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Book ☆ Caribou Island Å 293 pages Download Ø David vann ☆ On a small island in a glacier fed lake on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula a marriage is unraveling Gary driven by thirty years of diverted plans and Irene haunted by a tragedy in her past are trying to rebuild their life together Following the outlParents she watches helplessly as they drift further apart Brilliantly drawn and fiercely honest Caribou Island captures the drama and pathos of a husband and wife whose bitter love failed dreams and tragic past push them to the edge of destruction A portrait of desolation violence and the darkness of the soul it is an explosive and unforgettable novel from a writer of limitless possibilit Check out my interview with David Vann in August 2012 reading this story i am thinking of the story Revolutionary Road written by Richard Yates a tale of marriage and the destructive behaviors of the human heart displayed in that story If you have seen the movie it is probably even engrained in your mind the images of despair and the path the couple found themselves down The pursuit of happiness its funny how we try to attain happiness I recently watched Shadowlands a movie with Anthony Hopkins playing the role of the great writer C S Lewis taken from his real life account He unexpectedly experiences love in the very last stages of the two and fro of a friendship he did not understand love before only until certain situations came about did he understand his path That movie gave an example of a person caught in the pursuit of goals of splendor in academic and religious constrains away from palpable feelings and rewards of love and companionship In this story Caribou Island the characters are faced with many obstacles and challenges of trust lust or illness The accommodation of the characters of this story on a beautiful and wonderfully described Alaskan island Caribou island brings about a chance and opportunity to test the waters of these characters' trust and love They eventually experience a wake up call of sorts Illness and despair when the clock is ticking and that sand in the hour glass runs on its last bead of sand we have a whole different outlook towards those around us Calamities can bring about change for the betterment of the parties involvedIn this story there a people who are either in love want love think they have love and possibly trust the untrustworthy It's seems the fate of one parent and the legacy she left behind has tainted the family and has cast upon them melancholy and a dark over hanging shadow like a black cloud that follows your footprints determined to pour on you cold rains that somehow magically wash away traits of hope This Alaskan environment proves to be a form of paralysis to some individuals and brings to fruition love and despair and is all acted out in this story of tragedy David Vann has successfully brought to the table a captivating deep felt meaningful human tragedy in a prose with wonderful descriptions of landscape coupled with memorable and heartfelt characters “My mother was not real She was an early dream a hope She was a place Snowy like here and cold A wooden house on a hill above a river An overcast day the old white paint of the buildings made brighter somehow by the trapped light and I was coming home from school Ten years old walking by myself walking through dirty patches of snow in the yard walking up to the narrow porch I can’t remember how my thoughts went then can’t remember who I was or what I felt like All of that is gone erased”“Above all else Gary was an impatient man impatient with the larger shape of his life with who he was and what he’d done and become impatient with his wife and children and then of course impatient with all the little things any action not done correctly any moment of weather that was uncooperative A general and abiding impatience she had lived in for over thirty years an element she had breathed”“Gary was a champion at regret Every day there was something and this was perhaps what Irene liked least Their entire lives second guessed The regret a living thing a pool inside him”“To Moniue the best part about this place was the scenery the high lush mountains close along either side of the river the short valleys dotted with wildflowers the swampy areas dense with skunk cabbage ferns mosuitoes and moose”“A world that shouldn’t exist far away and untouchable You could bring a crab up but you couldn’t go down to them couldn’t join And this was the truth about Moniue He could have her for a short time and his money could make it seem almost that he could fit into her world but she was untouchable”“He didn’t understand marriage The gradual denial of all one desired the early death of self and possibility The closing of a life prematurely But this wasn’t true he knew It was only the way it seemed right now during a bad time Once Irene got better and returned to her old self he’d feel differently”“The lives of plants like humans full of struggle and domination loss and dreams that never happened or happened only briefly And that was the worst to have something and then not have it that was certainly the worst by far” Review also at

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On a small island in a glacier fed lake on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula a marriage is unraveling Gary driven by thirty years of diverted plans and Irene haunted by a tragedy in her past are trying to rebuild their life together Following the outline of Gary's old dream they're hauling logs to Caribou Island in good weather and in terrible storms in sickness and in health to build the kind of ca Alaska’s beauty has a brutal edge From a distance it appears calm and pristine but the reality of living there can be harsh unyielding Chaos is part of its nature a reflection of the chaos in the couple’s marriage their lives while at the same time adding to their chaos A perfect storm gaining momentumGary pictures himself as an ancient Viking; forever bonded to this wilderness thriving every attempt at nature to knock him down is countered with his conuering bellows As part of his dream he and his wife Irene are moving to Caribou Island log by log and side by side they will fulfill his plan to build a cabin there a small cabin built for just the two of them to live out their days“They were going to build their cabin from scratch No foundation even And no plans no experience no permits no advice welcome Gary wanted to just do it as if the two of them were the first to come upon this wilderness”Irene is recently retired and suffering from blinding chronic headaches which her husband dismisses her daughter seems baffled by both the sudden appearance of these headaches and her father’s obliviousness to her mother’s non stop pain “He thought she was making up the pain thought it wasn’t real She was sitting right in front of him in the boat facing him but he managed to look ahead their entire trip across that lake without seeing her at all Part of how he was letting her vanish”Beyond the headaches Irene suffers from increasing dread of Gary’s fantasy life on this island All she wants to do is crawl into a comfortable bed find a uiet space and shut away as much of this pain as possible “And meanwhile Irene said uietly to herself this gets to be my life Because you can choose who you’ll be with but you can’t choose who they’ll become”Their daughter Rhoda is concerned about her mother the headaches the desolate environment her father seems hell bent to drag her to She wants them close by She can’t be worrying about them on an island without any communication Nature complies by blanketing everything with a storm seemingly designed to add an atmosphere of desolation like a fog surrounding all Everyone’s emotions thoughts and dreams seem to follow suit Vann’s writing is effortless beautiful haunting Caribou Island is a captivating story with tremendously memorable characters Alaska’s wilderness is just as much a character in this angst filled story as Gary and Irene Lonely disconnected and haunting

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Caribou IslandBin that drew them to Alaska in the first place But this island is not right for Irene They are building without plans or advice and when winter comes early the overwhelming isolation of the prehistoric wilderness threatens their bond to the core Caught in the emotional maelstrom is their adult daughter Rhoda who is wrestling with the hopes and disappointments of her own life Devoted to her 45★“What Gary wanted was the imagined village the return to an idyllic time when he could have a role a set task as blacksmith or baker or singer of a people’s stories”Gary’s a miserable son of a gun but he has his up moments and if I were doing an armchair diagnosis I’d be inclined toward bi polar manic depressive or whatever the current terminology is Irene has stuck with him this “champion of regret The regret a living thing a pool inside him”They’re in Alaska building a cabin of odd logs being carted over to Caribou Island in a boat that is in danger of sinking under the weight Not only that it’s late summer far too late to begin such an enterprise but Irene’s is not to reason why hers is but to you get the idea They have lived and raised their now grown kids on Skilak Lake “the water a pale jade green from glacial runoff” so you know how numbingly cold it isTheirs is one story another is Rhoda and Jim’s their daughter and the man she lives with Rhoda fantasises about marrying him on a beach in Hawaii while he’s a bored dentistHer brother Mark works on a fishing boat and we meet him and partner Karen as they are hosting summer visitors Carl and Moniue in their sauna Naked of course smoking potent weed then diving into the icy waters An Alaskan experience?Moniue is a stunningly gorgeous head turner from Washington DC who leaves a trail of broken hearts everywhere she goes Carl realises he’s on borrowed time with her and when she disappears one day off on her own ostensibly Mark invites him out on the fishing boat It’s a 330 am start with no touristy orientation workshop“ Get over here Mark yelled He was between the reel and the stern picking the salmon This didn’t look easy As the net came up over the edge he untangled a salmon until it hung only by its gills then yanked down hard until it fell out and hit the deck Salmon all around his feet silvery and gasping flopping and sliding in their own froth of slime blood and sea water”Carl also gets casual work in the cannery which is another cold wet slippery bloody place to work Meanwhile we watch Gary and Irene’s relationship deteriorate as she develops a splitting headache that gets worse throughout the book We also follow Rhoda and Jim and see what Moniue and the others are up to as they cross paths back and forth Rhoda is close to Irene but it’s not what you’d call a close knit familyJim the dentist sums up his hidden sentiments“At the moment though Alaska felt like the end of the world a place of exile Those who couldn’t fit anywhere else came here and if they couldn’t cling to anything here they just fell off the edge These tiny towns in a great expanse enclaves of despair”My husband and I have often called ourselves ‘fringe dwellers’ as we usually choose to live on the edges rather than the centre of urban areas Still comfortable mind you Not like Gary who will have no water or power or even much of a cabin We’ve often found ourselves with distant neighbours who may be peculiar or dangerous or interesting or indeed all of these Some are like Gary looking for the idyllic village milieu and some are escaping failure in the Big Smoke and looking for somewhere smaller to make an impact But some are hiding or outcasts who may have been pensioned off by familiesMany of Vann's characters fall into these loose groups His own background is dark and his stories are inclined to be dark but he sure can write The dialogue has no uotation marks which may annoy some readers but I can’t recall ever finding it confusing His characters are frustratingly believable Frustrating because you want to shake some sense into them all For me that's the strength of his writing He captures all the nuances of how people rely on each other and fail each other Grim but real