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Download ¿ The Blind Assassin 104 ð Margaret Atwood takes the art of storytelling to new heights in a dazzling novel that unfolds layer by astonishing layer and concludes in a brilliant and wonderfully satisfying twist Told in a style that magnificently captures the collouialisms and clichés of the 1930s and 1940s The Blind Assassin is a richly lY of her husband a distinguished industrialistFor the past twenty five years Margaret Atwood has written works of striking originality and imagination In The Blind Assassin she stretches the limits of her accomplishments as never before creating a novel that is entertaining and profoundly serious The Blind Assassin proves once again that Atwood is one of the most talented daring and exciting writers of our time Like The Handmaid's Tale it is destined to become a classic. The readers from Sakiel Norn due to their long and drawn out labor have been known to fall asleep during their readings Though it is not typical of the readers even their most prolific colleagues would admit to having stolen a few uiet moments of rest in between pages The Blind Assassin was an exception for one of the readers He dropped the 600 page tomb again and again on his unsuspecting face rousing himself from a newly established slumber If you haven’t gathered I found this one pretty slowAfter Oryx Crake became one of my all time favorite sci fi novels early in my university days I was disappointed by both follow up instalments in the Maddadam trilogy So I took a break from Atwood but fully intended to return to her prolific back catalogue The Blind Assassin seemed like the ideal next step sci fi mysterious family dealings AND a Booker Prize Winner It had all the makings of a novel I’d enjoyButWell it isn’t bad that’s for sure I’ll spare you a synopsis that you can find it easily in any of the other reviews and instead tell you that the book’s structure ticks along like fine clockwork Iris’ present day recounting is contrasted with the installments in the book within the book the eponymous The Blind Assassin and newspaper clippings It all does come together neatly but messily for the characters Both the story in the present and that in the past compliment one another and influenced my interpretation of one another ButMan is it ever slow I’ll admit to having read a lot of shorter novels lately and I first wracked up The Blind Assassin’s slow opening to my relative naiveté with larger undertakings Yet by the time I was 200 pages deep it was obvious that the speed Atwood set was what could be expected for the duration of the journey There are passages here that are extremely strong Some resonated with me deeply or provided a profound point that stuck with me after I put the book back down But there’s so much writing that seemed superfluous and some sentences seem designed by thesauruses they are so stiffly constructed Atwood’s writing is generally strong throughout but she indulges in some stuffy writing that absolutely detracted from my reading experience Of course what’s the good in the writing if the story isn’t any good After having completed the novel the story is definitely a good one The concept is solid the characters have strong motivations and though I saw a lot of the ending twist coming Atwood pulls it off in the final 100 pages with such style that I didn’t mind that I’d already figured it out ButThe novel is overblown and could have accomplished all it did a good 100 to 150 pages lighter There are so many passages that seem like they could have been snipped away by a keen eyed editor and I would have been none the wiser The girls’ childhood story goes on a bit too long and the story doesn’t really start to become engaging until Iris is married off into a nest of vipers that comprise two particularly heinous villains The last 100 pages move uickly and are easily the most gripping in the novel The story reaches a tragic climax that pulls on what has come before but also exposes what was not essential to the story My reading experience of Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin is well summed up by the following uote from the novelBut in life a tragedy is not one long scream It includes everything that up to it Hour after trivial hour day after day year after year and then the sudden moment” Margaret Atwood The Blind AssassinIt’s sort of a shame to admit but in reading The Blind Assassin I felt that I got all of the monotonous lead up that took a bit of the impact out of the novel’s “sudden moment” This is a slow and ponderous read though I can’t say I regret reading it The ending is uite good and I really did enjoy Atwood’s meticulously designed story structure For all of you who have enjoyed the book I can totally see where you’re coming from Unfortunately The Blind Assassin just never clicked with me in the way I expected So all in all a book that I thought was good but also one that I felt moved too slowly for its own good

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Margaret Atwood takes the art of storytelling to new heights in a dazzling novel that unfolds layer by astonishing layer and concludes in a brilliant and wonderfully satisfying twist Told in a style that magnificently captures the collouialisms and clichés of the 1930s and 1940s The Blind Assassin is a richly layered and uniuely rewarding experienceIt opens with these simple resonant words Ten days after the war ended my sister drove a car off the bridge They are spoke. As seen on The ReadventurerI have to admit I often do not get Margaret Atwood's books But I am pretty sure I got The Blind Assassin Otherwise how can I explain the feeling of sadness that is overwhelming me right nowIt's so hard to express what exactly this book is about any synopsis you read doesn't do it justice and explains nothing Mine probably will be as misleading and pointless as all others The Blind Assassin is a puzzle of a story with multiple tales within tales It starts with the main character Iris telling us of the day when her sister Laura drove off a bridge then shifts to Laura's posthumously published novel The Blind Assassin about two unnamed lovers who meet clandestinely and in which the man entertains his lover with pulpy science fiction stories mostly about a blind assassin and a sacrificial virgin who fall in love against all odds Then the story shifts again to Iris who now an old woman recalls her early years and the events leading to Laura's death What is it all about I wondered Why did Laura die Why novel within a novel Who are these secret nameless lovers I didn't understand the significance of Laura's The Blind Assassin for a while awful sci fi junk and all and yet it turned out to be the most symbolic the most intimate piece of bad fiction I have ever read Atwood always writes about women and this novel is no exception Ultimately The Blind Assassin is a story of two young sisters who were unlucky to be born at a wrong time when women were expected to be wholly satisfied with shiny things and not much else There is plenty of stories that explore submissive status of women in this world the constraints they live under but this one I am sure will stick with me for a long time IDK how she does it but Atwood writes it so well these two girls raised not to be independent who although they are full of life and vigor are locked inside the prison of their own home It doesn't really matter if they dare to escape their golden cages or not They are powerless either outwardly or inwardlyI know I am rambling here I find it difficult to rave and explain what I loved about The Blind Assassin It's just I am so full of feelings right now of understanding and compassion for Iris and Laura's plight of frustration over their weaknesses and pride over their moments of strength Not many books can make me feel so much

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The Blind AssassinN by Iris whose terse account of her sister Laura's death in 1945 is followed by an inuest report proclaiming the death accidental But just as the reader expects to settle into Laura's story Atwood introduces a novel within a novel Entitled The Blind Assassin it is a science fiction story told by two unnamed lovers who meet in dingy backstreet rooms When we return to Iris it is through a 1947 newspaper article announcing the discovery of a sailboat carrying the dead bod. “The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn't one” Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin is a fascinating and compelling read There are so many seemingly competing stories which add to the complexity of the narrator and her life They are also next to impossible to fully understand without the rest of the stories as strange and disjointed as they sometimes appear The result is that the reader stays somewhat lost until all the pieces fall into place The novel begins with the death apparently suicide of the narrator's sister This beginning section is engaging; however the payoff for following all the story's threads comes much later in the narrative By about the final 100 pages I was savoring the experience of discovery how each story had always been purposeful and relevant all along I'm a big fan of Margaret Atwood's works but this is very different than anything I'd read before like Handmaid's Tale or Oryx Crake 45 stars rounded up Very worthwhile