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From the dead centre of the enormous American penitentiary system the Aryan Brotherhood was the lion that somehow seized control of the city as well as the zoo steadily coming to dominate the billion dollar methamphetamine industry that permeates America's urban sprawl They outsmarted and out muscled everyone that tried to stand in their way including the FBI who h If Machiavelli was Sentenced to Federal Prison We are all lead to believe that the justice system is in control of outlaws once they are handed over to serve their time in the penitentiary that the public is safe after those cell doors slam shut but au contraire John Lee Brook delves into the little known world of the real power behind the towering walls crowned with rolls of razor wire; the insider prison gangs specifically the Aryan BrotherhoodOnce an inmate himself Brook provides details not privy to the public having experienced the pecking order set in place by the gangs who establish the rules of inmate etiuette; namely inspire terror command respect through violence and you reign supreme The author vividly explains how the most notorious gang the Aryan Brotherhood came into existence To compete with the Black Asian and Hispanic gangs scratching out their patch in the Pens the Caucasian inmates uickly formed their own faction adhering to white supremacist ideals Armed with the knowledge of Machiavelli´s “The Prince” a notorious Renaissance era treatise that promoted a ruler had the right to use any means to maintain power Dale Carnegie's book “How to Make Friends and Influence People” together with the firm conviction they belonged to a mystic warrior order the organizers of the Brotherhood uickly seized control and is now one of the most feared prison gangs in the US Federal prison system outsmarting the Feds leaving the Mafia shaking in its boots Brook displays in his gripping exposé how their influence spreads far beyond the confinement of the state pens Piecing together the formation of the Brotherhood Brook weaves his account through vivid depictions of the trials of the gang's three head leaders Thomas “Terrible Tom” Silverstein Tyler “The Hulk” Bingham and Barry “the Baron” Mills From eye witness accounts including Brotherhood members legal documents trial and law enforcement reports news articles we learn how they enforce the respect they crave to the point of cold blooded murder not to mention their illegal activities the gun running drug rings the installation and management of their super methamphetamine labs the tons of cash they rake in the process is mind boggling In fact the realization that this criminal element can conduct their “business” with effortless efficiency and rake in profits that rival any corporate magnet would tempt any hard working Joe to relinuish his day job and embrace the lucrative opportunities offered by the underworld While this is a work of non fiction it is not a mere rehash of documents Brook reveals the machinations of this gang through the interaction of the various characters caught up in this drama between good and evil namely the various law enforcement agencies from the Federal marshals to the members of the jury and the gang members plus their affiliates The dialogues make for fascinating reading one of my particular favourites is the introduction of Arturo Colano a young Mexican genius an orphan who after fighting a life of poverty in the Mexican slums decides his main goal in life is to strike it rich not with a flashy honest career anyone might normally aspire to He turns down MIT and many lucrative career offers to fulfil his single minded obsession to manufacture crystal meth His introduction to the Arian Brotherhood and their associated members the Nazi Low Riders is hilarious As much as I am tempted to give this detail away I'll resist the urge and simply advise you to get the book There are other narrative elements just as fascinating such as air trips via “Con Air” with descriptions of its less than comfortable facilities not to mention the Supermax prisons in which the ringleaders of the Brotherhood are incarcerated You think “Hannibal the Cannibal´s” cell was a Hollywood exaggeration? Think again For all you history buff and fact finding addicts the book also contains a time line of the major events in the Brotherhood's nefarious history and a list of sources used To top it off for the danger loving pen pal aficionado the prison addresses for the three Top Dogs of the Brotherhood are made available If you are intrigued by criminals and their organizations this book is a “must have”

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Blood In Blood OutAve discovered that even solitary confinement is incapable of suffocating the tactical machinations of its cabal of psychopathic leaders Bound together by a code of violence and silence for years the Brotherhood has remained an impenetrable and unstoppable force Until now Blood In Blood Out is the first book to give the full inside story of its incredible rise to p To meet human beings totally devoid of conscience was like coming face to face with creatures from outer space or the burning bush It was as if Death had assumed human form and walked the earth When he talked with them and listened to their stories their explanations of why they did what they did he realized they occupied a different kingdom Their kingdom was without borders without rules yet it was always changing and never entirely fixed It was a fluctuating kingdom which can only be described as insane or warped simply because it made no sense It was not a reasonable kingdom John Lee BrookThis book left me with ambivalent feelings awe inspired by terror sheer fascination and a new lens on what becomes of some highly intelligent but uneducated thrill seeking individuals who were and the uestion remains either a product of their environment or catalysts in creating the only environment in which they thrived one of brutal violence

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Free Blood In Blood Out kindle ß eBook 9781900486774 ☆ moneyexpresscard é From the dead centre of the enormous American penitentiary system the Aryan Brotherhood was the lion that somehow seized control of the city as well as the zoo steadily coming to dominate the billion dollar methamphetamine Ower In witty entertaining prose ex convict John Lee Brook draws on his uniue access to many of the founding members of the Brotherhood to tell the full secret story in unflinching fascinating detail Thanks to its surprisingly light and memorable writing Blood In Blood Out breaks the bounds of its genre opening up the fascinating Brotherhood to any passing interest I'm glad i went to collegeLaw enforcement in this country is a joke It is amazing how a group of bottom feeders were allowed have so much power inside and outside of prison Due to the coddling of criminals like the AB America now has a serious drug problem which it created It is funny to me that white supremacists gangs deal drugs to their own race Now people are whining that the war on drugs is too hard on the degenerate junkies