must be destroyed and completely forgotten about What happens in the story is that a boy named Mikhail finds a wounded soldier and his dog named ZashaHe takes the wounded soldier and the dog home to his family Then the mom tries her best to save the soldier Over the night the soldier passed away Now the family has to make a decision between turning in the dog to the village and keeping the an ultimate secret The family decided to keep Zasha since she was German and would definitely be killed like how other German dogs were What happens next is that a nosy girl named Katia has a suspicion of the existence of Zasha She believes that the dead soldier named Petr had fur on him when he was turned in to the town She believes that it is dog fur because it was not as long as horse fur Now that Katia has suspicion of Zasha Mikhail must train Zasha to hidelay down and most important not to bark At the same time this is happening a retired Russian soldier named Dimitry is breeding a new Russian dog at a nearby farm In the text it states that Rumors say that there is a soldier breading a new super Russian military dogMy brother Nikolai whispered The type of conflict is person vs person It is person vs person because Mikhail must go against Katia and other people that have suspicion of Zasha The theme of the story is that sometimes the right path is not always the easiest past In this case Mikhail and his family decide to keep Zasha but go through a lot of troubles with feeding her in secret and making her a special hiding place It was the right path because if they had decided to turn in Zasha to the authorities Zasha would most likely be killed The first person point of view affects the story because it shows what Mikhail sees This means that the reader can only read what is happening and what Mikhail sees The tone of Mikhail is nervous Mikhail is nervous because every time someone pays s visit to his house he feels that Zasha will be found and killed by the crazy Russian people The setting adds to the conflict because it takes place right after World War 2 and is happening in a small village in Russia This is a problem for Mikhail because the Russians where betrayed by the Germans in the War This leads to the Russians having such a strong hate toward Germans that the Russians are urged to destroy anything German In the text it states We cannot let go of Zasha with all the hate between the Germans and the Russians Mikhail is the protagonist because he must overcome obstacles in order to keep Zasha from being killed He also must overcome the antagonist which is Katia and dog thieves who also have suspicion of Zasha Mikhail is a reliable character because he doesn't do anything that makes the reader uestion wether he is reliable or not My favorite part of the story was the end because at the beginning of the story the father of MikhailRinaNikolai had gone of to war and had not come back yet Then what happenens is that Dimitrythe retired soldier pleads Mikhail to give him Zasha for safety reasons and to add him to his breeding programs Mikhail decided to give Dimitry Zasha What then happens is that Mikhail decides to turn in Zasha to the police station While that happens Katia sees Zasha she started crying Mikhail finds out that she did all the surprise visits because she loves dogs and had always wanted one but could not get one due to the loss of dogs during the war When the chief of the police station sees the dog he immediately sends the dog again to Dimitry But before this happens Dimitry takes the family somewhere When the family gets out of the truck they are absolutely puzzled at what they see In the text it states that FATHER Mikhail said By now the whole family was in tears When the family got home there was another pleasant surprise This time it was Zasha waiting in the front door The father of Mikhail is scared by Zasha since he was in a torture chamber in Germany where they used German Shepards to abuse the prisoners Then Mikhail spoke father if Zasha gives you bad reminders about your time in Germany we will give him away Then the father claimed silently what a man you've become Mikhail no do by get rid of such a beuty of a dog I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it literally has been the best book I have ever read It is amazing from the beginning to the end It always had me on the edge of my seat I recommend this book to people who like dramatic and suspenseful moments throughout the story My last on this book was that it had a cliffhanger on the beginning of the story where the family was going to decide whether to keep Zasha or get rid of her The rest is just an amazing story

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Saving ZashaDangerous some say traitorous to own a German dog after Germany attacked Russia so Mikhail must keep Zasha a secret to keep her aliveBut Mikhail's rival Katia is determined to find the dog she is sure he's hiding At th Part 2 of the life of Zasha Another recommendation by my granddaughter Good historical fiction about WWII between Russia and Germany Very interesting historical facts about the creation of a new Russian dog