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The Unswept Room Ebook î 123 pages Download ✓ Moneyexpresscard ¸ From Sharon Olds—a stunning new collection of poems that project a fresh spirit a startling energy of language and counterpoint and a moving elegiac tone shot through with humorFrom poems that erupt out of history and childhood to those The nurturing of a new generation of children and the transformative power of marital love Sharon Olds takes risks writing boldly of physical emotional and spiritual sensations that are seldom the stuff of poetry These are poems that strike for the 35The Unswept Room shows the dark rooms of identity we all find hard to walk in and try to undo ourselves from this web of identity that are tied to us from the time we are destined to be born into a certain family Sharon has undertaken this deeply soul stirring and sentimental journey through these poems while always preserving a sense of humour and wit These are family marriage birth and body poems Wilderness is my favorite poem from the collection as it is so transcendingIn this collection Sharon writes about her child abuse and her dysfunctional parents Mostly the poems have to do with her mother They are not intense or heavy but rather very light hearted which is perhaps the sign of the poet's emotional healingI did notimagine I could ever leave my mother mostly I was her in distorted form 5 cents a PeekPerhaps when she refers to people here she talks about her parents You want to know about white people?I'll tell you about white peopleI lived in close proximity to the and I was them that meanness they used on mewas what I was made of Grey GirlThen there are birth poems which are beautiful — her own and that of her daughter — how a mother is born with the birth of the child The Borders First Weeks and death poem Heaven to BeThe sensual ones about her husband when she was still happily married to him The Wedding Vow The Hour After If Someday A Time Of Passion Psalm I don't sense in himthe will to change me or dislike me he seems likea bed of heal all I lied down in himand sleep Or notsleep — and no touch is the same with him as any touch has beenand I feel at home in him and of himas if by now I am a part of him Herbal Wrap I thought now is the momentI could become loving and my hands moved shyly over him secret as heavenand my mouth spoke and in my beloved's voice by the bones of my head the fieldsgroaned and then I joined him againnot shy not bold released enteringthe true home where the trees bend down along theground and her stand then we lay togetherpanting as if saved from some disaster ceaselessinstants it came to pass what I haveheard about it came to methat I did not know I was separatefrom this man I did not know I was lonely The ShynessThen she maintains a sense of gratefulness as the damage of the past now no longer looms over them and her children are not damaged because of it Then one later afternoonI understand the harm my fatherdid us is receding I thought his harm as stronger than thatlike God's harm and she says My son and daughter are grown they are well as if by some miracle DirectlyWILDERNESSWhen I lay down for the night on the deserton my back and dozed and my eyes openedmy gaze rushed up as if falling upinto the skyand I saw the open eye of night allguileless all Iris of a starshine greyscattered with clusters of brilliant pupilsI gazed and dozed and as my eyelids lifted I wouldplummet up out of the atmosphereplunging and gasping as if I'd misseda stair I would sleep and come to and sleepand every time that I opened my eyesI fell up deep into the universeIt looked crowded hollow intricate elastic I did not feel I could really see itbecause I did not know what it was that I was seeing When my lids parted there was real — absolutecrisp impersonal intimate benign without sweetness I was soaring out myspeed suddenly increasing to it's speed I was entering another dimension and her one in which I belong as if not only the earth while I am here but spaceand death and existence without me are my home

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From Sharon Olds a stunning new collection of poems that project a fresh spirit a startling energy of language and counterpoint and a moving elegiac tone shot through with humorFrom poems that erupt out of history and childhood to those that embody The Unswept Room by Sharon Olds is a book of poetry published in 2005 Stag’s Leap published in 2012 documents the end of her 32 year marriage with great pain and anguish so it is tempting as I read this for maybe the first time to examine The Unswept Room only in terms of that relationship which over time in her poetry is passionate sexual and intensely loving Over time we don’t so much get to know him as we get to know her view of himthemtheir relational bodies throughout her—what is sometimes called primarily by male critics—“confessional” poetry because men don’t typically write about these subjects in the same way they have to dismiss it in this way But it is powerful raw fun impressive all of it Olds once said “I write the way I perceive I guess It’s not really simple I don’t think but it’s about ordinary things—feeling about things about people I’m not an intellectual I’m not an abstract thinker And I’m interested in ordinary life” The body primarily the female body and hers in particular from birth to death from lover to mother to empty nester to mother caretaker is viscerally described and explored by Olds and usually celebrated Olds is the poetic daughter of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton in all of their anguished and thrilled passion of the body Who else writes so boldly about sex and birth and motherhood and abortion and agingdying bodies? Beth Ann Fennelly comes to mind; Kim Addonizio Many others surely but the anger and joy of sex comes through surely in Olds’s poetry here and over time The rage and despair she shares at the hands of her father’s abuse is touched on here as in other places But above all here her sexual relationship with her husband is highlighted written about beautifully and not trivially or sentimentally“Then when we were joined I becameshyer I became completed joyful”But in “A Time of Passion” maybe we see the beginning of the end?The poem opens“Then we entered a time of passion soextreme it was almost calm the bodydoubling what it wanted to bear Anguish and pleasure played each other”But ends“It never crossed my mind that he no longer loved me that we had left the realm of love”Augh the anguish out of so much lovingBut for her a woman’s body is always already sensually alive even in the first hour of life as in “First Hour”“The airwas softly touching my skin and tongueentering and drawing forth the littlesighs I did not know as mine”And in a session of kissing she has with a girlfriend and that girl's boyfriend Alive the world openingAnd in parenting and relating to her mother always for Olds it is with her body and in terms of other women's bodiesBut she also writes of other men and their moments in these poemsIn “Bible Study 71 B C” she writes with rage of the crucifixion of Spartacus and 6000 other people by Crassus She writes with rage too of the memory of her father in restaurants putting his hands up waitresses’ skirts and thinking “I wish I had stuckA fork in that arm driven the tinesDeep heard the sueak of muscleFelt the skid on bone”Olds writes of race kind of indirectly in “Grey Girl”“You want to know about white?I’ll tell you about white peopleI lived in close proximity to them And I was them that meanness they used on meWas what I was made of”There’s a lovely elegy to Jane Kenyon in “April New Hampshire”She writes of losing a friend in an accident “Glass bone flesh and family“This was the world maybe the only one

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The Unswept RoomHeart as Sharon Olds captures our imagination with unexpected wordplay sprung rhythms and the disuieting revelations of ordinary life Writing at the peak of her powers this greatly admired poet gives us her finest collection From the Hardcover editi Just starting to get into Sharon Olds Everyone I know loves her so I am excited to read Things I liked hereUnknownIf you know someone who was there that hour at the burial could you tell them I don’t know what you could tell themSunday NightPlaces we had been before no one would serve us unless there was a young unwarned woman and I never warned herThe ClaspHer dark deeply open eyes took me in she knew me in the shock of the moment she learned me The LearnerAnd then They are things I would not have learned if he had lived but I cannot be glad he diedPast Future ImperfectI’ll think of that day and hear us the pair I thought was entering fresh outskirts of play I’ll see his tiredness and loneliness we had weeks leftPsalmDo not tell me this could end Do not tell me