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Spoken from the Heart doc Ç Hardcover read · moneyexpresscard ☆ In this brave beautiful and deeply personal memoir Laura Bush one of our most beloved and private first ladies tells her own extraordinary storyBorn in the boom and bust oil town of Midland Texas Laura Welch grew up as an only child in a familyIn this brave beautiful and deeply personal memoir Laura Bush one of our most beloved and private first ladies tells her own extraordinary storyBorn in the boom and bust oil town of Midland Texas Laura Welch grew up as an only child in a family that lost three babies to miscarriage or infant death She vividly evokes Midland's brash rugged culture her close relationship with her father and the bonds of early friendships that sustain her to this day For the first time in heart wrenching detail she writes about the devastating high school car accident that left her friend Mike Douglas dead and about her decades of unspoken griefWhen Laura Welch first left West Texas in 1964 she never imagined that her journey would lead her to the world stage and the White House After graduating from Southern Methodist University in 1968 in the thick of student rebellions across the country and at the dawn of the women's movement she became an elementary school teacher working in inner city schools then trained to be a librarian At age thirty she met George W Bush whom s In this memoir Laura Welch Bush who always before has been a rather private person gives us a candid peek into her life from youth to the early years of her marriage and life as a young mother of twin girls She gives us an in depth account of her eight years as our First Lady detailing the causes she championed the implications and the results of her travel at home and abroad and the relationships forged with everyone ranging from the highest foreign dignitaries to those she grew to know intimately as White House staffers She reveals her anxiousness following 911 and her distress from the demeaning political bashing directed at her husband Joys and sorrows triumphs and regrets are all included The book reveals a great deal about this compassionate First Lady who carries herself with such dignity grace and eleganceHer love of books is best revealed through her willingness to share that love raising a greater national awareness by championing new authors establishing a National Book Festival and urging all to read with their children

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He had last passed in the hallway in seventh grade Three months later the old maid of Midland married Midland's most eligible bachelor With rare intimacy and candor Laura Bush writes about her early married life as she was thrust into one of America's most prominent political families as well as her deep longing for children and her husband's decision to give up drinking By 1993 she found herself in the full glare of the political spotlight But just as her husband won the Texas governorship in a stunning upset victory her father Harold Welch was dying in MidlandIn 2001 after one of the closest elections in American history Laura Bush moved into the White House Here she captures presidential life in the harrowing days and weeks after 911 when fighter jet cover echoed through the walls and security scares sent the family to an underground shelter She writes openly about the White House during wartime the withering and relentless media spotlight and the transformation of her role as she began to understand the power of the first lady One of the first US The fact that she's married to W touts her herculean patience and strong motherly instincts much better than any memoir

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Spoken from the HeartOfficials to visit war torn Afghanistan she also reached out to disease stricken African nations and tirelessly advocated for women in the Middle East and dissidents in Burma She championed programs to get kids out of gangs and to stop urban violence And she was a major force in rebuilding Gulf Coast schools and libraries post Katrina Movingly she writes of her visits with US troops and their loved ones and of her empathy for and immense gratitude to military familiesWith deft humor and a sharp eye Laura Bush lifts the curtain on what really happens inside the White House from presidential finances to the 175 year old tradition of separate bedrooms for presidents and their wives to the antics of some White House guests and even a few members of Congress She writes with honesty and elouence about her family her public triumphs and her personal tribulations Laura Bush's compassion her sense of humor her grace and her uncommon willingness to bare her heart make this story revelatory beautifully rendered and unlike any other first lady's memoir ever writt Ted Kennedy called her the “First Lady of Education” And after reading “Spoken from the Heart” I would most definitely agree with the senator I came away from reading this book with the impression that Laura Bush is a passionate educator with the heart of a poet that this woman was one to take the time to note and appreciate the many and varied moments that come together to make up a life She’s a person who takes these wonderful moments to heart and I for one found my spirits buoyed as I learned this about her As I read the book I noticed a certain thread one that connected one story after another I realized that my first assumption that I was reading the autobiography of a great First Lady was somewhat inaccurate I soon realized I was reading the memoir of a great teacher one who loves and was born to teach Some of the finest people I know have this same guiding passion in life so this told me much about Laura Bush’s character Here are some the teacher characteristics that stood out for meMany effective teachers have a touch of the storyteller in them and time and time again the stories she shared captured my imagination One of the early examples was one that happened after the first George Bush inauguration After all the balls were done many of the guests found themselves unable to find a taxi to take them back to their hotels The DC Subway System they soon realized was the only way they were going to get back As I read the words I tried to imagine the strange sight that must have met the eyes of the early shift workers as they waited for the 2 am train standing shoulder to shoulder with men in tuxedos and elegantly dressed woman in evening gowns What a vision that must have been symbolic I thought of America as the land of diversity and opportunity Another trait of successful teachers is their practicalitythey will simply find a way to help people learn and succeed Laura Bush definitely had a strong streak of practicality to her My favorite example of this was related to her organized efforts to teach mothers in the struggling nation of Afghanistan how to sew clothes for their children One aspect of this was that the girls who were returning to school after long absences during Taliban rule reuired new school uniforms These parents couldn’t afford to purchase uniforms and many of the mothers didn’t know how to sew clothes Mrs Bush spearheaded an effort to teach them how to sew and then when she learned that electricity service was unreliable in many areas of the country arranged for the manual type “pedal powered” sewing machines to be shipped by the thousands to Afghanistan It was a highly successful effort that was as practical as it was ingenious I was so inspired when I read this story I’ve always believed that great educators are infused with a powerful sense of right and wrong In Laura Bush’s case this shone most brightly as I reflected on her support of education health care and justice for the nation of Burma This was a nation where the people longed for democracy yet lived for decades under the heavy hand of a military junta that had illegally sized power ever since the election of Burma’s human right champion Aung San Suu Kyi Mrs Bush visited and supported an amazing medical camp that was located on the border between Burma and Thailand I was inspired by her dedication to these people who looked longingly at the prospect of freedom and democracy the very privileges we enjoy and often take for granted Laura Bush never lost sight of what a treasure our freedom and way of life are and she did all she could to help others achieve these freedoms and the hope of prosperity A passionate educator acts when they see a need unfolding right before their eyes and there were many cases when Laura Bush did exactly that One of my favorites was shortly after she earned her Library Sciences Degree from University of Texas in Austin One of her first librarian jobs was at Houston’s Kashmere Gardens Neighborhood Library The library was situated amongst a number of tough neighborhoods and soon she noticed that a number of young kids were lingering at the library after school A co worker told her that some of these kids were afraid of the streets or even their homes Young Laura Welch saw an opportunity and before long she became a “caregiver” of sorts for these kids by creating and organizing a number of library related activities Many children learned to see a world beyond the brick and mortar of their schools and many became lifelong readers I was moved as I read this realizing that we often have so much potential to do good in any given situation I believe that a wholehearted educator has a strong sense of the importance of history and they are able to make history “come alive” for their students I loved how Mrs Bush made America her classroom when she became First Lady her first lessons were titled “Save America’s Treasures” beginning with a “teaching renovation” of the White House private residence and expanding to the preservation of historically significant points of interest all over the nation I’ve always thought that one of the best ways of making a better future and avoiding the mistakes of the past is by knowing history I thought this was a wise and worthwhile early effort for her to take on as a new First Lady A great teacher knows how important it is to pull in a wide variety of participants realizing that it “takes a village” to get the job done This applied well to her effort to teach the people of Afghanistan how to be self sufficient She was one of the symbolic heads of the Federal Government but was able to help leaders of business and the private sector “catch her vision” for teaching the people of Afghanistan how to succeed To this end she pulled in the “best and the brightest” of corporate America to contribute their time talent and treasure This included firms such as Dell Computers Liz Claiborne Timberland Sara Lee LL Bean and General Motors to name a few I was inspired as I read of this grand partnership of diverse players all coming together to help solve the problems of a people who lived a world away An effective educator knows how to change their plans as the situation reuires even if that change is reuired in the “eleventh hour” I saw this over and over again in the book most notably when the First Lady was to deliver a speech at a education forum then tore up her notes and started again when a bombing by Chechen terrorists caused the death of 43 civilians 17 of which were children He speech was converted from an update on the work of her education foundations to a “from the gut” talk about how important it is for parents to be their children’s “first teachers” educating them on the importance of respecting human life in all its forms from an early age As I read the story I think she felt a sense of satisfaction by delivering this talk and perhaps even thought it was better than the first Through the example of Laura Bush I learned that a lifelong educator is one who takes the time to honor other great educators when the opportunity arises Mrs Bush did this when she found a way to break away from an official state visit at the White House in order to attend the memorial service of J Carter Brown the longtime director of the National Gallery of Art She felt a certain kinship with Mr Brown as well as a powerful urge to play a part in honoring the life of one of her fellow educators Speaking personally when I recall my favorite teachers from my school days most of them had a good sense of humor That’s not to say they could’ve fallen back on stand up comedy if teaching didn’t work out but so that they had a “sense of the moment” and were able to participate in the things that students found funny I saw this in teacher Laura Bush who laughed along with the kids at the State Children’s Library in St Petersburg Russia when she read a repetitive phrase from a storybook that struck them as humorous They laughed and saw her laughing and they laughed all the harder This was a touching moment for me There were so many other aspects she demonstrated far too many to go into in any great detail but a few were her willingness to be an “Educational Ambassador” her appreciation for the outdoors and nature as a classroom of high impact her regular habit of teaching students how to express gratitude her love of literature her sense of justice her hands on approach her appreciation of culture her willingness to use her voice when the time was right and her belief that a good mystery can be a powerful ingredient of a great lesson When doing a interpretative talk about the history of the White House she loved talking about a false wall that was pulled back during renovations revealing a long lost treasure left behind by former First Lady Jacueline Kennedy Laura Bush I learned was a teaching tour de force I was amazed with everything she’s done with her life to advance educational concerns and opportunities The book was also filled with one intriguing heartfelt moment of life after another From this amazing collection of stories I learned just how cozy a first night in the White House can be if everyone you love is sleeping together under one roof I learned how people of courage overcome tragedy and how loving caring parents can shape the life of a child for the better I read of she and George their enduing love and their dynamic life partnership I read of Laura Welch as a girl and how her parents tried to have children but after many miscarriages finally gave up She spent a lot of time alone as a child I must admit becoming emotional as I read of her “solo picnics” I was heart warmed as I read of her time spent with her grandparents times that were so special to her And as a writer I loved how she connected with a certain heroine of fiction especially since one of her favorites was also one of minenone other than Nancy Drew Believe it or not I’m barely skimming the surface of all the wonderful magical moments in Laura Bush’s story I read it enjoyed it immensely and felt better for having read it An incredible life generously shared with all of us