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doc ↠ Eats Shoots and Leaves º Paperback read î moneyexpresscard Ü In Eats Shoots Leaves former editor Lynne Truss gravely concerned about our current grammatical state boldly defends proper punctuation She proclaims in her delightfully urbane witty and very English way that it is time to lookThem as the wonderful and necessary things they are Using examples from literature history neighborhood signage and her own imagination Truss shows how meaning is shaped by commas and apostrophes and the hilarious conseuences of punctuation gone awryFeaturing a for This is a delightful screed on the demise of punctuation in contemporary expression Truss bemoans the loss of knowledge or of interest in proper use of language Truss is a Brit and the usages have not been modified for the American edition of the book A must and an enjoyable read for anyone who cares about our language for any reader In addition to gripes about the slovenly way that we write Truss offers some history on punctuation

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In Eats Shoots Leaves former editor Lynne Truss gravely concerned about our current grammatical state boldly defends proper punctuation She proclaims in her delightfully urbane witty and very English way that it is time to look at our commas and semicolons and see Eats Shoots Leaves The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation is a humorous book about punctuation Who knew punctuation could be so entertaining?As someone who writes a fair bit half a million words on Goodreads alone I know my way around a sentence However when this popped up on on the cheap I was powerless to resist like my dog on a piece of cat shitIn Eats Shoots Leaves Lynn Truss takes us on a Bill Bryson esue odyssey through a forest of commas apostrophes colons semi colons and exclamation marks Incidentally did you know an exclamation mark is called a dog's cock in some circles? I did notTruss' writing makes things like how to properly use an apostrophe entertaining using amusing phrasing and real life examples offering up rules like Don't use commas like a stupid person It isn't all laughs however I normally avoid colons and semi colons but I feel like she's given me a greater understanding of themThere's not a whole lot to divulge It's no surprise this short but sweet book is a best seller It's very accessible and as entertaining as a book on punctuation can be For grammarians and writers alike Eats Shoots Leaves is a fun yet useful book about fairly boring subject Four out of five stars

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Eats Shoots and LeavesEword by Frank McCourt and interspersed with a lively history of punctuation from the invention of the uestion mark in the time of Charlemagne to George Orwell shunning the semicolon Eats Shoots Leaves makes a powerful case for the preservation of proper punctuatio This is how I know I'm a real English teacher I have a shelf dedicated to books just about English The history of English the uses and misuses of English and even the history of the alphabet we use This is something I never expected to have in my personal library that's for sure But that's all to be expected; I'm an English teacher and people like me are supposed to read books like this It's professional development or something The weird thing about this book a book dedicated to punctuation of all things is that it was popular with people who weren't English teachers Everyone was shocked by how well it sold the author included A book written as kind of a primal stickler scream somehow struck a chord with the general reading population Perhaps there is some hope for our species after allThe reason it sold well of course is that it's well written and entertaining to read Far too many books about language are written by dusty intellectual Linguists who exude smugness with their impenetrable jargon and are completely inaccessible to the general public I have those books on my shelves as well and nothing this side of a double shot of Nyuil is as good at getting me off into slumberland Ms Truss however writes like one of us She's an ordinary person who loves her language and who just snaps every time she sees a sign like Apple's 1 I share her painThe book is a well mixed combination of history usage and style The tiny marks that make the written English word behave the way it does have come to us along a remarkable number of paths In the last millennium or so marks have been added changed and removed over time as necessity dictated One of her fears and the impetus to write this book is that we may be changing English to a new form that reuires less of that rigid form fixing punctuationOr people just haven't bothered to learnAs she notes throughout the book punctuation is one of those things that few people ever really get to learn Our English teachers give it a once over in elementary school and then we never get a review of it so we spend most of our lives just throwing around commas and apostrophes and hoping we get it right More often than not we don't And we're afraid to ask anyone lest we look like ignorant yobsBut to master punctuation means than just being a pedant and a nerd Heavens no Mastering punctuation means controlling your language which is controlling your thoughts The vast difference between a sentence like The convict said the judge is mad and The convict said the judge is mad should be enough by itself to illustrate how important proper punctuation is In a language like English so dependent on rhythm timing and stress punctuation is the substitute for our voice It tells us when to speed up and slow down which points need to be stressed and given special attention and which points like this one can be safely disregarded if one so choosesIt would be very easy for Ms Truss' obvious frustration with the misuse of punctuation to overwhelm her and poison the book Admittedly she does at one point put together a kit for those who would be punctuation guerrillas and risk prison to set the world straight but by and large she stops short at advocating actual lawlessnessMs Truss understands that punctuation abuse isn't something that people do intentionally it's largely a matter of ignorance and she wants to help What's she's funny For exampleIn the family of punctuation where the full stop is daddy and the comma is mummy and the semicolon uietly practises the piano with crossed hands the exclamation mark is the big attention deficit brother who gets over excited and breaks things and laughs too loudlyEvery section in the book has sharp and clever humor a description of something as simple as a comma made in such a way that you find yourself laughing out loud on the trainSo if you've always wanted to know about how to use a semicolon or you're not sure if your commas are in the right place or if you've ever driven someone to madness by dropping an apostrophe into a possessive its and you know who you are then this book is the one you need Enjoy