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Lucy Marinn is a glass artist living in mystical beautiful Friday Harbor Washington She is stunned and blindsided by the most bitter kind of betrayal her fiancé Kevin has left her His new lover is Lucy's own sister Lucy's bitterness over being dumped is multiplied by the fact that she has constantly made the wrong choices FULL REVIEW NOW POSTEDAs Sam paused searching for the right phrase Lucy said softly You have to take a leap of faith35 stars Sam Lucy is a glass artistAfter reading the Travis series I had pretty high expectations in Rainshadow Road I'm saddened to say that the book couldn't live up to my expectations Rainshadow Road lacked the magic that I was looking for Sure the story is good and the main protagonists are likable But The characters couldn't draw me in like Hardy or Jack did Not by a long shot Maybe I just didn't feel it Don't get me wrong the book is not bad by any means But then again it's nothing outstanding either Rainshadow Road is just another nicely written contemporary romance among many others I liked the small town feeling and the island setting though and Sam's brother Alex seems to be very complex and interesting Therefore I might give his story a tryIt's difficult to say why the book didn't work for me the way I'd've wished for It was not the magical realism element and I didn't mind the fact that the steam level was very low either I think the characters were a bit too pale not interesting enough Sam and his commitment phobia felt a bit overly dramatized Lucy's parents were annoying and her sister was a mean bitch that's for sure The characterization of Lucy's father didn't work for me either I felt like the author wanted him to disappear Dear Ms Kleypas please give this man a face a voice some courage and the ability to love his daughters My oh my for once please show some spine While we're on it Kevin Lucy's ex boyfriend was a spineless jerk and acted immature The parents totally spoiled Alice and they never even had a clue that they neglected Lucy Alice here and Alice there Poor Alice Gah After what Alice has done to Lucy I just expected her to grovel much much Just saying I'm sorry and Lucy's reply It's ok didn't do anything for me I so wanted her to give Alice a piece of her mind Well this was not going to happen Lucy was the dutiful and tame daughter Further some scenes were overly melodramatic and if you overdo it then it gets kinda corny I realize this sounds very negative I just can't help it It's the way I feel about this bookOne of the strengths of Ms Kleypas is her witty rich and hilarious dialogue That said unfortunately Sam and Lucy's interaction was not really mesmerizing Here are some memorable uotes though Sam was waiting for her his gaze sweeping over her Looks greatI look like a geek Lucy said I smell like a brewery And I need a braMy dream dateSam pulled out his cell phone and looked at her expectantly What's your number? He grinned as she hesitated I swear I'm not a stalker I take rejection wellI don't want to talk about it Lucy said primlyHis smile was edged with friendly mockeryNever mind I already know the answerHer eyes turned huge Kevin told you about our sex life?Sam suinted his eyes with the effort to remember Something about Crisco jumper cables a snorkel mask It was entirely normal Lucy whispered sharply now crimson Plain old regular boring vanilla sexThat was my second guess he said gravelyEven though Rainshadow Road didn't shine I'm convinced that a majority of readers will love it When I think of Hardy and Jack then I'm truly regretting bygone times

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Rainshadow RoadThe new relationship in her life began under false pretenses uestions about love loyalty old patterns mistakes and new beginnings are explored as Lucy learns that some things in life even after being broken can be made into something new and beautiful Rainshadow Road is the second book in Lisa Kleypas's Friday Harbor seri 35 starsFor Lucy Marinn playing second fiddle to her younger sister Alice is nothing new Ever since childhood when Alice contracted meningitis and nearly died their parents have always favoured Alice So it should have come as no surprise that Lucy’s fiancé favours Alice as well Enough to dump Lucy and take up with her sister Born and raised on San Juan Island Sam is a winemaker and grape grower and the middle Nolan brother When their sister was killed in a car accident Sam along with his brothers Mark and Alex became the guardians of her daughter six year old Holly Now a year later with Mark ready to marry Maggie Holly has settled into the family with her unclesHaving read and loved Lisa Kleypas's other contemporary the Travis Series for me Friday Harbor just doesn’t compare And perhaps that’s the problem For me there isn’t a Gage Hardy Jack or Joe in sight and not a slow delicious Texas drawl within hearing Readers looking for another Travis Series may be disappointed Don’t get me wrong this isn’t bad at all But there’s nothing here that is distinctive or sets it apart from any other number of well written contemporary romances with a family of brothers set in a small town or on an island If Lisa Kleypas's name wasn’t on the cover I could have easily inserted Nora Roberts orThe jury is still out on the magical realism element to the story I do prefer my contemporaries straight without a twist of magic Nevertheless it is different and it is kind of cute But I’m just not sure what else it adds And I’m not keen on the friends with benefits theme For me it always seems improbable that two people who are attracted physically and sexually are somehow going to be able to keep their distance emotionally and psychologicallyThere were a few glimpses of Ms Kleypas's trademark humourous dialogue I would love to be mobile again Lucy said fervently rinsing with the hot shower spray And I'm sure you would love not having to carry me everywhere You're right I can't imagine why I thought wrapping a half naked woman in plastic and carrying her around would be any fun at allBottom line yes I enjoyed Rainshadow Road It’s a nice well written contemporary with a touch of magical realism a smalltown feel with an island setting Yet is indistinguishable from any other series by any number of other good writers of contemporary romance featuring a family of brothersNevertheless I guarantee that fans of Lisa Kleypas will enjoy Rainshadow Road For me though good just not greatSteam 25

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read doc Ü Rainshadow Road ↠ Paperback Á Lucy Marinn is a glass artist living in mystical beautiful Friday Harbor Washington She is stunned and blindsided by the most bitter kind of betrayal her fiancé Kevin has left her His new lover is Lucy's own sister Lucy's bitterness over being dumped is multiplied by the fact that she haIn her romantic life Facing the severe disapproval of Lucy's parents Kevin asks his friend Sam Nolan a local vineyard owner on San Juan Island to romance Lucy and hopefully loosen her up and get her over her anger Complications ensue when Sam and Lucy begin to fall in love Kevin has second thoughts and Lucy discovers that I read this book back in the summer and I never got around to writing the review If I had a word to describe it it's charming At the same time I can't say either Lucy or Sam would be anywhere near the top of my list of favorite Lisa Kleypas characters or couples In fact I did have minor issues with both of them Sam than LucyLucy made me want to yell at her a few times I didn't get why she let Alice get away with so much although LK did a good job of explaining the complexities of the sister relationship and the fact that Alice getting away was stuff was doing business as normal But I wanted Lucy to get Alice told and she didn't uite do that Alice is a mega brat and she needed someone to hold her accountable for the crap she'd done and instigated in her short life and Lucy wasn't willing to do it I think Lucy will appeal to a lot of readers because she does seem like a normal kind of woman despite her magical abilities Sam well he just comes off as selfish in that he is living his life and that's his thing His family dysfunction is there but he was able to escape from it in a way that his other siblings couldn't I don't think He had the neighbors to hide out with and they were like grandparents giving him a sense of safety Although I read Dream Lake after this I started to think of these books as a group Sam lives in the shadow of Alex for me Sam managed to avoid most of the angst that hit Alex full in the face so it’s not wonder that Alex is a trainwreck I know that a big issue that I have with Sam is his attitudes towards sex and relationships or lack thereof He had no desire for a meaningful relationship Yes as the child of two alcoholics that makes sense I think if he had shown depth I could have connected to him and his reasons I did like that he finally realized how much Lucy meant to him and his gesture was so sweet and authentic As far as Sam and Lucy's relationship it was pleasant I did believe they loved each other but it's hard to get too involved in their relationship considering that I didn't have strong feelings for either of themI liked the magical elements It was different and uniue It's subtly done but integral to the storyline Kleypas doesn't really explain why Lucy has this ability and no one else in her family does I don't know if it's because of the fact that Alice always got all the attention and this was a gift that belonged her her aloneI've read all the books in this series and this is my least favorite I think it lacks the punch that later books have and with Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor Holly pretty much cinches the story Holly was in this book and I liked how Sam does connect with Holly and that is an aspect of the story that gives Sam an added depthI have very high standards for Lisa Kleypas She's been one of my favorite authors well for most of my life I like her foray into something different and she did it well but this doesn't stand up well to her other books Normally most of her heroes turn me into goo but Sam left me very unmeltedSo I gave this one 3550 stars