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The Secret Year characters ß 107 å Colt and Julia were secretly together for a year and no one ever knew not even Julia's boyfriend Why would they they were from two different crowds Julia lived in her country club world and Colt didn't Then Julia dies in a car accident Colt is devastated but can't mourn openly and he's tormented that he may have pRld and Colt didn't Then Julia dies in a car accident Colt is devastated but can't mourn openly and he's tormented that he may have played a part in her death And when Julia's journa. Perhaps a fitting title to this novel would have been The Secret Year I had Sex sex and sex and sexColt Morrissey has always lived in the flats while all the rich kids live on Black Mountain the paths don't associate its not a big deal to Colt its just life That feeling changes during the summer when he begins a secret affair with Julia a beautiful girl from Black Mountain Julia has her own life full of country club parties friends and a popular boyfriend Austin Colt has his own life with friends working and somewhat messed up parents The two meet one night down on the river and against everything that makes sense in both their life they begin to meet secretly on Friday nights for a year The meetings consist of late night trysts and backseat car romance until Julia is killed in a car accident and Colt is left to grieve alone and handle the misgivings of their relationship Julia's brother Michael learns of the relationship when he discovers notebooks and journals his sister kept and decides uickly to get them out of the house He shows Colt one particular notebook she had about their time together and asks him to keep it Slowly over the course of the next year Colt absorbs Julia’s words and flashes back to those long Friday nights and the night that ended it allThe tagline reads Romeo and Juliet meet the Outsiders that's very misleading The Outsiders maybe due to the culturestatus thing but as far as the romance in this story it was causal no strings attached sex There was no tragic love or even a real commitment Julia and Colts relationship was built on lies deceit and sneaking around I wouldn't euate their romance to Romeo and Juliet but maybe MTVs 16 and pregnantColt described in a nutshell was an walking hormone fueled boy with no aspirations no goals and nothing going on in his life except for what the vagina's in this novel could give him I had a really hard time feeling sorry for him or any of the characters in this novel further I had a hard time feeling anything other than annoyed for Julia and Colts backseat of the car relationship and all the idiots who slept with him in the process thinking they were getting a relationship Take away the subplot white trash people and minus the gay brother added for family drama you get SEX Basically that’s really all this book was about sex sex sex dreams hopping into bed ercars tree houses garages classrooms lawn chairs pools with one partner after another and then some you guessed it sex At least we get a few big plugs for condoms hey boys and girls its ok to have lots and lots of hot sex just make sure to use your big boy condoms when you do so you don't get the herpes

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L ends up in his hands he is forced to relive their year together just when he is trying to forget The problem is how do you get over someone who was never really yours to begin with. I was really excited to read The Secret Year but unfortunately it just wasn't the book for me I found it uite difficult to get through and struggled to form any kind of attachment to the characters The premise is fantastic and I can't fault that at all It's unusual and intriguing and is the reason I bought the book in the first place To live with any kind of secret is difficult but to have a whole year that essentially only exists to two people is unimaginableHubbard definitely had the idea for a brilliant story but I personally didn't gel with any of it I didn't see why Colt and Julia liked each other as besides sex they didn't really interact a lot Their relationship was very much on the physical side and I didn't think it was enough to explain why these two very different people felt so strongly towards each other Their chemistry was lacking and I didn't particularly like either one of themThe whole time I was reading this book I was just waiting for it to go somewhere for something to happen I found the pacing too slow and the story never really got going I expected Julia's notes to be interesting but all she talked about was her boyfriend that she didn't really like and schools she wanted to go to in the future There were no revelatory bombshells in her words which was a shame as I think that would have turned the book aroundThis is a great example of how reading is subjective I've read nothing but good reviews of The Secret Year and I really hope my own dislike of the book won't put anyone off giving it a try Hubbard has her ideas in the right place and I think she'll only get better as she continues writing I'll definitely give her next book a chance and hopefully I'll like it a bit than this one

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The Secret YearColt and Julia were secretly together for a year and no one ever knew not even Julia's boyfriend Why would they they were from two different crowds Julia lived in her country club wo. The Secret Year was a book that had been on my wish list for uite some time so when a friend gave me her book to borrow I was uite ecstatic But what happened is what’s happening to me with a lot of books lately I have really high expectations set once I read the blurb I get really excited thinking this is a totally me book it’s a book I keep thinking of buying but put off a lot of my friends had really enjoyed the book so that sets the bar even higher But once reading The Secret Year all my hopes were dashed oh why book why did you have to let me downThe Secret Year was told from Colt’s perspective yes I was actually jumping up for joy a male pov throughout the whole book; I hadn’t read one in so long and I was hoping it would be achy and intense like Adam’s pov in Where She Went Colt and Julia had been secretly seeing each other for the last year; they had kept it a secret because Julia and Colt were from completely different backgrounds backgrounds of people who didn’t really get along Julia was from a privileged background; she lived in a huge house in black mountain neighbourhood and hung out with the popular rich kids at school Whereas Colt was from the rundown neighbourhood in the flats Julia and Colt ended up together one day after a chance meeting and ever since haven’t been able to stay away from each other But to not draw attention to themselves at school they act like they don’t know one another The only chance they get to meet is on Fridays everything is like a huge build up until that day That day where they can stop pretending and just be together where they belong without people gawking at them like Julia’s boyfriend Austin But then suddenly everything is just taken away in the blink of an eye Julia’s pronounced dead after a car accident as their relationship was a secret between two of them Colt can’t even say a proper goodbye at her funeral mourn her properly or even tell anyone about it it’s eating him up inside When his friends bring her up he has to remain closed off show no emotion even though he’s aching and raw with the hurt But then Julia’s brother Michael hands him a diary it’s full with lots of entries that Julia had written to him over the course of their relationship Can Colt cope with her diary Can he bring himself to read the entries and finally bring closure to a secret year that was the most intense of his lifeI’m usually one to stay well away from emotional books I just can’t cope afterwards I’m always a snotty mess with puffy eyes so I was expecting The Secret Year to be a huge emotional rollercoaster To be honest I did not shed a single tear Julia’s diary entries were at times heart wrenching and torturous to read but this book didn’t really move me in the slightest I expected to feel some sort of emotion but I didn’tI found some of the characters especially Colt lacked depth; he kept on flitting from one person to the other The blurb strongly gave me the impression that it would be solely based on their secret relationship but by the middle of the story it kind of fizzled out and the story went down a completely different tangent One I really didn’t like or could particularly care less about As the story progressed I found myself further and further drawn away from Colt The second half of the book really was pointless and just exuded a lot of sighing and eye rollingEven though it pains me to say The Secret Year was a bitter disappointment; I guess I went into it thinking it would evoke some sort of emotions in me but throughout the book I didn’t feel emotionally involved with the book or any of the characters This book didn’t even produce the urge of a sniffle I kept hoping the book would give me something Anything The lesson I’ve learnt from reading this book is don’t set my hopes too high because when they’re shattered into a million pieces all I’m left with is a huge feeling of disappointment and utter annoyance afterwardsThis review can be found on The Readers Den