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eBook ï Unseen AUTHOR Rachel Caine Ý Paperback Read Á Rachel Caine Ð After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn they realize two things the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power and her kidnapping was not an isolated incidentThis DjinnR herself With no other options Cassiel infiltrates the Djinn’s organization because if Cassiel cannot stop the Djinn’s apocalyptic designs all of humanity may be destroyed This is the third book in Rachel Caine's spin off from the Weather Warden series and I would definitely recommend it to Weather Warden fans I loved the first series but I'm growing to like the Outcast Season books even the only disappointment is having to wait a whole year to get my hands on the next and final book in the series I would say you could pick up the Outcast Season books even if you've not read any of the Weather Warden series but I would definitely recommend reading this series in order starting with UndoneCassiel is still struggling to fit into her new place in the world no longer fully Djinn but also not uite human she finds her lack of power and the fact that she has to rely on the Wardens to live frustrating Working in such close contact with her Warden partner Luis has had a big effect on her though and we are starting to see a much human side to her she is caring and wants to do everything she can to help those suffering at the hands of her enemy She hasn't had a personality transplant though she can still be very cool and logical when she needs to be she will do what needs to be done no matter how much it hurts her to do it What I really love about Cassiel is that we are seeing a lot of development in her character she never comes across as one dimensional and although you might not agree with her decisions sometimes you can understand why she makes the choices she doesI have been really enjoying the developing relationship between Cassiel and Luis but I have to admit I was disappointed with some of Luis' behavior in this installment I can't really say why without giving spoilers but there were times I wanted to shake him I will say that he had started to redeem himself by the end of the book so I have high hopes that I'll be back to liking him again in the next installment It broke my heart watching Ibby at the beginning but I was so proud of her by end of the book that I wanted to cheer I'm also very intrigued the snake girl and wonder if we'll see of her in the futureI can't wait to get my hands on Unbroken which will be the final installment in this series Considering the books so far have coincided with the last few Weather Warden books I'm curious to see where we will be in the timeline for the last book if it runs alongside Total Eclipse there should be some very interesting times ahead for Cassiel and the Djinn I would recommend this series to any urban fantasy fan personally I'd say you're better off starting with the Weather Warden series and reading all of the books in order but if you're not sure you should definitely give Undone a try

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After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn they realize two things the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power and her ki Outcast Season is a spin off series of Caine's Weather Warden books The number of readers is so far limited and I hope that changes as I want Caine to write adult urban fantasy not young adult as I have tired of her Morganville books Outcast is an entertaining series and fans of the Warden books will be happy The Warden books are notorious for terrible cliffhanger endings I am happy that Caine has toned that uality down here The main plot is still very much unresolved but I feel no stress having to wait another year for the next to be published As an urban fantasy story this series is darker than the Warden books I did not like this at first As I've mentioned before the humor is missing but now that I've finished the 3rd book I feel invested enough with the characters that I can do without the humor Caine made a smart decision as a book that is essentially about experimenting abusing and exploiting children is not fertile ground for many humorous momentsI am still not completely sold on Luis He was a big male baby Rashid is by far my favorite character And there is a monster I really loved And a rolling sphere which was awesome I was internally complaining about the timelines of the Warden series and these books not matching up but it did come together in the end The next book should be very interesting considering what happens with the djinn Luis and Cas are a good balance I like how their instincts differ so greatly with Luis wanting to protect and Cas wanting to attack Joanne's history of being tricked and screwed over by unlikely sources is a uality shared by Cas Those scenes get under my skin but it all comes together and makes for some memorable action Additionally for a book with numerous young characters I was not the slightest bit annoyed by any of them I tend to want to run away screaming from books with kids as most authors are terrible at characterization and writing believable scenarios and actions Caine did an excellent job of avoiding the pitfalls which other authors fall into I hope Caine does not take forever to publish the next in the series 4 12 stars the best so far

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Unseen AUTHOR Rachel CaiDnapping was not an isolated incidentThis Djinn aided by her devoted followers is capturing children all over the world and indoctrinating them so she can use their strength fo I didn't enjoy the first two all that much but I suppose I had it coming by trying the third despite that Mainly my issue was with an unsympathetic character I couldn't begin to care about This one started out better as she became sympathetic but then the action just became too unbelievable Amazingly though I was still interested enough in the plight of the children to read through to the end And still ended up not satisfied with the result