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Journey to Nyorfias Book 1Rett's known nothing but warfare since her seventeenth year Now with the long war at a critical turning point she finds herself distracted by a dimwitted alien mindforce from some planet called Earth who thinks that Rett's daily brushes with death are p. Convergence by TM Roy was a pleasure to read It contains all the elements of classic science fiction – flawed but courageous protagonist in this case female evil villains creepy aliens space flights and energy blasters – combined with a meaningful romance between the protagonist and a handsome humanoid alien I love the clever device of the ego merge between the protagonist and a human female It grounds the story to hear someone uestioning all the futuristicalien features of the book While in the classic science fiction genre the book also is deeply moving about issues such as freedom and cultural autonomy and the loss of compatriots in the war I also like the author setting the story in the larger context of the war between light and dark or good and evil on a cosmic scale My only uibble is with the end of the novel which felt like the end of a chapter leaving much unresolved even for a series I highly recommend the author and book to anyone who enjoys their science fiction with a healthy dose of human emotion

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Free download Journey to Nyorfias Book 1 105 Á Rett's known nothing but warfare since her seventeenth year Now with the long war at a critical turning point she finds herself distracted by a dimwitted alien mindforce from some planet called Earth who thinks that Rett's daily brushes with death are part of a realistic dream And just when she startArt of a realistic dream And just when she starts attempting to deal with the alien in her head her platoon is assigned a technical advisor a defected Enemy trooper who claims he is madly in love with her Can Rett learn to cope and keep her ego merge a. This is a book that doesn't know what it wants to be In the end that results in a generous 2 stars from meThe basic story that we are presented with concerns a kick ass female commander of a Special Forces platoon fighting on her planet against invading aliens As outlined in the book's description unbeknownst to anyone the conflict of these planets and people is part of a game among super beings and the heroine of the story is one of the super being player's main character The twist is that this super being in a last ditch effort to permit her key player our book's heroine to win the game takes an Earth woman's mind from across the galaxy and forces it into our heroines mind where they have to share realityI bought the book primarily on that setupit sounded uniue and interesting Well I think I got suckered in a bait and switch con jobThe first 23 of the book was OK The story was brisk the action was fairly well described and the dialogue was pretty good The military aspects were a bit unrealistic the author clearly has little or no real knowledge of how military organizations and operations work but the story held my interestThe problem was that the delivery of the entire setup of the bookthe mind transfer of the Earth womanwas virtually absent Oh she's there but plays no real role in the story I felt like I had bought a box of Multi Grain Puffy Loop Cereal based on the TV ads announcing NOW WITH REAL CHERRIES only to find that there are two small bits of cherry in the entire box that add nothing to the taste of the cereal Why bother with the entire conceptBut it gets worseThe last 13 of the story devolves into an angst ridden story of our main character fighting inner demons Now that COULD have been presented in an interesting and engaging way because we still have our Earth woman whose mind is present and who could restore our heroine's confidence and ability After all that's the entire reason the super being game player transferred the Earth woman's mind in the first place But no we've already eaten those two cherry bits So our Earth woman's mind present in our heroine continues to play no significant role in the story Instead the author introduces a love interest to restore our heroine And that's what the last 13 of the book becomes a bodice ripper I felt like my box of Multi Grain Puffy Loop Cereal had settled and I had eaten all of the oats and bran in the first 2 bowls and then been left with only sickly sweet and flavorless rice Puffy Loops in the last bowlSo for the first 23 of the book I give 3 stars really like 25For the last 13 of the book I give 1 starI seriously doubt that I will buy the seuel which I note is already for sale unless someone I trust tells me what the next box of Multi Grain Puffy Loops will actually contain If it contains entirely flavorful oats and bran plus plenty of cherries I could buy it But if it's primarily overly sweetened and flavorless glop I will not

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Secret without losing her mind and her life in the process This is a planet based sci fi adventure Recommended for ages 14 and up Convergence is only the beginning of an adventure Reading order of series Convergence Gravity Stratagem Carakenne Kyarta Gi. I was an editor for Convergence the new sci fi adventure by TM Roy When I started editing I was prepared to be neutral about the storyline because I don't normally gravitate to sci fi or fantasy type stories However as I began editing I became caught up with the characters and began to really care about them and their world Rett and her fellow warriors belong to a world that has similarities to Earth but is different in intriguing ways They are battling to keep their world free from domination by a stronger larger alien force Rett is strong she is courageous and she is a leader But she has also repressed a lot of emotional pain as well as physical signs of what we might call burnout Suddenly and without her permission an alien being takes up residence in her mind an alien who doesn't even understand what has happenedRett would like to know why she must deal with this new being when she already has too much on her plate But she also suspects there is a purpose behind the merging of this being with her own mind She hopes she can find out what that purpose is and use the merge to help her people before the alien does something to get her killedRett and her cohorts are vividly portrayed and the action is fast paced and believable Yet there are also moments of reflection and strategy When Rett's troop captures a prisoner of the enemy forces the story heats up even furtherConvergence is the first of a trilogy that has been in the works for over 20 years; the author hopes to have the second book released by late summer I found myself fascinated with the story and can't wait to read Book 2