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In a fantasy world as rich and real as our own Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell stand against the ancient forces which besiege the New World forces so terrible that when last they threatened they could only be withstood by sealing off the Old Wo Welcome to the next installment of WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ Pull up a chair and have a seatSo before we get to the explication of weirdness a couple of things of note that might lend context to this review 1 With the exception of 2013 I’ve read one of these books a year I can’t handle than one in a 365 day period I think I skipped last year because I ran out of time and also I didn’t care 2 I spent all of last weekend finally watching season one of Legend of the Seeker the TV show made by Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi Xena Warrior Princess which is based very loosely on the Sword of Truth book series The show is actually much better than the book I did miss a couple of details here and there but they cast the show very well and they toned the weird waaaaay the hell down They also made the characters talk like people instead of puppets with Goodkind’s hand up their asses The biggest advantage of the show versus the book though is that you don’t have to suffer through Goodkind’s simple and repetitive style Anyway I’d had the DVDs of the series for years now after I bought them from a bargain bin at Barnes Noble but I’d held off watching until I’d reached book three because I didn’t want to spoil myself I knew the show only lasted through two seasons and that most of the stuff it would spoil the books for me would be in those two books I shouldn’t have waited The show is better Anything I get spoiled for by watching season two is not a loss 3 I also watched the special features and there was this cheesy talk with Terry Goodkind on it where he gives a tour of his home his office and his nature paths that he walks every day for inspiration I had opinions about the guy before mostly that he was sincere and kind of deluded about the view of his own work and writing but reading such bad writing for hundreds of pages tends to give one a negative opinion of an author But after watching that interview I just can’t bring myself to feel negatively about the guy He’s just so EARNEST in his weirdness and wrongness and unknowing perversity And he’s got all these paintings and his head is SO BALD At one point he literally states that Richard and Kahlan his main characters are two of his best friends And he was dead serious Speaking of perversity TO THE REVIEW Blood of the Fold is the third installment in the Sword of Truth series which so far has followed Richard Rahl the Seeker of Truth as he overcomes evil and is subjected to all manner of torture and sexual deviance in his uest to defeat first Darken Rahl his father natch and then basically prevent the Devil from coming to the living world and killing everybody Also he falls in lurrrrve Blood of the Fold is actually the shortest book in the series so far by uite a large margin hundreds of pages and thank God for that I don’t know what the heck could have happened if it was Stone of Tears length 1000 but it wouldn’t have been good The main plot here is twofold First Richard fights to rally his father’s army behind him and take control of the Midlands in order to unify the area in preparation for a fight that doesn’t actually happen in this book with an evil emperor who walks in people’s dreams and who used to live behind a magical border but WHOOPS Richard brought that border down last book and evil emperor is out for conuering And also there’s this army of idiots called the Blood of the Fold who are determined to kill everyone with magical ability and the evil emperor is manipulating their leader by sending him visions where he pretends to be God It’s fucked up And second there’s a plot down south with the magical nuns from the last book The main magical nun has to ferret out the evil magical nuns from the good ones before the evil emperor can get to the magical nun palace which is a place where you age verrrrrry slowly so it is a perfect place for an evil emperor’s base of operations HE

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Blood of the FoldRld from whence they came Now the barrier has been breached and the New World is again beset by their evil powerWar monsters and treachery plague the world and only Richard and Kahlan can save it from an armageddon of unimaginable savagery and My 2019 reread of the Sword of Truth series has been a big success so far I've uickly blasted through the first three books in the series and think this third book Blood of the Fold was another fun and engaging instalment in this typically 1990s style fantasy epic I've bleated about the flaws of the series in my review of Wizard's First Rule so I will not do so again in this review If you have made it to this point in the series chances are you already know what they are I can acknowledge the flaws for sure but I'm glad that I seem able to enjoy the series and the story despite them I'm weirdly forgiving of this series and seem to be able to just roll my eyes at the worst of the Goodkindisms in the story and then press on with enjoying the happenings The story in this third instalment was a fun one With the Keeper thwarted at least for now Richard and Kahlan had to deal with the rise of the Imperial Order as a new enemy and with the conseuences of some of the things they had to do towards the end of Stone of Tears to defeat the Keeper's minions With the boundary between the Old World and the New World gone nothing is stopping Emperor Jagang from spreading the rule of the Imperial Order into the New World Jagang wants all magic in the world eradicated and has already found a few allies in the New World among the likes of the fanatical Blood of the Fold Richard and Kahlan had to unite the lands in the New World to counter the threat but did not fight alone as Zedd Verna and Prelate Ann and their various allies all had roles to play in opposing Jagang The story was fast paced and fun Richard and Kahlan remained the focus of the story but Zedd Verna and Ann all had solid POV segments dedicated to their story arcs in this instalment of the series We also got a few villains in the POV cast with Lord General Tobias Brogan of the Blood of the Fold and Sister Ulicia a Sister of the Dark I felt like the balance was perfect as while we got plenty of Richard and Kahlan we also got to keep up to speed with what was happening elsewhere in this fun fantasy world That added a bit of extra depth to the series and helped it feel that little bit epic It also really helped flesh out a few of the secondary characters like Ann and Verna which I really enjoyed I always feel like the SoT series turns out some fun magic and creatures and that was the case again in this 3rd book as we got introduced to the Slyph and learned about the nature of both the mriswith and the gars Those mriswith invisibility cloaks are especially fun The other fun part of this book was seeing Richard step into his fathers shoes and take up his role as Lord Rahl I really enjoyed his interactions with the D'Haran characters and uickly warmed to his interactions with his main 5 bodyguards The standout characters of the bunch ended up being Berdine and Cara I was actually shocked that Berdine played such a prominent role in the story as I do not remember her at all from reading this series in my teen years while Cara was one of the few characters who I had strong fond memories about If I had a tiny complaint about Blood of the Fold it was its length I did feeling like the pacing was perfect and the ending was better executed than the endings of the previous two instalments of the series but none of that changes the fact that at just 22 hours in length this book was a lot shorter than Wizard's First Rule 34 hours and Stone of Tears 38 hours All in all I really enjoyed this third book in the SoT series and am having a great time with my 2019 reread of the seriesRating 5 stars I'm keeping the 5 star nostalgia rating intact for this favourite of my teen years but in all honesty I liked it a lot during this 2019 reread so it was not far from justifying such a high rating even nowadays Audio Note 1 The official version of the audio is narrated by Buck Schirner I felt like Jim Bond did a poor job with the first two books in the se

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PDF ✓ BOOK Blood of the Fold Ñ In a fantasy world as rich and real as our own Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell stand against the ancient forces which besiege the New World forces so terrible that when last they threatened they could only be withstood by sealing off the Old World from whence they came Now the barrier has been breached and the New WorlDestructionTerry Goodkind author of the brilliant fantasy bestsellers Wizard's First Rule and Stone of Tears has created his most masterful epic yet a sumptuous feast of magic and excitement replete with the wonders of his uniue fantasy visio I had to stop bringing this book to Junior High just so people would stop asking why I was reading a book about menstruation Thanks TerryMy Fantasy Book Suggestions