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review Ä Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ She's fallen in lovewith her husband In the seductive heat of Rio during its Carnaval Ellie succumbs to her dangerously charismatic boss Diogo Serrador But having taken her virginity the Brazilian billionaire wants nothing toInity the Brazilian billionaire wants nothing to do with her until he discovers she's pregnantDiogo will accept nothing less than taking Ellie as his bride Their marriage is pas. I liked how this one started uite promising for a Boss knocks up the junior PA kinda HP and I was grinning although I’m still not sure if the humor was intentional or notBut then it got entangled in the same old H with mommy issues issues and the h who throws a 100 millions sigh for the baby yes back in his face and a poor simple om transmogrified into a mind bogglingly evil avatar repeat sighAnd then the writing got lazy putting out some inconsistencies and annoyances view spoilerHe kidnaps her and keeps telling her he’ll keep her till the baby is deliveredwhat did she think he meant That he was a trained midwife and wanted to help deliver the babyHe travels with a carload of security people and when she runs off into the darkness he faces the favela crowd alone AND he meets his childhood nemesis Was it a coincidence or a coincidence And where was his highly paid and trained Security But never mind he got to show some of his street fight movesEven after the pregnancy is revealed as a twin one the pregnancy is referred to ’the baby’ at least twice Was annoyingThe wedding Was it even legal She clearly said NO How did the h even know that the ow was killed in her home And that nanny was another cardboard character All that was missing was an evil laughHe’s a feral former street kid and a powerful man now He hates the om who threatened and almost harmed his ex and kid and he lets him get away with just a warning He didn’t even sic the authorities on his illegal activities So many bungle ups I wonder how he got that rich and then stayed that way hide spoiler

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She's fallen in lovewith her husband In the seductive heat of Rio during its Carnaval Ellie succumbs to her dangerously charismatic boss Diogo Serrador But having taken her virg. This was a three star story in spite of the TSL heroine until I got to the violent ending I was not expecting a gun to be pointed at the heroine only to have view spoiler the villain turn the gun on himself when help arrived and thus killing himself hide spoiler

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Virgin Mistress Scandalous Love ChildSionate by night but tense and empty by day Ellie realizes that she's in an impossible situation Diogo's dark past has frozen his heart but she's fallen in love with her husband. Great read by Jennie Lucas This one had a perfect little epilogue The ending upped this to the 5 for me Up until the awesome ending it was sitting at a 4 Some times I wanted to punch Diogo the hero but by the ending I loved him At first I wasn't happy with Diogo for throwing over Ellie in the beginning after their one night together However it worked for me because I was shown that even though he ignored her after their night together he always still wanted her and he didn't blame her for anything Anyway as I sawid he grew on meI've come to figure out Jennie Lucas's pattern She doesn't do the Big Misunderstanding but has villans in the story This one was just plain creepy The ending for the villian was a bit dramatic than seen in a HP but worked for me I have two Jennie Lucas books on their way to me and I'm looking forward to reading them as well