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REVIEW î Journey to the River Sea Ò Sent in 1910 to live with distant relatives who own a rubber plantation along the River English orphan Maia is excited She believes she is in for brightly colored macaws enormous butterflies and curtains of sweetly scented orchids trailing from the trees Her British classmates warn her of man eating alligators aSent in 1910 to live with distant relatives who own a rubber plantation along the River English orphan Maia is excited She believes she is in for brightly colored macaws enormous butterflies and curtains of sweetly scented orchids trailing from the trees Her Br. Those who think of the as a Green Hell bring only their own fears and prejudices to this amazing land For whether a place is a hell or a heaven rests in yourself and those who go with courage and an open mind may find themselves in Paradise Journey To the River SeaThis is the kind of book that demands an ‘atmosphere’a stack of sandwiches a tall cold glass of lemonade ;topped at regular intervalsa wooden Easy Chair the kind your grandpa sat on and smiled genially from placed in a small airy room that has a single antiuated table fan whirring noisilyand a wide window from where you can hear the gentle crackle of crickets Maia has lost her parents in a tragic accident and the only existing relatives appear to be the owners of a rubber plantation along the mighty uelling her initial fears of cannibalistic animal life and hostile IndiansMaia who is an optimistic young girl is soon ready to embark on the journey She is accompanied by seemingly stern governess MissMinton and a fanciful imagination where her foster family will welcome her with open armsWell after that build up it’s obvious that Maia is in for a rude shock Mr Carter his insecticide loving wife and the terrible twins seem to be straight out of a nightmare Maia is barred from venturing beyond the clinical grounds of the Carter house Sullen Indiansthe constant smell of Lysol in the housebland food that uivers melts and the nastiness of the Carter family all combine to crush Maia’s grand hopesBut then Maia meets Finn a wild boy in a canoea boy who’s wrapped in mystery and adventure and who will soon take Maia on an unforgettable trip into the fantastic and magical rainforestA book that is almost lyrically beautiful’Journey To The River Sea’ is choc a bloc with exotic plants and animals and ably supported by well etched characters Eva Ibbotson had apparently written this book in honour of her late husband who was a naturalist And she makes a fitting tribute It isn’t an exaggeration to say that you can effortlessly picture the rainforest in all it’s wild damp greenery as it unfolds with each chapter And a simple lesson at the end of the daya place is what you make of it Heaven or Hellit’s all about shedding your prejudices and seizing the day

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Itish classmates warn her of man eating alligators and wild murderous Indians Unfortunately no one cautions Maia about her nasty xenophobic cousins who douse the house in bug spray and forbid her from venturing beyond their coiffed compound Maia however is reso. I've been thinking a lot about how children's fiction can play a role in the moral development of a child Ibbotson writes in a variety of genres but even her most humorous and farcical stories always have a particular moral clarity about them She reminds me of Dahl in that way The baddies are lazy selfish greedy grasping and usually rich The goodies are kind honest brave resourceful modest and hardworking They yearn for connectedness not thingsLike many of Ibbotson's protagonists Maia is an orphan and than anything else she longs for family and a sense of belonging In some ways this story reminds me of what Burnett does in The Secret Garden a young girl is taken into a hostile landscape and she brings together a group of people who have all been lonely and isolated Although Maia doesn't tame the in the same way that Mary Lennox tames the garden she certainly does find a home and friends thereI'm sure that Ibbotson was paying Burnett homage because one of the subplots is an amusing twist on the Little Lord Fauntleroy story Having said that this is an original story partly because of the unusual setting and one of the best loved in the Ibbotson oeuvre


Journey to the River SeaUrceful enough to find herself smack in the middle of excitement than she ever imagined from a mysterious Indian with an inheritance to an itinerant actor dreading his impending adolescence to a remarkable journey down the in search of the legendary giant sloth. This may well be my favourite book The first time I read it I was ten years old and it was like nothing I'd ever read before It's just magical Maia the narrator is the orphan of two famed explorer parents Her guardian the staid and stuffy Mr Murray discovers that she has relatives living in the and thinking that Maia needs a family he sends her off to live with Mr and Mrs Carter and their twin daughters Maia goes with an open mind expecting a loving home and great adventure but the twins are cold and unwelcoming and Maia's only real friend on the River Sea is her governess Miss Minton But then she meets a mysterious native boy and realises that the of her dreams may not be so far awayI adore this book Eva Ibbotson was a truly gifted writer and I cried buckets when she died last year The setting is brought so vividly to life that you can actually smell the soil and hear the leaves rustling as you read I've gone back to this book every year right into adulthood and it never fails to thrill me utterly Highly recommended to children and adults of all ages