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Curtain Poirot’s Last Case reader ç Mass Market Paperback Read ↠ Arthritic and immobilized Poirot calls on his old friend Captain Hastings to join him at Styles to be the eyes and ears that will feed observations to Poirot's still razor sharp mind Though aware of the criminal's identity Poirot will not reveal itEping Murder the Marple story written during the war for her husband Max would followThe reception of Poirot’s death was international even earning him an obituary in The New York Times; he is still the only fictional character to have received such an honour The first actor to take on the role of portraying Poirot in his final hours was David Suchet as the final episode of the series Agatha Christie’s Poirot for which he’d been playing the role for twenty five years The episode was adapted in 20 For a murderer my friend is conceited than any creature on this earth A murderer is always clever than anyone else no one will ever suspect him or her the police will be utterly baffledThe above uote is a perfect way to describe this mysteryI have been wanting to read this for some time now and what better day than Christie's birthdayI have now read numerous mysteries by Christie but there is no pattern apart from a cozy settingEach and every mystery murder suspects the end is uniue and it baffles me as generally when you read many books by one author some things do become predictableThe only thing I have learnt after reading Agatha Christie books is that expect the unexpected and still you won't guess how shocking the unexpected can beThis is the last in the series of Poirot mysteries and I would recommend to read the first of this series The Mysterious Affair at Styles before this as both the mysteries take place at Styles and there is a spoiler to the first book in this story And suddenly from nowhere a vague feeling of uneasiness and disuiet assailed me It was not safe it was not right to plan happiness here There was something malignant about the air of StylesPoirot and Hastings come together in this last case together to catch X who is clever and sadistic as any murderer can be There is a mix of lovely characters who make you trust them but doubt them at the same time Everyone is a potential murderer in everyone there arises from time to time the wish to kill though not the will to killThe ending is soo ingenious but soo complicated I just had to sit back and digest it allThere is no way I could have guessed this Did you

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Arthritic and immobilized Poirot calls on his old friend Captain Hastings to join him at Styles to be the eyes and ears that will feed observations to Poirot's still razor sharp mind Though aware of the criminal's identity Poirot will not reveal it to the frustrated Hastings and dubs the nameless personage 'X' Already responsible for several murders X Poirot warns is ready to strike again and the partners must work swiftly to prevent imminent murderPoirot’s final case a mystery which brings him and H Rating The Full FiveWhen this novel came out in 1975 my older sister was a bookshop owner and gave me and our mother a copy to savor None of the three of us were particular Christie nuts My sister felt that Dame Ags played gawd with the clues a bit too muchmy mother found Poirot insufferably smug I read the book without discrimination or comprehension and moved on to other things I liked better I believe that was the year I read Stand on Zanzibar but am not positiveNow that I'm the age my mother was when she read the book I see something interesting to old man me than ever would have occurred to teenaged me This ending for Poirot's career was written during the Blitz a time when anyone at all could die without warning because Dame Agatha thought her fans deserved an ending to their character's life that would give completeness and finality to an important part of a series book reader's life How very thoughtful that is How aware Dame Agatha was of her creation's place in the emotional lives of her fansAnd to her most ardent partisans those who bristle at the probable cause of the evident diminution of her writing prowess due to dementia I can only say Read this book and then read the last book she wrote Elephants Can Remember which I've reviewed unfavorably elsewhere The difference is stark and deeply saddeningThe 2013 television adaptation is stellar and gets on its own merits a five star review David Suchet so completely became Poirot that I can only hope someone somewhere possesses both the power and the will to derail the 2017 adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express perpetrated by Kenneth Branagh for no good or even comprehensible reason before its scheduled release on 10 November 2017 Why not choose 111117 at 1111am Armistice Day might in the eyes of Kalliope excuse or at least obscure Branagh's hubris in making this unneeded and unwelcome filmNot that I have a strong opinion you understand I merely comment upon the passing scene comme d'habitude

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Curtain Poirot’s Last CaseAstings back to Styles where they first solved a crime together The story was both anticipated and dreaded by Agatha Christie fans worldwide many of whom still refuse to read it as it is known to contain Poirot’s deathAgatha Christie wrote it during World War II as a gift for her daughter should she not survive the bombings and it was kept in a safe for over thirty years It was agreed among the family that Curtain would be published finally in 1975 by Collins her long standing publishers and that Sle Poirot's last novel and last case Things came full circle and Captain Hastings went to Styles where he had seen a Poirot's investigation for the first time Only now Poirot was crippled and lost use of his legs but the gray cells the gray cells still worked Hastings had no clue that Poirot was about to match his wits with a genius serial killer who could never be accused of his crimes by any court or even suspected sort of like Professor Moriarty if you will but their methods were very different Let me start with the things I did not like and even hated sometimes Hastings' I lowered since the first book and he was not exactly Einstein to begin with Poirot's constant gloating about the fact got on my nerves after all Hastings could not help being stupid and he had to be pitied not constantly being reminded about Personally oh my God mercifully he was not present in the large part of the series especially in the later books and I forgot about his low mental abilities Here I was for a rude reawakening to the fact Having said that his daughter was present in the action I regret to say she took her mental abilities from her father and I also suspect she was dropped on her head repeatedly when she was a toddler She was shown as a capable biologist but in ordinary situations she made her father look like a genius I am not talking here about the eccentricity and lack of attention of some talented people I am talking about stupidity in other words she was mentally challenged to put in into modern terms It did not help any that she behaved like a young rebellious teen and I have it on good authority that not all of them are that badThe villain was painfully obvious from relatively early in the book for any reader who satisfies the following two conditions First he or she or it needs to have an I slightly higher than Captain Hastings and much higher than his daughter Second a will to exercise the aforementioned gray cells just a little mind you So do not expect usual crazily complicated plot which is a trademark by the ueen of Mystery I did not like the way she treated Poirot I totally understand by the time of writing she was tired of the character and publishers and readers still demanded of his adventures Sure the guy had an ego of the size of a modern aircraft carrier but I like his conviction that murder is wrong and he always kept it and he never let his ego get in the way of it Lastly this book was written before the previous one of the series and it feels less modern than the letter this was a little jarring But here I am nitpicking So from what I wrote about one would think that the rating is 3 stars but I gave 4 There are three reasons My general respect for the whole series and the character of Poirot The villain who was very good and interesting and very villainous Also after all I said it is still a great farewell to the second greatest private detective of the literature