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Download ä Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus 105 ´ It was already one in the morning; the rain pattered dismally against the panes and my candle was nearly burnt out when by the glimmer of the half extinguished light I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature openWritten when Mary Shelley was only nineteen years old this chTesue being who rejected by his maker sets out on a journey to reek his revenge In the most famous gothic horror story ever told Shelley confronts the limitations of science the nature of human cruelty and the pathway to forgivene. REREAD UPDATE September 2018One of my bookclubs Click to check out Reading List Completists is reading this for September 2018 I figure it was a good time for a reread since it was one of my favorites and it has been over 20 years since I read it I did enjoy it again this time and it stands up to the 5 star review and designation of classic There were a few slow parts mainly when Dr Frankenstein would stop the narrative to wax poetical about something but not enough t take a way from my overall enjoymentI still recommend this for everyone and be sure to check out my full original review belowORIGINAL REVIEWThis is definitely one of my favorite books I was reuired to read in High School Also it is my favorite of the classic horror novels It is perfectly written suspenseful and is a bit thought provoking than scary One of the best ways I can compare it to other classic horror novels is to Dracula which I read recently Dracula has so much repetitive filler that you do not find in Frankenstein which is the main reason I find Frankenstein to be a enjoyable bookAlso I would say that this is a novel of the human condition than an actual horror novel Some terrifying things happen but it is the monster within all of us that may end up being terrifying Funny side story when I read this in High School it was around the same time that the Kenneth Branaugh adaptation came out at the theaters We were all encouraged to go see it and found it pretty close to the source material What was amusing was that Time Magazine had a review of the movie bashing it as untrue to the source material and how disappointed Shelley would be that the Boris Karlovian depiction of a lurching flattop monster with bolts in its neck was ignored for a serious drama movie WHAT Time Magazine for goodness sakes published an article that claims to know the content of the book but is completely wrong and does it while bashing a movie that did a pretty good job with it I mean it it is okay if you prefer the old time movie version of Frankenstein and it is a classic but to make definitive statements that are completely wrong in what is supposed to be a well thought of publication not your typical tabloid supermarket checkout fodder that is just too muchWe need a copy editor over here

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Shelley was only nineteen years old this chilling tale of a young scientist's desire to create life still resonates today Victor Frankenstein's monster is stitched together from the stolen limbs of the dead and the result is a gro. Some books teach you something new each time you revisit them I picked up the tragically wonderful Frankenstein for a fourth time this week and I was totally mesmerised by the descriptive language used to describe the natural world In all my previous readings I focused on all the classic tropes of man and monster though I never considered the importance of the serene beauty that surrounds the story The natural world dominates the background of the novel It’s there like a pervading monster that lingers in the darkest reaches of the mind What struck me most about it was the fact that both Victor and his creation long for a real life a life where one is truly alive And they both ponder what this means at length reaching the same conclusion to go completely nomad They both wish to live a life free of burden and complications no money no commitments and no responsibility They just want to be totally free in the wilderness with the ultimate goal of finding happiness by looking after their most immediate and natural desires And for me this says a great deal about society not just the society in which this was written but society in general how many of us feel truly alive Original Review Let’s have a party Victor Let’s get together and celebrate all things Gothic and dark and wonderful Let’s have it in an attic in an old house in the middle of a thunderstorm and then afterwards let’s go to the graveyard with our shovels and our body bags Sounds good doesn’t it Victor We could then create our own doppelgängers from the corpses of criminals and geniuses Then we can abandon our marvellous creation to fend for itself with his childlike innocence and then wonder why it goes so horribly wrong and blows up in our faces AhhVictor you silly brilliant man On second thought we probably shouldn’t have that party Because if we did it would end in blood Yes lots of blood the blood of everyone you love the blood of all your family Victor You blame the monster but you are his creator You should have taught him the ways of the world and guided his first steps The things you two could have accomplished together So I ask you this Victor who is the real monster Is it the creature that has gone on a murderous rampage or it you You are the man who played at god and was horrified at the conseuence You judged your creation by his physical appearance which was a reflection of your vain soul AhhVictor you silly brilliant man Surely you don’t wonder why the monster revenged himself upon you “I ought to be thy Adam but I am rather the fallen angel”Indeed the real monster of this novel is Victor Frankenstein and not his monstrous creation The creature is a monster on the outside but Victor is on the inside which is a form much worse By abandoning the creature he has taught him to become what his appearance is The first human experience he receives is rejection based upon his physicality His own creator recoils in disgust from him He cannot be blamed for his actions if all he has been taught is negative emotion he will only respond in one way He is innocent and childlike but also a savage brute These are two things that should never be put together Woe to Victor Frankenstein’s family “There is love in me the likes of which you've never seen There is rage in me the likes of which should never escape If I am not satisfied in the one I will indulge the other”Mary Shelley raises uestions of the danger of knowledge and shows a probable conseuence of trying to play god; the novel portrays nineteen century fears for the rising field of science and knowledge and uestions how far it could go Indeed in this case Victor takes on the role of a God by creating new life She also shows us what can happen to a man if he so driven by this thirst for knowledge and how it will ultimately lead to a fall Victor reminds me somewhat of Doctor Faustus The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus in this regard Faustus is a man who sold his soul to Lucifer for unlimited knowledge in the form of arcane magic Victor like Faustus has stopped at nothing to gain his goal but in the end is ultimately dissatisfied with the result Suffice to say I simply adore this book as you may have gathered from my ramblings I think this alongside Dracula are amongst the strongest representations of Gothic literature Further I have a real soft spot for epistolary means of storytelling I’m not sure why perhaps it’s the stronger sense of intimacy you fell with the characters as you see their words on the page rather than an impartial narrators You see inside their heads and understand their motifs and feelings My favourite uote This was then the reward of my benevolence I had saved a human being from destruction and as a recompense I now writhed under the miserable pain of a wound which shattered the flesh and bone The feelings of kindness and gentleness which I had entertained but a few moments before gave place to hellish rage and gnashing of teeth Inflamed by pain I vowed eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind Listen to the passion to the intellect and witness such a wasted opportunity Victor you’re a silly silly manYou can connect with me on social media via My Linktree

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Frankenstein; or The Modern PrometheusIt was already one in the morning; the rain pattered dismally against the panes and my candle was nearly burnt out when by the glimmer of the half extinguished light I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature openWritten when Mary. SoI finished itWarningIf you are a fan of classic literature andor are utterly devoid of a sense of humor this review may not be for youAlsoYes I realize that I'm a moron with zero literary credibility So stop reading right now if the sound of an idiot whistling out of their asshole bothers you too terribly Sure you can comment below and tell me how stupid I am but it probably won't make me a better person Or will it I've always wondered what the real Frankenstein story was likeand now I knowSadly sometimes the fantasy is better than the realityAnd the reality is this book is a big steaming pile of pooIt's an old timey horror story rightNot so muchI mean I wasn't expecting it to actually be scary but I thought it might be slightly creepy Unfortunately the only horror in the story centered around me having to keep turning the pagesUnless Beware mortal You will DIE of boredom Oooga Booga BoogaYep Truly frighteningIt starts like thisAn upper crust guy sails off to the Arctic to make discoveries and to pass the time he writes to his sister Supposedly he's been sailing around on whaling ships for several years And he's been proven an invaluable resource by other captains So I'm assuming he's a pretty crusty ol' sailor at this point Pay attention because this is where Shelly proves that she knows nothing about menSo this guy goes on and on in these letters to his sister about how he wishes on every star that he could find a BFF at sea After a few too many letters they pull a half frozen Frankensicle out of the water Aaaaand here's what our salty sea dog has to say about the waterlogged mad scientist Blah blah blahhis full toned voice swells in my ears; his lustrous eyes dwell on me with all their melancholy sweetnessblah blah blah Lustrous eyes No straight sailor ever in the history of the world EVER referred to another dude's eyes as lustrous Ever And I know what you're thinking Well Anne maybe this character was gay Didn't think about that didja Actually yes Yes I did The only problem with that theory is that NONE of the male characters in this book sounded remotely maleLadies do you remember that time in your life probably around middle or high school when you thought that guys actually had the same sort of thought waves running through their heads that we do You know before you realized that the really don't care aboutwell all of the things that we do You thought that while they were laughing at the booger their idiot friend just flicked across the room something deeper was stirring in their mind It just had to beI'm not sure when it happens but at some point every woman finally realizes the fairly obvious truthMen aren't womenThat booger was the funniest thing ever and nothing was stirring around in them other than maybe some gasAnd that's okFart lighting and long distance loogie hawking contests aside they can pretty darn cool But this author was too young to realize thatMy personal opinion is that Mary was probably fairly sheltered when it came to real men She was a teenage girl apparently running around with a bunch of artsy fartsy dudes Much like today I would imagine these junior emos were probably blowing poetic smoke up her young ass in the high hopes of getting into her pantsAlthough it's possible I'm totally misreading the situationAnyway Frank tells his story and Sea Dog writes it all down for his sisterIn excruciating detailRivers flowers rocks mountain topsagonizingly cataloged And the weather God forbid a breeze blows through the story without at least a paragraph devoted to the way it felt on his skin or affected his moodAnd speaking of Frankenstein's moodI don't think I've ever had the pleasure of reading about a character this spineless before What a pussy He didn't talk so much as he whinedAnd the swooningHe was like one of those freaking Fainting GoatsI can't even count how many times he blacked out and fell over Of course then he would get feverish and need a period of convalescence to recoverAgain every episode was recounted with incredible attention to detailI'm thrilled that I never had to miss a moment of his sweaty brow getting daubed with water Randomly Inserted Fun Fact The monster uoted Milton in Paradise Lost Shockingly I only know this because it was in the appendix and not because I have any real life experience with reading that one Was this the most painfully unnecessary book I've read this yearYesIs there a deeper moral to this storyYesSome would say that the monster is a product of a society that refuses to accept someone who is different Or maybe that Victor Frankenstein was the real monster for not realizing that he had a duty to parent and care for his creation Perhaps it is meant to point out our obsession with perfection and our willingness to disregard people who don't meet the standards of beauty as non humanSome might say any of those things I however learned a far different lesson from FrankensteinAnd it's thisTrust no oneNot even someone who just an example has been your Best Friend for decades Let's read a classic Anne It'll be fun Anne We can call each other with updates Anne It'll be just like a book club Anne Tee heeLiar liar Pants on fireI read this whole God awful book and you uit after 10 pages I'm telling your momAnywayHere's the uote that sums up my experience with Frankenstein Blah blah blahin all the misery I imagined and dreaded I did not conceive the hundredth part of the anguish I was destined to endure