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review Kneel To Me é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó Circlet Press brings you seven erotic stories of dominance and submission that will return you to the moment when a master mistress or slave first stepped out of a story and made you theirs BDSM fantasy and science fiction in the Circlet mold Including stories by Jason Rubis JCirclet Press brings you seven erotic stories of dominance and submission that will return you to the moment when a. This e book of seven stories of BDSM erotica contains fantasy worlds peopled with believable characters the kind of thing the late US poet Marianne Moore called imaginary gardens with real toads in them Stories like this were pioneered by Circlet Press which still leads the field And Circlet founder Cecilia Tan is an ardent baseball fan as was Marianne Moore make of that what you willIn her introduction Lauren Burka explains what these stories are notLet's call her CindiShe is a habitue of the slush pile arriving in a story titled 'Cindi's Journey' or similar She has a body with unlikely measurements no history worth mentioning and no special talents except the ability to walk in 6 inch heels while burdened by disproportionately large breasts She lives in a future society indistinguishable from ours except that it supports some form of contract slavery that exists without political or economic rationale You won't find Cindi or her masters in this book There are no cliches in these stories but there are traditional BDSM roles and scenarios characteristic of fantasy literature a world at war a corporate dictatorship in which almost anything can be bought and in which BDSM is both part of the political structure AND an illegal form of rebellion which is investigated and punished a world in which knowledge is both power and status And there is a delicious plot twist in almost every storyIn The Lord of Misrule by Kannan Feng for instance the narrator introduces the reader to an institution of higher learning in which he has distinguished himselfI earned the right to walk the halls of Atia Selene when I was sixteen and even at that age the masters of the Veiled University knew that I would one day join their ranks I was a prodigy I was brilliant and unfortunately for the younger students and the servants around me I was a holy terrorThis scholar seems to have a greater degree of self knowledge than the average person in a position of power; how did he acuire it A hint appears when the narrator's inscrutable male servant shows up Another hint appears when the narrator tells us that Christmas is celebrated in the old fashioned way during twelve days which culminate with a Feast of Fools Twelfth Night or the Feast of the Epiphany when the servants and the masters trade places The ruler for one night is the Lord of Misrule and he never a she can be someone who doesn't usually give commandsClearly the narrator is destined for an educational experience that will be memorable than anything on the official curriculum Even if it is not a complete surprise the new relationship is satisfying for the reader as well as for all the characters The sex is well paced and although this story is not exactly a romance mutual love can be read between the linesKATT by smotp is the tale of an artificial intelligence or a sex toy in the form of a teenage girl who was given to her master when he came of age A disaster threatens her continued existence unless she can send a message to her master from the desert planet where she is stranded This is a fast moving well written romp about communication in various formsRomans by Joe Nobel could be crudely described as a menage or Mff story but the three way relationship defies expectations In the context of an empire like that of ancient Rome a master must leave his female slave temporarily and she feels abandoned In the place where he has business he meets a woman gladiator who has had to give up her vocation or find almost certain death in the arena The emotions of all three characters are almost palpable Is there a way for each of them to get the acceptance the companionship and the ecstasy they each want With enough creativity and forgiveness anything seems possibleRaiders from the Stars by Jay Starre is about a breathlessly excited young man who hopes to join the legendary Raiders aboard an immense space ship the Alabaster Swan which is described as a planet unto itself Taro the young novice is chosen by Glyn a Master in Training who clearly enjoys the services of a personal attendant yet the mission of the Raiders is so much larger that Glyn must risk hurting his beloved boy emotionally in order to show him why they are both thereExceptional Acts by Argus Marks takes place in a corporate world full of acronyms in which anyone who causes trouble for the ruling corporation can simply be Reeducated and Relocated The heroine of this story has lost her father to such a process After complaining openly she applies for employment as a corporate slave hoping for a chance to gain knowledge and payback but she can't hide her past The man who interviews her as a potential Exceptional Specimen seems to be acting in the service of the COUP Committee of Upper level Producers or is he This tale is the funniest in the collection but there is plenty of lust mixed with the political satireIn Personal Benefits by Elizabeth Thorne a woman who seems to wield immense corporate power is shown to be frustrated by a perceived lack of control and therefore she reuires a female slave who will serve in a different way from the boss lady's employees At first Cara the executive is annoyed by the appearance of the slave girl who is sent to her but then it becomes clear how well suited they areScenes in a Beijing Hotel by Jason Rubis is set in an actual place a former palace turned into a luxury hotel In this microcosm of the world Carl Schell interplanetary tycoon and long term participant in on line role playing has contracted an illegal slave trading service to help him disappear and become a slave Roma a trainer shows up to find him There follows a complicated cops and robbers chase involving a scam operation seduction by various means and the specialized police force whose mandate is to find and arrest slave traders You would never guess who turns out to be the hero of the day someone who has been hiding in plain sight Each of these stories could be expanded into a novel but all of them together form a slim anthology of just 130 pages If you want to sink into an imaginary world or several of sex adventure and discovery but you don't have much time to read for pleasure this book would be a good investment and the purchase price won't go to an Evil Corporate Empire

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Rclet mold Including stories by Jason Rubis Joe Nobel Kannan Feng Elizabeth Thorne Jay Starre and SMOTP Essemoh Teep. Some of these stories felt a little incomplete but almost all of them were memorable On the whole this is a better anthology than most others of this type that I've read The stories span from mm to mf to ff

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Kneel To MeMaster mistress or slave first stepped out of a story and made you theirs BDSM fantasy and science fiction in the Ci. This is the first ever anthology type book where I enjoyed every single story This is like buying a CD from an artist where I enjoyed every song on the album Unheard of I have many albums and I can count on one hand the number of albums I loved every song I can also tell you for the anthology like this one how many I really enjoyed and became super hot reading that would be oneWhen I read the forward by Ms Burka I confess to rolling my eyes I thought Lovely one of those people There are people who look down upon what is loosely categorized as porn They want to make the distinction because society paints anything with sex in it as porn I'm one of those people who actually enjoy the Cindi stories Ms Burka rips on at the beginning of the book I am not ashamed of it either It feeds a desire I have and I enjoy it It makes me wet the unadulterated raw humiliation and degradation of these Cindi stories were the woman is modified and trained to be an unthinking animal responding to basic commands It's a kink I fully enjoy reading Make NO MISTAKES this book contains not even a lick of Cindi in it Instead we are treated to one after another hot sexy domination We go from mm to mf to ff Since I enjoy it all I’m turned on and aroused the entire time reading this bookThe Lord of Misrule Oh God reading this one had me wet almost instantly The public embarrassment plus the flipping of status so the prince submits to a dominating servant had me over the moon This story stroked me in just the right wayKatt This was a sweet one I’m always down for some tentacle sex This noncon part had me suee ing in delight The romance involved was unexpected and sweetRomans I wanted to slap the slave upside the head at first When the story unfolded I was impressed by how the Master handled the issues the slave had He heard her and created the perfect solution The punishment scene was unexpected which concluded in hot lesbian sexRaiders from the Stars This mm piece was an excellent example of Master and slave The reasoning was understandable The submission in service when finally understood brought a smile to my faceExceptional Acts WTF Reeducation and relocation This all sounds wrong This one had me wondering if I would like all the stories It was pretty f ed up for me – this world Yet I could understand it It’s the type of sci fi fantasy I like The kinky twist of it was hawt Let’s just say it wouldn’t be a bad way to die but seriously intense That is a bit too much edgeplay for mePersonal Benefits YAY Ff SM with 247 is hot for me This was a perfect one for me Of course it’s by the author who caused me to by the book Ms Thorne wrote another story right up my alley I totally understand the Domme and her pressures Oddly enough rather than needing to control to that extent I’d be the flip side I’d need to have one place in my life that I can submit and not make all the decisions That would be freedom for me and help me relax and be productive and creativeScenes from a Beijing Hotel What the hell I’m so confused But I liked it The concept was hawt I really want to read about dogslaves And this red head who is a telepath and an obvious Domme I need to meet her I want to submit to her I recommend this hawt collection to BDSM readers who enjoy tightly written short stories with kinky erotic scenes that are intense and with a good plot