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Totally Wired: Postpunk Interviews and Overviews Summary ì 2 ´ With his critically acclaimed Rip It Up and Start Again renowned music journalist Simon Reynolds applied a uniue understanding to an entire generation of musicians working in the wake of punk rock Spawning artists as singular as Talking Heads Joy Division TheAnd proto postpunkers Brian Eno and Malcolm McLaren Reynolds follows these exceptional often eccentric characters from their beginnings through the highs and lows of postpunk’s heydayCrackling with argument and anecdote Totally Wired paints a vivid portrait of individuals struggling against the odds to make their world as interesting as possible in the process leaving a legacy of artistic ambition and provocation that reverberates to this da. Excellent companion piece to Rip It Up and Start Again with a bunch of extra information that couldn't fit naturally into the narratives of the previous book I wish every book I liked had an accompanying 'miscellaneous extras' follow up like this for the super nerds

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With his critically acclaimed Rip It Up and Start Again renowned music journalist Simon Reynolds applied a uniue understanding to an entire generation of musicians working in the wake of punk rock Spawning artists as singular as Talking Heads Joy Division The Specials Siouxsie and the Banshees Gang of Four and Devo postpunk achieved new relevance in the first decade of the twenty first century through its profound influence on bands such as Rad. Simon Reynolds is one of the most critically acclaimed music journalists of the past decade and has found himself the authority on both 90′s electronic dance music and the post punk movement of the late 70′s and early 80′s If his 2006 release Rip It Up and Start Again Post Punk 1978 1984 is mashed potatoes it’s companion Totally Wired is the gravy In Rip It Up Reynolds documents six extremely exciting and important years in musical history that were previously unspoken for As suggested by the sub title the bulk of Totally Wired four years later is interviews with musicians producers and icons While doing research for Rip It Up Reynolds conducted numerous interviews; he culled the list down to the best thirty two and those with Jah Wobble PiL bassist Alan Vega Suicide singer David Thomas Pere Ubu singer and poignant yet jingoistic prick David Byrne Talking Heads singerguitarist Lydia Lunch Teenage Jesus and the Jerks singerguitarist Steven Morris Joy Division drummerNew Order drum programmer and Paul Haig Josef K singer are most captivating There are some anecdotal redundancies with its preceding narrative treatment but it is much interesting to hear the stories straight from the post punk horses’ mouths To highlight the stories would spoil this read Several of the artists are extremely well spoken and well read and Reynolds is a talented and clearly well researched interviewer Aside from shedding light on countless personal backgrounds band drama and musicalliterary influences Totally Wired also offers multiple sides to some post punk coins for instance producer Dennis Bovell’s approach and in studio treatment of The Slits’ Ari Up and The Pop Group’s Mark Stewart Reynolds packages the interviews in such a fashion that each story runs into the next with recurring characters themes or scenes creating a sense of cohesion unless he’s forcing a counterpoint The last uarter of the book is dedicated to a handful of critical essays and Reynolds’ self interview The essays on topics including John Lydon and PiL the two Joy Division movies of the 2000′s and artconcept rock are a bit lackluster It isn’t that the subject matter itself is boring; instead the essays feel like term papers cut short which is a bit surprising considering Reynolds’ somewhat regular slips into verbosity in Rip It Up The self interview is rather self serving go figure and it could have been compelling but Reynolds does highlight some important concepts First of all he pays ample homage to those music journalists that came before him writing for publications like NME Melody Maker and Sounds The music industry has changed so much in the past three decades with the emergence of MTV the internet and file sharing Without the influential publications of the 70′s80′s mentioned above and the likes of icons like Radio One DJ John Peel also interviewed for the book it would have been nearly impossible for anybody to discover these great bands Another of Reynolds’ accomplishments in his self interview is providing a logical connection between post punk and New Pop a concept that was glossed over in Rip It Up The musical edginess of post punk bands like Gang of Four and Swell Maps sounds virtually nothing like New Pop’s ABC and Orange Juice but Reynolds maintains that there is an aesth

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Totally Wired Postpunk Interviews and OverviewsIohead Franz Ferdinand and Vampire WeekendWith Totally Wired the conversation continues The book features thirty two interviews with postpunk’s most innovative personalities such as Ari Up Jah Wobble David Byrne and Lydia Lunch alongside an “overview” section of further reflections from Reynolds on postpunk’s key icons and crucial scenes Included among them are John Lydon and PIL Ian Curtis and Joy Division and art school conceptualists. Not only did Simon Reynolds wrote the ultimate history of Post Punk but maybe the only one Nevertheless Totally Wired is a perfect brother or sister to his Rip It Up Basically a collection of interviews with the key players of Post Punk all British except for David Thomas Lydia Lunch and the great James ChanceWhite The subject matter of both books are interesting but what makes it really shine is Reynolds intelligence and asking the right uestion to the right person All interviewees are superb intelligent the cloudy area of early 80's music is given much deserved focus Meaning groups like Gang of Four Public Image Ltd Slits etc It was an exciting time for music because Punk opened up the door but who did what and how once that door was opened is an interesting subject matter For me as a listener it was a paradise of sorts with beautiful graphics and wonderful fashion But beyond that was heavy thinking heavy fun and weird beautiful recordings Post Punk is a huge canvas and Reynolds does a good job in covering the major thinkers and stars and almost stars I wished there was something on my favorite Cowboys International but alas another book perhaps