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For proper young ladies good behavior has always been the ruleCaptain Bradshaw Carroway loves the seafaring life though he'd rather be battling brigands than his current assignment of ferrying a boatload of spoiled aristocrats One. Rules of Engagement was a fun adventure novel worthy of the Adventurers' Club series and its name In fact almost the entire novel takes place outside of EnglandAt first I thought I was going to hate the heroine Zephyr Ponsley her weird name is explained don't worry She has lived most of her life outside of society doesn't trust men because they never take her seriously and hates gossip While most of these ualities I enjoy in a heroine at the beginning of the novel she attacks Bradshaw at every turn with no provocation whatsoever She came across as a bit of a judgmental prickly snob If this annoys you never fear As she realizes that Bradshaw is not who she expected she softens up immensely and the development of their relationship is enjoyable Bradshaw is funny sexy and clever He acted like a competent sea captain and not an autocratic barbarian Once Zephyr starts to see this she falls under his spell as uickly as you will as a readerBradshaw has never really been seriously interested in marriage His brothers have lovely wives but as a sea captain he never saw that for himself As he gets to know and become fascinated with the innocent honest and wildly adventurous Zephyr he sees paths ahead for himself that he never thought would be possibleWhat I liked about this novel was that each character was willing to compromise in order to be with the other Becoming a couple is about caring for the other person and recognizing that your life may have to change to accommodate the other person but if it is the right person the change is a non issue Bradshaw and Zephyr become friends then lovers and see that a life with the other will be an adventure no matter where or how they live This was refreshing and pleasant to read about The couple is unconventional but with their interests and life experiences they wouldn't be happy any other wayMost of the novel takes place on the high seas with some tropical islands from the south Pacific thrown in Zephyr is helping her father with his botany expedition doing sketches and collecting samples while Bradshaw has been charged with transporting them and ensuring their safety Also along are some stranded members of the haute ton some salty pirates and even a few cannibals It makes for a colorful adventurous fun and unconventional road to love

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Rules of an EngagementEly innocent in the ways of love She's never learned to dance or flirt But scientific observation has taught her that the laws of attraction have no rules and that no adventure on land or sea is dangerous or delicious than passion. Perhaps the most interesting thing to me about Enoch's Rules of Engagement is how much interested she is in her hero than her heroine Unlike most romances we start off in the male lead's head and while that's common these days than it used to be I can't remember the last time I read a romance where it took thirty pages to even bump into the female protagonist And it's another ten pages or so before we pop in to see what she thinks of everything Without having read the preceding entries in this series I'm not sure if that's a standard here or related to the fact that the male protagonist Bradshaw Carroway is related to a couple of previous Enoch heroes and thus the sort of familiar entree to this worldUnfortunately once we get past that one little narrative uirk there's not much to say about the inoffensive but uninspiring Rules of Engagement The story follows the progress of Carroway's ship as he transports Zephyr and her famous botanist father around the South Seas and while there are a few seafaring contretemps tossed in there's never any central conflict between the characters Bradshaw likes Zephyr Zephyr likes Bradshaw there's absolutely nothing standing in the way of this relationship unless it's the impossibility of generating a lyrical romantic portmanteau for the couple which makes it a slightly dull fait accompli Even the possibility of Zephyr being torn between her beau and familial duty is snuffed midway through the narrative when Enoch begins turning the latter into an insensitive gitEnoch will forever remain toward the top of my list for her excellent Stolen Kisses but her Rules weren't enough to really engage me

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summary Rules of an Engagement ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ã For proper young ladies good behavior has always been the ruleCaptain Bradshaw Carroway loves the seafaring life though he'd rather be battling brigands than his current assignment of ferrying a boatload of spoiled aristocrats One passenger however has caught hPassenger however has caught his eye a bewitching young minx who definitely distracts him from the rules of shipboard decorum Some rules of course are meant to be brokenMiss Zephyr Ponsley has traveled the world but she's complet. This was an enjoyable sea worthy tale and while I didn't love it it is still a fun easy read This is the third installment in The Adventurers Club series and we get the swash buckling dashing Captain Bradshaw Carroways story Just a side noteI think this could be read as a stand alone as almost the entire book takes place at sea so the previous characters make only brief appearances Shaw is tasked in taking Miss Zephyr Ponsley and her father Sir Joseph around to islands so that Sir Joseph may collect new plants and animals for his discoveries Even though Shaw is in the marines and this is not exactly what he signed up for he accepts as he also has a secondary secret mission given to him from the Duke of Sommerset who was hardly in the book this time around sighNow Zephyr has been her fathers assistant for years traveling the world helping him collect his botany and drawing sketches to accompanying his findings She was not brought up in London and therefore does not know all the proper rules of society and is very free with her thinking and her opinions Upon her first meeting with Shaw she snorts at some comment he makes and he is immediately intrigued and drawn to her He takes it upon himself to always accompany her about the islands as they travel to protect her from unknown dangers and they continue their sparring back and forth Shaw tells her he wants to bed her and she tells him that he must court her properlyand he does There are some wonderful tender moments as their courtship progresses Oh and the ending on the ship so sweet it brought a sigh to my heartOverall this was a good book A few things dragged it down a bit for me though Shaw is forced to take on some passengers who need to get back home immediately and I felt they added a layer of unnecessary chatter that wasn't needed I can not really imagine ladies and gents and maids willingly go aboard a naval ship versus a passenger shipthe comforts are far different Also once again was the overuse of the word chit I don't know why it bothers me but I just do not like seeing it on almost every single page Then of course we barely see Lord Sommerset and I really hope Ms Enoch is working on his book next But for this book if you like a strong snappy in a good way heroine and a strong passionate hero who fall in love over the high seas with a bit of danger this is a great book for you Oh and of course the talking parrot makes an appearance to add a bit of chuckles 3 12 stars