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Read ✓ Well of Sorrows (Well of Sorrows, #1) ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB å An epic tale of a continent on the brink of war and a deadly magic that waits to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world Colin Harten and his parents had fled across the ocean to escape the Family wars in Andover But trThe borders of a dark forest they were attacked by mysterious Shadow creatures who fed on life force Only Colin survived to find his way to the Well of Sorrows and to a destiny that might prove the last hope for peace in this troubled la. Well of Sorrows is at once the personal story of young Colin Harten and an epic tale of the clash of three races vying for dominion over the “New World” The magical thread that links both stories is the aptly named Well of Sorrows which attracts the forces of good and evil alikeThe first part of the book focuses on Colin and his family as they struggle to survive in the slums of Portstown The story gathers momentum when they are forced to emigrate west Portents of disaster create a sense of imminent doom that is fulfilled when the wagon train is attacked Colin is rescued by mysterious beings but his fate is almost as tragic as that of the other colonistsWe spend only a chapter at the Well but in it Tate brilliantly encapsulates the passage of time sets up the forces seeking dominion over the Well – and Colin – and establishes Colin’s resolution to leave before he succumbs to the Well’s power completely The final half of the book focuses on the struggles of the three races for supremacy Occasionally I wished Colin was front and center but he plays a pivotal role in this struggle and readers who were pulled in by his personal saga will still find the socio political one fascinating This is where Tate shines He boldly rethinks the conventional fantasy tropes to create a world that is complex and original His dwarren and Alvritshai bear only a passing resemblance to traditional dwarves and elves just as his “wild wild West” is recognizable only by the covered wagons that traverse it and the “gaezels” that inhabit its grasslands The stakes are high in this world and the political machinations feel as real as the characters who are caught up in them As you might expect from the first book of a trilogy this one gives us a provisional “happy” ending and the promise of future havoc While I am interested in the fate of the three races I will keep reading to learn whether Colin will resist the lure of the Well or fall prey to its power Given Tate’s penchant for dark brooding narrative there will be no easy resolution In his world victory reuires sacrifice and magic exacts a brutal cost I am eager to see just how high the price will be

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Nd their fellow refugees to this new land forcing them to abandon the settled areas and head into unexplored territory the sacred grounds of a race of underground dwellers and warriors It was here that they would meet their doom Driven to. A great tale about realistic characters with genuine inner struggles facing serious external conflicts The descriptions uniue customs and histories really flesh this world out I thoroughly liked the magic system including its limitations and costs No spells or wands hereThe action was great and never seemed gratuitous I really liked how the protagonist resolves the final conflict I won't say how but it was a breath of fresh air for the genre

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Well of Sorrows Well of Sorrows #1An epic tale of a continent on the brink of war and a deadly magic that waits to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world Colin Harten and his parents had fled across the ocean to escape the Family wars in Andover But trouble followed them a. With so much urban fantasy saturating the market these days it's really nice to see that a good ol' fashioned fantasy novel can still show up on the shelves Like say Benjamin Tate's Well of Sorrows Well of Sorrows tells the story of Colin a boy who's come with his parents across the sea to a new country fleeing war in their homeland only to discover that the city where they've settled has no use whatsoever for the influx of refugees Violence eventually ensues and Colin's father must lead a group of their people out to try to found a new settlement But there are strange and dangerous things out in the plains things which have caused previous settlers to never be seen againColin's family's group of course finds these dangerous things And Colin's life is irretrievably changedI could go on from there but that would be significant spoilerage I will however say that this is only really the first stretch of the book; the main storyline is what happens long after these events And I can add that the worldbuilding is the primary thing that appealed to me about Tate's work The idea of an overseas colony complete with strife between it and the motherland is not new to fantasy to be sure But it's handled well here and with a nice balance between a realistic feel and just enough magic to remind you that oh yeah this is in fact a fantasy novel not to mention that there are two non human races that initially will probably strike most readers as thinly disguised elves and dwarves Tate's names for them the Alvritshai and the dwarren do not exactly dispel that impression That said the dwarren are not miners which helps a lotMuch of the book hinges upon the volatile relations between the humans the Alvritshai and the dwarren and this is really where it shone for me I was less invested in Colin's acuisition of magical powers that enabled him to be the prime person to stop the blossoming warfare mostly because his acuisition of them is primarily off camera and so I had to adjust hard to jump from Colin as youth to Colin as man with magical ability Aeren one of the lords of the Alvritshai becomes a accessible character in the latter stretches of the bookLastly I'll note that Tate had a bit too much as you know Bob type dialogue in various conversations such as an Alvritshai character using a given term and then immediately following it with the term's definition in conversation to another Alvritshai But that was pretty much the only issue I had with any of the writing at all and I'll definitely be coming back for the next book in the series 'Cause this ain't done not by a long shot And I do need to know what happens next Four stars