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READ & DOWNLOAD È The Eternal Ones ↠ Have you ever fallen in love at first sightDo you long for a place you're never beenDo you often experience the sensation of deja vu EVER SINCE HAVEN MOORE CAN REMEMBERshe's experienced visions of a previous life as a girl named Constance whose love for her soulmate Ethan ended in tragedyAnd then the sight ofHave you ever fallen in love at first sightDo you long for a place you're never beenDo you often experience the sensation of deja vu EVER SINCE HAVEN MOORE CAN REMEMBERshe's experienced visions of a previous life as a girl named Constance wh. It helps if you imagine this reading experience as a kind of conversationBook Hey look reincarnationMe Meh Seen it Hindus do it better Wait is this about someone who comes back as an animal but remembers being human That would be shinyBookno It's about a girl who comes back as another girl and is in love with the same guyMe BlechBook But LURVE TWOO LURVE THRU TEH AGEZMe Look can I go back to my sci fi nowBook But I have true love And a gay best friendMe Not that the gay best friend isn't interesting butBook And a rabidly intolerant Southern townMe I don't have to particularly like the South to dislike thatBook How can you resist my blatant stereotypes Of course all Southern towns are miniature theocracies where anyone who doesn't fit the mold is persecutedMe Remind me to introduce you to a friend of mine from Georgia one of these daysBook Okay but heylookROMEMe Rome is cool How much of it do we get to seeBook Not much Because there's LURVEDRAMAOMGZ on the horizon Aren't you excitedMe I would rather count the brushstrokes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Can we go back thereBook No Now hurry up and become emotionally invested in my main characterMe This would be the girl who changes her own opinion based solely on what she's heard most recently from other people Who lets herself get steamrollered by a guy because he's good looking and she thinks she might have been in love with him in past lives Who has sex with him after knowing him for only a few daysBook That's the one Don't you love herMe NoBook Weeeeeell what about Iain Isn't he HAWTMe NoBook But he's gorgeous And he's in love with the main character And she thinks he's amazinglygorgeousgoodinbedthebee'skneesMe And I don't trust her opinions at allBook Okay what if I add echoes of PersephoneMe NOW I'm interested Cheese It took you this long to tap into something interestingintelligentBook Yup But here's the end Me Oh good he's deadBook NO HE'S NOT GOTCHAMe you're a jerkMy main complaint with this book HAVEN She flip flopped so much it was unbelievable; she couldn't make up her mind at all and was all too eager to let other people make it up for her In short she was weak willed and annoying and I would rather not read about her againHowever the book itself was fine I suppose Not stellar but average for today's YA market


Ear old Haven flees to New Yorkto find him and an epic love affair beginsBut its both deeply fated and terribly dangerousCan Haven unlock the deadly secrets hidden in her past lives and loves before all is lost and Ethandisappears againforev. past lives conspiracy dealing with the devil fate romancewas good

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The Eternal OnesOse love for her soulmate Ethan ended in tragedyAnd then the sight of the world's hottest movie star Ian Morrow brings Haven to her knees She knows she has met him beforeIs Iain her beloved EthanUnable to deny her past any longer seventeen y. Contains some spoilers from the first chapters Through all her childhood Haven Moore had flashbacks to earlier lives as different persons – that of Constance Whitman a woman living and dying in the New York of the 1920s in particular Her parents believed her because a small child could not possibly have invented so many facts about buildings circumstances and persons After her father’s tragic death things started to look different though Haven’s mother sank into depression to weak to care for what the religiously fanatic grandmother and her buddy the minister Dr Tid did to her daughter Until Haven who generally is forbidden to read magazines or watch TV sees 19 years old superstar Ian Morrow on TV by chance and recognizes him to be Constance Whitman’s lover Ethan Evans Dr Tid for years her only confidant and friend “helped” her to keep her supposedly dangerous visions at bay using his prayer therapy Seeing Ian’s face convinces Haven that all her trance like visions had been her past She starts to avoid her sessions with Dr Tid and spends time with her new gay sidekick Beau Becker who is – because of his sexual preferences – the other openly declared freak in the little bible belt town called Slope City Haven’s grandmother is furious about Haven's change of mind and denounces her granddaughter to be possessed by the devil The minister the congregation the whole town and the pupils at school gladly hop onto that band wagon after Haven has another vision which has to look like an epileptic seizure to an outsider right in front of her locker Although Haven is the mobbed one a collage on her locker pronounces her to be the devil’s associate the principal asks her not to attend his school any Before her grandmother who has already canceled her fashion college enrollment can stuff her into a closed facility Haven takes all the money she and Beau had earned by sewing the town’s festive clothing and flees to New York where she hopes to find Ian and where she wants to get answers from the Ouboro Society for the Reincarnated On the way to her hotel Haven is chased by mysterious gray men reminded me of Momo At this point the main plot of the story starts Haven trying to decide if she should trust Ian – who is a true jerk acts mightily mysterious and maybe even killed Constance in the 20s – or not Haven trying to decide whether she should reveal herself to be Constance Whitman to the Ouboro Society – which has its set of shady and two headed characters as well – or not Haven trying to unravel the mystery of Constance Whitman’s death and whether there was any involvement of a femme fatale called Rebecca – or not Haven asking Beau forever for his opinion being naive and stupid immature and undecided nevertheless Haven being supposedly in love with Ian but at the same time despising hating and mistrusting him uite a lot and Haven meeting the devil in person who – believe it or not – lives in Brooklyn proudly collects newspaper clippings that state his major Hiroshima and minor adultery deeds and can be blackmailed by dangling a confession recorded on an MP3 player in front of his faceOpposed to some other reviewers I thought the thriller part of The Eternal Ones” was uite thrilling and not too slow Sadly a lot of the suspense I felt was caused by Haven’s naivité I constantly sat on my hands being afraid of what stupid decisions Haven would make next Apart from the suspense the only positive element I can point out is gay best friend Beau Becker Although drenched in clichés he was alive sweet and fun What did not work at all for me was the romance subplot It fell completely flat on his and her side Ian is an uncaring jerk in my opinion He can buy or build as much houses for Haven as he wants if he does not mind her feelings All my margin notes about Ian say things like “Somebody truly in love does not pressure the one he loves like this Even if he wants to protect her he does not have to lie so shamelessly and cold heartedly to her” Haven is having the hots for Ian although she believes him capable of murder and feels compelled to spy on him all the timeAll other persons were either completely good or completely evilweak most of them the latter It was frustrating to see how very passive Haven’s mother was – even when her daughter was made responsible for torching the house down or got thrown out of school The grandmother and the minister – who I tagged as a pedophile in the beginning – were unbelievably evil Apropos evil I’ve never been to the Bible Belt But I simply refuse to believe that the behavior of the inhabitants of Slope City is anywhere near probable To throw someone out of school who shows signs of epilepsy or another illness that includes fits and faintings instead of punishing those who did all the mobbing to point with a finger at someone in the congregation and declare her to be possessed contemporary High School students who talk about demonic possession without being afraid to be ridiculed forever by their classmates a minister who has that much power over a whole town – including the authorities No way But the crème de la crème has been that pathetic Brooklyn Devil He sounds like he had been invented by Terry Pratchett but he wasn’t meant to be funny I am sure The Eternal Ones is getting no recommendation not from me