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Free read Guilty Pleasures ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à Анита Блейк е малка сладка и привидно невинна но не оставяйте това да ви заблуди – тя притежава загадъчната и опасна сила на аниматор човек спсрещнете в училище а лошите момчета които престъпват закона и оставят след себе си само телата на своите жертви Сега някой избива невинни вампири и когато най могъщият вампир в града се обръща към нея Анита се съгласява да помогне да открият кой и защо Работейки с вампира Жан Кл. Anita Blake is a vampire hunterslayer among other dealings with the undeadoccult and she's only in her early twenties Story is told in a first person PI style which means there's some wry humor as well as a focus totally from the main character's POV PROS 1 Fast read; 2 Vampires are similar to the legends but have enough uniue differences where we are dealing with something new and enticing; 3 Anita is a nice mix of male and female which means she should appeal to both genders; 4 Well plotted; hardly any gap holes of logic; pacing is well done; and 5 Big finale climax at the end Satisfying if you like things settled well violently Heh CONS 1 Her early books are great I would warn that by book ten she starts to spend too much time in the lovemaking which slows everything down Not an issue in this novel but will be later if you fall for the series as I did CHARACTERSDIALOGUE B to B plus; ACTION SCENES B plus; STORYPLOTTING B; SETTINGTONE B plus to A minus; WHEN READ 2006 revised review mid November 2012; OVERALL GRADE B plus

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од в него тя за пръв път вижда не само чудовище но и един необикновен мъж Мъж също толкова пламенен и опасен колкото е тя и вампир способен да възпламени в нея глад сравним с неговия собствен Може ли да му се довери И ще преживеят ли сблъсъка с древното зло срещу което са изправен?. The engaging start of a wonderful series that morphs into erotica partway through If you like VI Warshawski Kinsey Milhoneand other female gumshoes and you like some fantasy you will definitely like this series in the beginning Normal world normal woman except that vampires and other supernatural critters are real some have civil rights and coexist with humans or less peacefully and the protagonist is a 5'2 gun toting butt kicking necromancer Her day job is raising the dead for a company that specializes in it so that answers about wills etc can be settled once and for all Her other job is a vampire executioner which makes her a federal marshal because you can't just run around and stake some poor vampire on sight unless you want to get arrested The monsters are living among the humans now and Ms Hamilton does a wonderful job of looking at exactly what that would entail What about mixed marriages What kinds of jobs would vampires have How would the ACLU fit into this What about religion And so on and so forth At this point Anita Blake's world is black and white Vampires bad Humans good There are no shades of gray for Anita This book reads like a decently written female detective book with the small twist of the kind of world the detective exists in and how that impacts her investigation and her lifeYou must start with the beginning in this series or you'll miss some fascinating twists and turns as Anita's world starts to acuire shades of gray and she starts to grow up a little bit What happens when the monsters go out of their way to rescue you from the humans who want to kill you What happens when the scariest thing in your world is a human not a monster What happens when the monster thinks you're kinda cute and asks you out on a dateLater in the series Ms Hamilton gets so busy exploring the social interaction side of things what happens when ALL the monsters want to date you At the same time that the mystery solving part goes bye bye which is a shame And right around Narcissus in Chains Ms Hamiltin abandons any pretense at plot and starts writing not so vanilla porn But the series right up to that point is a solidly written engaging and nicely layered series that can be addictiveAnd the fact of the matter is that not one of the other authors who have picked up on this oh so popular genre of female with unexplored powers doing something dangerous in a supernatural world has come close to what Ms Hamilton managed to accomplish with Anita Blake

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Guilty PleasuresАнита Блейк е малка сладка и привидно невинна но не оставяйте това да ви заблуди – тя притежава загадъчната и опасна сила на аниматор човек способен да дари нов живот на мъртвите И ако това не е достатъчно в свободното си време тя лови вампири И не сладкия миловиден тип който ще. Okay so some of the girls asked that I do a review of the Anita Blake series because I mentioned some things that intrigued themIt's not a finished series and usually I would reserve judgment on a series until it comes to its conclusion just in case the author was going somewhere I wasn't expectingKind of like that scene out of Austin Powers where Austin's in the bathroom stall with a bad guy and a big Texan man is in the next stall and can only see Austin's feet He hears Austin Powers grunting as he fights the guy saying Who does Number 2 work forThe Texan guy thinking that Austin is taking a crap decides to pitch in and give encouragement to someone who is obviously struggling That's right Show that turd who's bossWell that's what reading Anita Blake is like You're sitting in the next stall with someone who nine or so books ago you thought was really nice and normal Suddenly they start to struggle and you want to be encouraging or you want to tell them to give up take a laxative and come back later The thing is at first you're wary to because maybe something else is going on Maybe a brilliant struggle for life and death is happening but you just can't see it Maybe at the end of the series you're going to come out see what's left over in the stall and proudly proclaim Jesus Christ what did you eatThe first 10 books are filled with mystery and intrigue They've got great characters and really interesting storylines They've got action DAMN have they got action Obsidian Butterfly in my opinion the last good book is such a thriller in so many ways They're a little bit sexy and you find yourself wishing a little sexy would come your way because it's kind of really hawtBut then something happens after book 10 It happens so uickly that you're kind of in a headspin looking around going Am I still reading the right series Have they printed a different book under the same nameBecause suddenly they're no longer mysteries There's no longer any real edge of your seat suspense Suddenly you think you're going to go a little crazy if you read another freakin' sex scene Suddenly the writing is so poor so transparent The characters are so unlikable and so unrelatable that they might as well be from another galaxyYou're just walking along one day admiring the view when suddenly OH CRAP ANITA JUST HAD SEX WITH A WERELEOPARD IN ANIMAL FORMYou're minding you're own business enjoying a cup of coffee when FUCK SHE JUST HAD A THREE WAY WITH TWO MEN ANALSEXANALSEXANALSEXYou were about to get ready for work when out of nowhere CROTCHBUCKETS SHE'S JUST HAD A MASSIVE GROUP ORGY AND BEEN 'SPITTED' BY TWO MEN FAAARKThen you wonder if you can still walk into a church after reading these books They become so appallingly bad that you wear them like a badge of pride Oh you think THAT book is shocking Has she ever had sex with an animal while a whole room full of people look on Oh You think THAT'S shocking Did that character ever have seven consecutive boyfriends and nine casual fucks at the same time Really That character is THAT powerful Did they ever defeat an evil villain with the power of their crotch aloneSpeaking of which this is one of the major MAJOR flaws of Anita Blake Her Cooter The Crotch of Doom as some of the girls call it Almost every man she comes across she has to sleep with And then he loves her He's addicted to her He can't get enough of her It's ridiculous That girl had better have a TV screen in her forehead beer leaking from her nipples and a bellybutton that dispenses sandwiches Otherwise I just ain' buyin' itShe amasses power like it's spare change She goes from being a powerful animator of zombies to a necromancer who can control ALL dead things including vampires as well as being a lupa ueen of the Werewolves Namira Ra ueen of the wereleopards having six strains of were in her but none of the downsides like actually changing She becomes a succubus She is a human servant part of a powerful Triumvate Then she makes her OWN triumvate with her own Vampire to call and an animal to call It's just RIDICULOUS You're wondering where it stopsThis stops her from having any character growth I thought Anita Blake's flaws were going to be dealt with at some point I thought her pride arrogance lack of impulse control insecurities etc were going to be addressed through circumstances and a learning curve No She just becomes so powerful that it doesn't matter anyAnd the books are just basically sex That's all that happens Everyone has sex All the time And then they all argue A lot Anita wears a skirt so three out of seven of her boyfriends take issue with that and then argue with Anita and amongst themselves Anita chips a nail so at least five of her boyfriends go mental and start blaming each otherI really don't know why this mess continues It's beyond ridiculous I think LKH just wants to see how much she can shock us now What can she do to play with our heads So Anita has brain sex with another woman So Anita has sex with a sixteen year old It doesn't matter any In the end Anita never takes responsibility for ANY of it She never really sits down and says Regardless of everything I want to be with THIS person and THAT person I want to do THESE crazy sex acts because that would get me hawt Then I want to try it with five men at onceNo It's always the situation She's always made to do it This makes me lose so much respect for both the character and LKH You want fantasy smut in your story Fine Put it in there But don't make it so that the character never CHOOSES the fantasy smut Don't make it so that each and every time the character is forced by circumstances to do these crazy smutty things WTHAnd lastly don't push feminist bullshit down our throats when every other woman in this series is either a bitch psycho cow or pathetically weak If Anita was a real woman than she'd stand up to a little damn competition Instead she fights with every other woman around like it's some kind of damn pissing competition I kept thinking that maybe LKH was behind that stall doing something that didn't seem apparent to me From what I could see so far she was struggling to get something out I kept wanting to yell at her for it but then I thought maybe there's something epic happening Maybe I'm wrong Maybe it's just because I can't see enough from my stall in the bathroom of lifeNo my friends In this instance she's not wrestling a man into a toilet bowl for information She's not leading us through some epic well thought out drama that's going to unfold brilliantly if we just hang on and keep reading She's just shitting with us Well and truly and enjoying the money we pay her for the pleasure of reading this crap