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EPUB ç A Red Death í Walter Mosley 'It has come to my attention sir that between August 1948 and September of 1952 you came into possession of at least three real estate properties? 'I have reviewed your tax records back to 1945 and you show no large income I'm loving this series and I'm not a series person Easy Rawlins is lovable even when he messes up You're still still behind him Mosley continues to paint a vivd picture of blacks living in racist America in the 1940s specifically in and around Los Angeles The story has recurring characters murder and enough ups and downs to keep any reader interested I love the old crime detective feel of the novel If you're participating in March Mystery Madness you might want to check these out

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FREE READER Ó DOC A Red Death ↠ 9781852427696 í WALTER MOSLEY ï 'It has come to my attention sir that between August 1948 and September of 1952 you came into possession of at least three real estate properties? 'I have reviewed your tax records back to 1945 and you show no large income in any yea Ocal church the First African Baptist and the surveillance of local radicals Murderers strike and he becomes the prime suspect of the Los Angeles Police Department who lose no sleep over the fate of 'freelance' private eye A step back in appeal for me after Devil in a Blue Dress but still an interesting trip to the West Coast black ghetto in the fifties at the height of the Communist witchhuntEasy Rawlins is already established as the main character in this second mysterythriller featuring him so I expected some better pacing easier to follow plot It was instead a bit of a muddle with several separate murders that feel shoehorned forced into one narrative So what is really the connection between an apparent suicide in one of Rawlins rented appartments violence against the minister of a black church the IRS and the hunt for a Jewish labor organizer? Read on to find outEasy goes for about three uarters of the book from one place to another like a passive observer than an active investigator Then in the last uarter of the book he starts throwing and receiving punches some bullets fly and generally secrets are revealed in a convenient and timely manner He's also uite a hit with the ladies who have only to look at him to fall at his feetFor all my criticism the voice of Mr Rawlins feels authentic anchored in the harsh realities of being a man of color before the Civil Rights Movement gained traction He is a tough man because he needs to survive on these mean streets but he is using his brains than his fists and is capable of selfless gestures and kindness towards his neighbors and friends His rants against the establishment the police and in general against the White Man are still present but a bit toned down compared to the debut novel Maybe his financial relative affluence has polished some of the abrasive aspects of his personalityThe secondary characters are less well defined I struggled a bit following who is who especially the Church deacons and the barroom populationI would say this book is OK for the fans of the author interested in continuing with the series but not so impresive on its own merits

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A Red DeathIn any year This would suggest that you could not legally afford such expenditures' When an income tax officer makes him an offer he can't refuse Easy Rawlins is forced out of retirement and into the infiltration of his l because I said I'd probably change my mind in twenty four hours and it's been almost exactly twenty four hoursForgive me for a moment while I engage in a small bit of phenomenological bracketing or maybe this is something like deconstruction and put aside for a moment the race of the characters and the socio historical context that the story is set in and just focus on the skeletal remains of the book What I'm left with is the story of a tax evader who the law catches up with and offers him the chance to get rid of his own legal troubles in exchange for helping to ruin someone else's life The tax evader has some pangs and conscience and feels weird for what he is doing and finds himself in a lot of hot water when people he knows start winding up dead He sleeps with a bunch of women gets into some fights and unravels a conspiracy and in the end all is good for him Without the 1905's racial and political setting the story is kind of weak at least to me It's a pretty standard story filled with uite a bit of masculine bravado and the resolution is a mixture of being kind of obvious and also kind of 'wait how exactly did he make that final jump in reasoning to figure this out?' Throw in some of the red scare elements to the story and it takes on a bit interesting shape but I was left wondering if mysteries aren't just all like those cozy ones where there is a theme like baking or knitting or cats to add color to the standard who dunnit fare Here instead of say a scrap booking group who get caught up in a murrrder it's an African American swindler of sorts who is a lot of ways just another iteration of the hard boiled detective There is the tough talking the excessive drinking the witty comments made in the face of danger the slightly damaged psyche and the irresistibleness that makes just about every female character in the book end up in his bed at some point And on the last point maybe I'm becoming something of a male spinster like prude in my nearing middle ages what would be the male term bachelor doesn't work but I've got my cat and I've got my books but I'm starting to get a little annoyed when too much sex pops up in my books Sex for sex sake in books is boring to me and feels like the author projecting fantasies that she would like to see happen in and letting the main character live them out Not that any of the sex here is explicit or anything and it's probably just a reaction to having just read Edge where every woman wants to throw themselves into the bed of the hero but he gallantly doesn't take advantage of most of them but it is kind of a boring thing to just throw into a book when it doesn't do anything to add to the story or advance the plot or whatever a book is supposed to do All of that complaining and whining aside the book is a nice read and it moves along at a fairly good pace I might have enjoyed it if I had given it my full attention instead of reading it when it was convenient to have a mass market with me to read and when I didn't need the convenience of a mass market I was reading other books at the time And maybe this isn't the kind of book that should be spread out over two weeks time to finish But nothing in the book really ever grabbed me or made me think wow I'd really like to read something by the author If I was of a fan of mysteries I'd probably read something else by him but instead my search will go on for another mysterycrime writer that I get a lot of enjoyment out of