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Draw the dark Characters ç 102 â There are things in Winter Wisconsin folks just don't talk about The murder way back in '45 is one The near suicide of a first grade teacher is another And then there is 17 year old Christian Cage Christian's parents disappeared when he was a little boy and ever since he's drawn and painted obsessively trying desperatThere are things in Winter Wisconsin folks just don't talk about The murder way back in '45 is one The near suicide of a first grade teacher is another And then there is 17 year old Christian Cage Christian's parents disappeared when he was a little boy and ever since he's drawn and painted obsessively t. Reading this book was kind of like riding the TGV train in Europe It starts off kind of slow just chugging along until it gets it footing in wide open fields and starts barreling at its full potential ramming down the countryside at 200 miles per hour and you're sitting there wobbling with the carriage enjoying the ride but somewhere deep in the back of your mind you're hoping the brakes are goodThis was such an amazing book The I read the I wanted to devour I didn't want my lunch break to end because I wanted to keep reading Would they notice if I went I few minutes longer I just swallowed it up once I got over the beginning It did meander a bit and it was a little slow to start I felt getting into Christian's head could have been trimmed some because I was starting to feel after a while like saying 'get on with it' Oh get on it didWhen I first met Christian I initially thought he was a little slow mentally Just the way he talked and the way he was portrayed as acting he just didn't seem like he was all there is I guess what you would want to say But by the end not only was I totally over that notion I thought Christian was actually a brilliant kid with a power that he didn't know how to wield so he functioned around it not knowing how to control it I loved him and felt for him and I was right there behind his eyes with him every step of the wayI want to say this book is historical fiction but technically it doesn't fit the bill But Christian relives the memories of people so much and I learned so much history about Winter through Christian's eyes that it's hard not to call it historical fiction It also has fantastical elements too It doesn't start out that way but once we start seeing that Christian isn't just strange but actually has the power to see people's thoughts draw them out and tap into their darkest fears to actually destroy them the fantasy starts coming outWhat I liked most about that though was that it's fantastical grounded in the realistic We don't really know what's going on with Christian but we're in his head experiencing everything he is But all of his visions are rooted in reality He's not seeing Fey or ghosts but genuine memories from the past that help to solve a decades old murder and vindicate lives lost both literally and figurativelyThe history that Bick draws on Nazi prison camps in the US just spurned my want to find out Really Nazis here I knew that our own government rounded up Japanese when we entered the war and relocated them to camps but we had POW camps A uick Google search uncovered an extensive list of all the POW camps in the US just after World War II One was about 20 minutes from where I live now at the local airport Reading even fiction enlightens us to historical facts sometimes But in the midst of all of this the strife that this caused this town of Winter whether the actual events were real or not is horrifying A town populated by Jews are losing their jobs to Nazi prison workers When they tried to unionize the POWs took their jobs then too HorribleThe ending was bittersweet It wraps up the overall story and the mystery aspect of the plot but at the same time shatters something so sweet and innocent it actually took my breath away It doesn't end on a fluffy happy note but an empowering one Christian has grown up He's not seen as some weirdo that likes to draw and keeps to himself all the time He saves people He solves murders And he still draws He tried his hardest to break out of his own shell and let people in But even at the end whether he survives his own accomplishments is in uestionThe writing is glorious compelling and will suck you right into your own sideways place Maybe you'll want to crawl out and back into the light Maybe you won't But you'll go in there and meet Christian You'll curl up in his brain and ride his life with him You'll feel his pain his fear his anger his frustration And when the last page turns you'll be feigning for If you want a book that'll tug at your brain and your heart all at once read Draw the Dark It's a gripping historical fiction set during the present day and told through the eyes of a teenager with a miraculous and terrifying gift Once you hop aboard the train it'll take you away and while you might be afraid of the speed you won't want to get off You'll never want it to end

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Expects is for Christian to meet Winter's last surviving Jew and uncover one thing best forgottenthe day the Nazi's came to town Based on a little known fact of the United States' involvement in World War II Draw the Dark is a dark fantasy about reclaiming the forgotten past and the redeeming power of lo. Pretty much from the moment I first saw this cover I wanted to read this book and lucky me got the chance via Netgalley it doesn't come out until October Somehow the red barn looked really creepyEver since his mom disappeared into the sideways place Christian has been drawing on his walls drawing things OUT People in the small town of Winter Wisconsin are leery of him since that incident with his first grade teacher and his Aunt Jean and now he's being blamed for painting a cryptic note on the side of an abandoned barn which he doesn't remember doing But knows somehow that he did doNow Christian is uncovering a decades old mystery that the town of Winter wants buried drawing it out of the darkness Years ago a man was murdered but no one wants to talk about it With flashbacks coming and freuently Christian needs to find out the truthI loved the language of this book it was very visual and I could see everything The historical details of the murder were very interesting and introduced me to some information I hadn't known previously The characters were also well done and I particularly enjoyed Christian's relationships with Uncle Hank and Dr Rainier although I wished that Dekker had good in him This was a creepy story somehow without there being ghosts or much that was paranormal other than Christian's ability to draw out people's pasts or their nightmares The play on the word draw was cool and unexpectedI will say that there was one major thing that disappointed me about this story It begins talking about the sideways place and wanting to find his mother and I expected a trippy journey to the sideways place something reminiscent of Stephen King's The Talisman or The Dark Tower I don't think this story will have a seuel and I can see why it ended the way it did but I just wanted that crazy horror show that the sideways place would have been With the violence and language I'd recommend this for high school age readers and up

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Draw the darkRying desperately to remember his mother The problem is Christian doesn't just draw his own memories He can draw the thoughts of those around him Confronted with fears and nightmares they'd rather avoid people have a bad habit of dying So it's no surprise that Christian isn't exactly popular What no one. When I first started this book I was a little confused but intriguedI want to give this book 2 stars because of the parts in that were almost enjoyable but overall the story just wasn't goodIt starts out with alot of potential that goes nowhereChristians magical drawing ability and how he goes back in the past is kind of cool or even how he draws people and they diehis reference to the sideways place and how he thinks his parents are trapped there is the most idiotic part of the storythe fact that everyone he draws seems to die makes me annoyed that he hasn't just drawn the asshole who has been violently tormenting him the whole storyThe ending of this book was awfulyou still have no explanation of what the sideways place is but he goes thereand there is no explanation exactly for where Marta went or Catherine Bleverton mysteriously drowning right after the murderToo many loose ends and the whole Halloween party fiasco and that damn doorjust awful