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The Death of Josseline characters á 104 ☆ Dispatches from Arizona—the front line of a massive human migration—including the voices of migrants Border Patrol ranchers activists and others  For the last decade Margaret Regan has reported on the escalating chaos along the Arizona Mexico border ground zero for immigration since 2000 UndocuDispatches from Arizona the front line of a massive human migration including the voices of migrants Border Patrol ranchers activists and others  For the last decade Margaret Regan has reported on the escalating chaos along the Arizona Mexico border ground zero for immigration since 2000 Undocumented migrants cross into Arizona in overwhelming numbers a state whose anti immigrant laws are the most stringent in the nation And Arizona has the highest number of migrant. The Death of Josseline was written several years ago but in our current political climate this remains an incredibly important read Immigration both legal and illegal has become an increasingly popular topic to rail over There are many different sides and thoughts to consider This book tries to capture many of these sides This heart wrenching books opens with the death of a young teenager who is traveling through the harsh deserts of Northern Mexico with her little brother in order to reunite with their mother who lives in California The author explores how she got to where she was and where she was going The author also shows things from a different angle Not only does she seek to show the migrants' point of view but also from the Border Patrol angleI know that immigration is one of the topics that I have been mulling over and I feel like this book helped me to understand things a little bit better This is a hugely complicated issue I know how I would handle it but as this book shows there are a ton of different opinions and points of view that are incredibly difficult to reconcileThis book is relatively short but it packs a punch

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Deaths Fourteen year old Josseline a young girl from El Salvador who was left to die alone on the migrant trail was just one of thousands to perish in its deserts and mountains   With a sweeping perspective and vivid on the ground reportage Regan tells the stories of the people caught up in this international tragedy Traveling back and forth across the border she visits migrants stranded in Mexican shelters and rides shotgun with Border Patrol agents in Arizona hik. Josseline Hernández uinteras was a 14 year old girl from El Salvador who died in 2008 in the cold winter desert just north of the ArizonaMexico border In 2010 when Death of Josseline was published the wall already crossed than 300 miles of the 377 mile long ArizonaMexico border About 5000 migrants died between 1994 and 2010 while crossing into the US Margaret Regan a Tucson journalist makes clear that there are no easy answersThe US has often addressed the end of the line – immigrants coming into the country – rather than the factors creating the influx poverty unemployment and underemployment in Central and South America Regan does not focus on the North American Free Trade Agreement but repeatedly circled back to it as a factor increasing the flow of immigrants describing the ways that it undercut farmers as cheap corn was exported to Mexico The resulting poverty caused people to migrate north to abundant and better paying jobs Despite being deathly afraid of dying in the desert migrants made the dangerous crossing into the US As one of Regan's interview subjects concluded That tells you something p 165Immigration and the wall are controversial among people living near it These problems include increased immigrant deaths as migrants are pushed into crossing in dangerous areas overloaded coroners' offices interrupted travel and trade across border towns and between former friends and family and interrupted migratory paths for native animals such as the jaguar Landowners along the border dislike the noisy helicopters SUVs and Border Patrol crossing their land They don't like the way that the wall interrupts their view Others don't like the migrants crossing their land and dropping water bottles and other debris on their trip Further enraging some people is that the US government intentionally redirected hundreds of thousands of unauthorized migrants away from previously busy crossing points in California and Texas into Arizona's perilous and deadly landscape Binational Migration Institute as uoted on p xxiii As one man concluded concerns about migration do not trump moral responsibility when people are dying p 137Finally there are the children who were brought here identify as Americans but are unable to work legally They are sent back to a country that is not home to them if they are caught like the Panda Express Eleven While Regan doesn't talk much about this the US is ambivalent about immigrant labor which steals good jobs in political rhetoric but freuently provides inexpensive labor for jobs we do not want to performMy great grandparents great aunts and uncles were immigrants near enough in time that I have heard stories of their experiences coming into this country They were lucky as like Josseline many European immigrants died in their journey to this country I wonder to what degree people who talk about building a wall recognize the irony inherent to their demandsAs an aside I appreciated the map of the ArizonaMexico border which helped me gain a greater appreciation of this area I wish books included maps

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The Death of JosselineIng with them for hours in the scorching desert; she camps out in the thorny wilderness with No More Deaths activists and meets with angry ranchers and vigilantes Using Arizona as a microcosm Regan explores a host of urgent issues the border militarization that threatens the rights of US citizens the environmental damage wrought by the border wall the desperation that compels migrants to come north and the human tragedy of the unidentified dead in Arizona’s morgues. I think everyone in America and especially those creating policy should read this book in order to have a better understanding of what American immigration policy is causing Living in a border state I realize there are many opinions about the migrantsillegalsundocumented and I think as humans we all have to remember that they are humans too I doubt there is a person in America who if starving wouldn't do everything in their power to make their situation better if they could That is what these migrants are trying to do And it certainly appears that they are being treated inhumanely Where is the outrage