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Day of the DragonView our feature on Rebecca York’s Day of the DragonBeautiful archaeologist Madison D Ramsay Gallagher is a dragon shape shifter At least he was able to change until recently when he was in a life or death battle with his nemesis He’s never known anything about his ancestry He didn’t even know he was a shifter until he hit puberty Ramsay would do anything to find out about where he came from He is made aware of an archaeological dig occurring in the part of Italy where he was found as a wee When he finds out that Dr Dartmoor who is heading up the dig will be presenting some preliminary findings at a conference in Las Vegas well let’s just say he is so there Little does he know that this Dr Dartmoor is Ms Madison Dartmoorand that she is drop dead gorgeous High jinx ensue along with travel through the States Italy and Peru mixed in with adventure All of this gives this story the makings fast paced and interesting story It’s a shame that I just didn’t connect with itEven though Ramsay was introduced in Rebecca’s Moon series this is supposed to be a standalone book But I did feel as though I was missing some critical information about Ramsay now and again We do find out what his deal is and by that I mean most of his story but we only learn that at the very end of the book And by then it was just too late for me Ramsay just didn’t show enough warmth or personality for me to be able to connect with him Part of that is due to his dialogue – or lack thereof I LOVE reading the dialogue in a book The banter between characters the reactions to what is said or seen the way things are saidand not said It trills me I look forward to that inevitable part of a romance book where the hero and heroine will just talk for a while Get to know each other’s back story Each other’s uirks and habits Each other’s hopes and desires Each other’s passions I found in this book that the dialogue was very short and almost choppy I was not able to get any feel for the characters from their dialogue Madison certainly didn’t get much out of what Ramsay had to say Actually I’m kind of surprised Madison connected with him at all with all his secrecy and strange behavior And even when she does find out the truth about him she practically just shrugs and goes on with her dayMadison is a character with a lot of potential Orphaned when uite young she was guided by a man who would later become her mentor And she is a star in her field But since her parent’s death she is too easily swayed by strong and opinionated men Her mentor is the one who convinced her that archaeology is the perfect career choice for her She’s not even sure what she would have ended up doing if she wasn’t persuaded to follow that direction Then she meets Ramsay Yes he saves her but then she follows him a complete stranger to his house His argument I just saved you Why would I try to hurt you now? Oh okay then And there she is following him like a little puppy Okay that is not atypical for a paranormal romance novel Often the heroine starts off a little lost and a little too trusting And in this case she knows she is too trusting She mentions that she has spent the majority of her life being led in directions that she would not have necessarily gone herself if truly given the cho

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N who is not human and who holds a dangerous secret that may break her heartWatch a Vid I was really excited to read Day of the Dragon I love me some dragons—and dragon shifters— and I've been meaning to read of Rebecca York's Moon series after enjoying Night Season a couple of years ago Yet as optimistic as I was starting the book I had to put the book down after 100 pagesThe plot itself was interesting Madison discovers something on an archaeological dig that mysterious bad guys are determined to get their hands on; a brooding and wounded Ramsay a dragon shifter is drawn to Madison and wants to find out about her discoveryYet unfortunately I never could fully like either Madison or RamsayRamsay's high handed ways came across less as Alpha ness and like creepiness When they go to his hotel room after he averts a kidnap attempt on Madison he begins to glamour her to find out about her discovery Once he begins to get information from her he continues to work his mojo I'm so sorry he said sliding closer moving slowly When he reached for her she stiffened for a moment and he sent her calming thoughts It's ok You like me You trust me You want me to hold you You want to be in my arms She made a small sighing sound then relaxed It feels like we've know each other for a long time he murmured Yes He had taken her in his arms because he wanted information from her but holding her was interfering with his ability to think clearly as lust clouded his brain Or maybe need was a polite word He'd left himself unfulfilled last night He knew that was part of the problem The fragmenting of his abilities was another The Ramsay Gallagher of old would have been in complete control of this situation Now he couldn't even tell exactly what she was feeling She raised her head staring at him the mixture of intense heat and confusion on her face making his throat tighten What are we doing? she whispered Getting to know each other better We can'tdo this Why not? I just met you We won't do anything you don't want to do How many times had he used that line knowing he was a master of swaying a woman's decision?He later goes on to think that if she recoils he would pull away she doesn't but given how much he's already glad her her judgment was already impaired For me even though they didn't end up having sex due to an interruption this smacked of coercion and less of romanceAs for Madison she was passive to the point of inertia This was partly due to Ramsay's glamouring of her to make her go along with his plans But it was also that she repeatedly had this thought process of Oh I shouldn't do this Then Well ok I'll do it without any real motivation other than that was where the plot needed to goIn an effort to escape the bad guys they run to his remote lair which is outfitted with security cameras he creepily watches her while she sleeps of course and a secret bomb shelterunderground caveIndian ceremonial chamber No seriously The book hit the wall when he suggests that they will learn if she puts on a Native American leather shift he just happened to have around he has a matching loincloth they inhale ceremonial herbs to open their minds and go on a visionuest And her reaction? She doesn't even uestion him on the out there randomness of this suggestion She just says

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Day of the Dragon Mobi Ù 323 pages ð View our feature on Rebecca York’s Day of the DragonBeautiful archaeologist Madison Dartmoor unearths an astonishing find one of vast importance to a handsome stranger a man who is not human and who holds a dangerous secret that may break her heartWatch a VideoArtmoor unearths an astonishing find one of vast importance to a handsome stranger a ma Great Dragon shifter story Love this dragon shifter story What a great read The two of them having to figure out what was going on in their world and dealing with each other